God’s Law Is Different 3

We belong; we were created as an integral part of the Garden of Eden.

Burn that into your mind, because your heart already knows it. We are elements of Creation, not a separate thing. In this we are most thoroughly opposed to Western mythology. On the surface, Westerners say that Creation is inanimate and waiting our use. Behind the scenes, we instinctively treat the natural world as a threat that must be conquered and tamed. That taming is rather like a street thug abusing a crack-whore; it’s all about maximizing the misery of the victim. Western thinking has led to some horrific abuses of the natural world, and the corporate-government ethic is no different than than street thug and his whore.

The only time large powers such as corporations and governments claim to have an interest in being environmentally friendly is to placate critics and ward off a very real threat from activism. But that activism is inevitably the Green religion type, worshiping Mother Earth. In Scripture, Creation is not sacred in that sense, but a friend and ally. We are God’s managers for the rest of Creation, a role that presumes a shepherd’s sacrificial care and nurture, but at the same time a free use of the blessings offered. Our compassion for Creation is compassion for ourselves; it is us and we are it, all one tribe.

So we already have within our hearts an instinctive knowledge of how Creation works. What we need is to teach our minds to convert all of our learning over to a content and structure consistent with revelation. That way the mind isn’t struggling to obey the moral guidance of the heart. Our intellect has no trouble asserting its own agenda, so we need to bring the mind into subjection to the Spirit, and He works through the heart. The best antidote to an unruly life is the discipline of Biblical Law.

And it is part of Biblical Law that we learn to accept a certain amount of background sin-noise from the fallen world in which we live. We are under the Covenant of Christ; the world is subject to Noah’s Covenant, but rejects all covenants a priori, so we are several steps removed between our world and where our hearts belong. We must take for granted a certain amount of moral failure in the world. It’s a violation of reality, so we must formulate an expectation of consequences based on that violation. It’s more than just the general wrath of God against sin, but a fairly predictable expectation of how things will go wrong based on fairly specific violations. Reality has built-in responses, a duty to God to enforce His will, and it does so like any other person would.

If you can understand that polluting ground water brings a pervasive sickness according to the biochemical workings of the pollutants, then you understand how government immorality results in certain kinds of wrath based on the nature of the moral pollutant. The ground cries out to God against our crimes. It’s more than mere biochemistry; there’s a distinct and pervasive moral chemistry, too.

For example, if you as a government official abuse your subjects, they will destroy you. Even if they don’t plan it that way, their natural fallen human response to various kinds of oppression will engender an instability in the governing system consistent with their sorrows. You cannot segment the human response into compartments with a limited reaction to limited stimuli. All of Creation is a complex system of interdependencies, and if you tweak one thing here, you’ll find reverberations all through the system, and you’ll never have a clue as you keep trying to react to the symptoms alone. But if you learn to read these things with your heart, you begin to see how the problems of human life cannot be solved.

The best we can hope for is that we accept God’s “good enough” for us — which is far, far better than anything the mind of men can dream up. That “good enough” starts with the Covenant of Noah for this world, and that in itself points toward Biblical Law. Those of us who seek God’s face to know His desires will receive a rich bounty of help and mercy in understanding the organic nature of reality. He will release into our hearts the vast wisdom of His Creation and we will soon realize why things turn out as they do.

From there, we stand in the place to know how government (and corporate de facto government) decisions will result in failure. This is not a question of gearing up to fight our government necessarily, but to know where we belong in relation to the system. For most of us that means infiltrating the system. You are the only one who knows, but in general terms, we are prepared to work with and within a damned system like the US government and American life. We know how it will turn out and are prepared to handle it with the wisdom of God. We can store up a shepherd’s compassion and prepare for the looming disaster. We can’t derail it, but we can make the most of things for His glory.

This is an adventure, doing what we were made to do. All the while Creation itself is speaking to us, sometimes weeping and sometimes laughing and giggling at how silly it all is. Stay in close communion with Creation and you’ll seldom be surprised by what’s coming.

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God’s Law Is Different 2

If you are going to critique what governments do, it must be based on Biblical Law.

It is imperative that we get ourselves into the habit of doing everything by the leading of the heart. Never assume you already know the answer to anything. You may well proceed according to routine, but give room in your awareness for the heart to demand something different at any moment. This heart-led business is hard work at first because of all that we have to unlearn.

The lore of Enlightenment moral reasoning is a very heavy burden of deception, and not easily corrected. Worse, that same burden of lies teaches us to be fools about what the Bible says. The contradictions are not always obvious because of the inherent legalistic approach in Western thinking in approaching the Bible, which is a mystical book. In my experience, the popular American notions about foreign relations is one of the strongest conflicts with Biblical Law.

Keep in mind one critical factor previously mentioned: applicable Law Covenant. In this case, it’s the Covenant of Noah, a critical element in Biblical Law and moral reasoning. Now the Covenant of Moses is a specific example of Noah, so the extensive record in Moses exemplifies what we can know about how God works through Noah. At this point, Moses is closed. You can still obey it as an individual or as a community, and still reap most of the blessings. However, the specific provisions about nation and government are not so simple. Some of what was in Moses applied only to Ancient Israel, never to be seen again after the Cross.

For example, the issue of land grant and ownership was unique to Israel. There has only ever been one Promised Land in the sense of real estate; there will never be another. Once Moses was ended on the Cross, territory can never be viewed as sacred again. Under Biblical Law, it falls back to a matter of occupation: If you are using it and defending it, it’s provisionally yours. Whether God will let you keep it rests on the context of Noah’s Law. And Noah’s Law presumes the heart-led way, so you can’t read it as most Americans tend to read, say, the Ten Commandments. It has to be read with a mystical heart-led approach.

So let’s get one fundamental issue clear: war is normal. It’s popular in Western mythology to say that war is evil and chase all manner of utopian schemes to stop it or prevent it. Biblical Law dismisses this whole question; fallen mankind will go to war. Get used to it. The question is whether a particular war is justified. Discerning the answer must include both established precedent in Scripture and prophetic input, both of which require a heart-led approach. War itself is a part of the Curse of the Fall, so don’t waste time wailing over that.

The second fundamental issue is that without a covenant, nothing any government does is right. You cannot cheer them on or give direct enthusiastic support. The only question left is whether your mission and calling coincides with what government is doing. You can play along because it’s simply who God called you to be, but you do so with a full awareness of the moral consequences and how things are likely to turn out. We are seeking a big picture so that we can find our place and participate in God’s glory.

In broad terms, a war will tend to work out well if the government seeks to squelch a threat. We have to be generous here in assessing what constitutes a threat; keep in mind that shalom is the ultimate goal. This is balanced against a whole range of moral questions, not least of which is abuse of the natural world. Mistreating Creation is never lawful, but we can be sure the various Green groups have it all wrong. Your heart can tell you whether a use of nature is generally sane or foolish, but using it is why it’s here. Going to war over access to resources is not inherently wrong. Going to war because your government is simply unhappy with the price is generally stupid.

Empire building is not inherently evil. We can tick off two valid reasons: building a defensive buffer and taking tribute. These are things governments do, and they are generally valid. However, no imperial government is permitted to regulate its vassals beyond certain broad generalities. A valid empire is one government holding smaller governments accountable for taxes and participation in defense, and nothing more. There are requirements on both parties. The imperial government has no business poking into the daily life of subject citizens, nor taxing them directly. It rules the country as a whole, not the people. It is required to conduct all business through the subject governments. So, for example, the US Tenth Amendment isn’t strong enough; virtually the whole gamut of federalized regulation is inherently evil.

Just as evil is our entire US system of poking into the lives of allies and enemies alike. We can lobby their governments, but our government is wholly wrong for trying to leverage influence without a proper imperial relationship. If you examine the broad sweep of our current foreign relations and all the greedy bullshit our government does, we haven’t done anything right. Corrupting someone’s local culture and agitating for political changes that benefit only a few US plutocrats is sin. Those governments would be fully justified in executing outright our agents of agitation.

But on a related note, there is nothing inherently evil about invading and colonizing another country, if it is done honestly. Trying to manipulate someone else is wrong, but simply dispossessing them is not necessarily bad. There is a right way to do it. Then again, it’s never been done right in a very long time. A military invasion and occupation is always the wrong way to do it. It requires at a minimum the commitment of civilian lives moving into the area and building a stable society. If you don’t drive the natives out, you must either subdue them totally and merge them into your society as equals, or you must enslave them properly with all the heavy responsibilities that come with it. Hint: Prior to the latter stages of things, the manner in which the Egyptians enslaved Israel was more or less proper.

There were other tribes and nations in the Nile Delta at the time, and all of them were taxed under customary feudal obligations. The problem was that it slipped into excessive demand, and then Pharaoh refused to let them leave under the original terms of living in the delta region.

The matter of any subject population rising up is also a matter of context. It should be expected sooner or later, and it’s always a matter of sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Without a covenant, it becomes something random, and you cannot take it as a personal insult. At the point where government officials are, or have become, an alien occupying entity, rebellion is inevitable. External support for a rebellion is not inherently dirty or unfair, either, but the motives can make it evil.

On the basis of Biblical Law, let me offer a few observations about current events. The US is wrong about almost everything it is doing globally. We have no business in Syria now, and we wrongly started their trouble in the first place. The US created the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS, and has had a hand in provoking every other form of so-called Islamic terror.

Russia was generally correct in reabsorbing Crimea, and in assisting the eastern Ukrainian rebels. We were wrong to fund and agitate the breakdown of Ukraine’s elected government. We are wrong for harassing Iran; they keep the treaties we are violating. We are wrong for messing with North Korea. The Norks are wrong for trying to develop nuclear weapons, but there is already a good set of treaties on how to enforce that; we are ignoring them. If China can pull off their seizure of the islands in the South China Sea, more power to them. If we want to stop it, we cannot do so without strong control by the other parties involved. It’s their problem, not ours. The excuse of “free trade” and “free passage” is not supported by the Bible. There is no basis for “international law.”

Finally, the modern State of Israel is wrong on everything. Not simply because it exists, but that it has not once done anything according to the applicable Covenant of Moses. If they are going to claim the name Israel, they have to do Moses, not the Talmud. Further, they have to do Moses as Jesus taught it; He is still the one and only Messiah, the true King of Israel. The Covenant remains closed until they own Him as Lord.

Once you recognize what Biblical Law requires of governments, you are in a position to discern how things are going to turn out. Then you can discern your part in the grand scheme of things and obey your divine calling.

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You Can Skip This Post

If your time and attention is limited, this is one you can ignore. It’s just a few personal items that I feel the need to share with those who can take a moment, who feel a need to know.

I’m on a roll here, writing a lot and several posts ahead. I don’t want to pile up too much for anyone to read in too short of a time. But right now my heart is full and the rest of me is trying to keep up.

Part of what tripped the floodgates was stumbling across a new text editor that makes it easier for me to write like I think. Would you believe it’s Visual Studio Code? Made by Microsoft to run on Linux, it’s not that easy to tweak the preferences, but I figured it out and I really like it. It runs on Mono libraries, the Open Source implementation of .Net. So this is not really efficient, and does require a little extra computing power. However, it’s still less than Notepad++ under WINE, and it works a lot better. It takes a bit of reading to discern how to code your user preferences file; most of the instructions assume too much of ordinary users because it’s written for developers. However, it’s a dandy blog post editor. Somehow it encourages my writing, in part because of some nifty features, like using native Linux user interface features (mouse-paste works).

My spirit tells me that my mission adventure has been delayed yet again. Near as I can tell, someone on the other end of this deal has missed a window. That happened once before back when I had my bike crash. Someone connected with city government was supposed to work with me, but it didn’t happen. Something like that has happened again, so I’m continuing to march with the current mission that offers darn little adventure. Please don’t ask me how I know this is what happened; it’s just something I perceived in my heart with sufficient shape to make sense of it. I’m not angry, just a little disappointed. I’m a good soldier and I’ll find ways to train up a little more for whatever comes later. Meanwhile, a couple of people out there somewhere are missing out on some powerful blessings from God.

As part of my preparation for the next mission opportunity, I’m praying for a Google Pixelbook. (Nope; the keyboard is missing too many word processing keys. I’ll be going for a Dell XPS with Ubuntu.) That’s pretty expensive, I know, but that’s something I’m saving up for. Don’t feel like I’m asking for contributions or anything; that’s between you and God. Just pray with me. Rather, I’m suggesting with this that I don’t fear Google. I don’t trust it in the least, but I am confident that whatever evil comes out of that monster, I can obey the Lord working with it. Electronic snooping is no threat to me; I know how to live with that. The biggest danger is that someone would put out a false message in my name. Right now, that strikes me as highly unlikely. I’m well under the radar, and I sense that I’ll stay that way a very long time.

However, I still refuse to use Android phones (or any other smart phone) or a lot of other Google products. Only what coincides with my mission, and that’s rather limited. The same goes with Microsoft and other Big Tech companies. Just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean it’s any good.

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God’s Law Is Different 1

What follows is eldercraft — my best answers to moral questions. This is what you’ll get if you defer to me as elder. This pertains to issues with governments and laws versus Biblical Law. You are the only one who knows what God requires of you. If we disagree, the worst I can do is withdraw fellowship and pray for you. You still have to calculate what government will do to you when you make some of those hard choices.

What follows assumes that you are familiar with my teaching, particularly recent posts about the big picture of our mission for God’s glory in this fallen world. One of the hardest issues you’ll face is how much support you can give to any government. The first thing we have to do is strip away the bad mythology to which the government officials and society around us cling. This is particularly tough in the US, where the government regards itself as holy and righteous. Therefore, everything it wants to do is by definition the proper true moral course, and any dissent is suspect at best.

This is true despite all the rhetoric about rights and such. That blather about rights is meant to put you in a bind, not the government officials. So while most issues are a matter of government convincing us to go along, quite a lot those decisions are simply made and executed in secret.

But that’s not the problem. The real issue is that the US government is fundamentally wrong for rejecting God’s Law. The US is a creature of the Enlightenment, a mixture of pagan mythologies that together deny the supremacy of the heart. This presumption of righteousness through reason stands everything on its head. It doesn’t matter what the issue is or how it is addressed, the US government is inherently wrong from the foundation up. Some stuff we tolerate because God says so in general principles, and some we tolerate because it’s our individual calling to do so. Some we ignore because it doesn’t effect our mission. Some we resist in varying ways and degrees because it’s simply demanding too much. A whole lot of it is a matter of dodging the issue. God says we cannot fix this government, so we have to live with it as it is, even as it comes apart.

Your heart knows; your mind may be able to explain it. Sometimes you just have to act on burning conviction regardless of what you know or don’t know. When it comes to that, we already know that it’s a case of win-some and lose-some. There are times when His glory shines brightest in how we face the consequences. Best of all is when we are ready to explain ourselves to anyone who asks, never mind whether they accept the answer. Finally, a few of us are called to warn the government (or any other audience) when God is not happy with government actions.

It doesn’t help that mainstream Christians read back into the Bible all of that alien cultural mythology. It comes in all flavors, but it’s all of a type, derived from a common pool of moral deception. God still holds forth the Covenant of Noah for all human government; without at least some officials embracing that Law, they cannot claim God’s moral covering. Government can’t presume to hold the moral high ground. I don’t intend to write a whole book about it, but there are a few issues I wanted to cover that elicit the strongest emotional reactions.

The Bible sees no problem with assassination as a tool of political change. It’s always a “crime” as far as government is concerned, but it’s not necessarily a sin. Nor is violent rebellion a sin when there is no covenant. None of this is meant to encourage you to use violence, but to help you understand how God works in the face of overwhelming lies against His Word. These things are a matter of context, tactics and calling, not holiness. There’s a big difference between saying “people are God’s treasure” versus the common mythical “life is precious” nonsense. We have to discern the truth based on revelation.

Government surely doesn’t care about human life. Scripture says torture as a means of extracting information is a sin, but a brutal public execution is not. There is no significant difference between prison and slavery. And while neither is inherently immoral, they can be done wrong. In case you haven’t figured it out, the US has never done it right. Indeed, not a single one of our law enforcement agencies is right, because the idea of farming out the task to third parties is inherently evil. The people are the only just police force, and they must consciously embrace a law covenant even for that. The US does jurisdiction totally wrong at all levels. God’s Law says no one has any business poking around in your daily life unless they are related by blood or covenant.

There can be no public or corporate property; all physical possessions and all land must be owned by an individual or extended family household. Some individual person has to be accountable on a personal level for everything. Recompense can never be worse than the crime; punishment should always aim at making whole, or removing a threat to shalom. Mercy is not “coddling criminals;” it’s paying attention to the bigger picture. Vengeance is Mine, says God, so the American attitude about punitive vindictive enforcement is pure evil.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Until we dump the false moral mythology of our world, we cannot even know what God requires of us. It’s exceedingly difficult to evaluate what government does if you buy government lies.

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Some More Big Picture

We are fallen; we were designed for Eden, but we got kicked out. In our fallen state, we will never really get back into Eden. However, Scripture talks about a symbolic return to Eden, a foot-in-both-worlds type of existence. It talks about mitigating the Fall and making the most of the situation. There is a way to live in this fallen world with a substantial portion of Eden. It includes a powerful sense of “seeing” things that most of the world does not see.

The foundation of that “seeing” is the heart-led way. This is not some additional goodies added onto our fallen existence; the heart-led way is the very foundation of linking to the divine sphere of existence actually crossing over from this life. Biblical Law means nothing without the heart-mind. If you have not awakened your heart-led awareness, you cannot possibly obey any Law Covenant, much less could you actively participate in the Covenant of Christ. You cannot claim to have faith without that link.

However, that is not the same thing as spiritual birth (AKA “born again”). Spiritual birth is that miracle God does without any input from us. It’s not a question of what we possess, but that He chooses to possess us on the Spiritual plane of existence. A great many people in this world are spirit-born without being heart-led. That’s the real tragedy in this whole thing. By the same token, a lot of people are heart-led without spiritual birth. We would prefer people put this all together in one package, but it doesn’t happen that much.

So on the one hand we have millions of divine brothers and sisters with whom we cannot spend much time because they are unable to fully claim their divine heritage. Without that heart-led awareness, they cannot fulfill the Covenant of Christ; they cannot fully use their divine heritage of Biblical Law. On the other hand, we can easily work with millions of folks who are heart-led without Christ. I think we would be amazed at the number of pagan believers out there who live a heart-led existence. While it may not be expressed in the same terminology I use on this blog, you can discern it in what they do say and how they operate.

You should not be surprised how very uncomfortable it is dealing with mainstream Christians. You should not be troubled by how comfortable it feels to deal with heart-led pagan believers. So, for example, genuine followers of Aleister Crowley (he was pagan, not Satanist) are not a serious problem, but we would struggle with the high tension we experience in a mainstream church meeting. The latter seeks a cerebral-emotional religion, and they mistake a cultural and intellectual climate for the Presence of the Holy Spirit. You may still be called to work and witness within such a church atmosphere, but the tension is there. They might use the terminology of heart-led living, but they eviscerate its power by demanding things pass through a specific intellectual filter first.

Yes, there are variations. Many Christians are heart-led to varying degrees, and a great many professed pagans are fakers with all sorts of motivations not based on the heart. Heart-led folks can recognize each other sooner or later.

That’s on the small scale; on the grand scale the same kind of conflict steers the actions of governments. The Bible asserts quite clearly that God is in full control of the flow of human history. Governments rise and fall at His whim. While it’s quite possible for them to gain access to His counsel and reap a vast harvest of blessings, to include knowing what He intends to do with them, that doesn’t happen. Today not a single government operates by any biblical covenant. There are communities with some significant progress on the heart-led path, and some cultures are much more amenable to it, but there is no truly lawful government in this world in biblical terms.

There’s nothing in Scripture asserting that it has to be this way. On the contrary, the Bible holds out the promise all day, every day, that those who turn to any Law Covenant can have the blessings of that covenant. Among those blessings is a raft of promises that affect the whole nation. And it continues to bless them even when only a small elite group are heart-led, so long as things are generally influenced by the heart-led way. That was pretty much the way it was in Ancient Israel when things went well. While the intellectual climate favored a heart-led existence, at any give time you can bet most of the people didn’t really get it. Yet the blessings were there.

Nor does it require the kind of self-conscious heart-led teaching we offer here for things to work. However, given the intellectual and cultural climate of our world today, dominated by Western Civilization, it’s a good idea to be frank about it. And if you believe anything I say, you might remember I prophesied that God had granted us a very powerful blessing based on our open confession of the heart-led way. He changed the political context so that we would have a greater relative freedom in promoting this brand of faith. So instead of an apocalyptic end to the US, it will simply be a rough time of tribulation.

What I’m saying here is that God shows how He puts much more stock in the heart-led way than just about anything else when it comes to human events. Sure, it would be best if they called on His name, but that won’t mean a thing without the heart-led foundation for it. This is the fundamental prerequisite for everything God does among humans in this world. Whatever we hope to gain in this fallen world starts there.

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Terminology: Biblical Law

You are aware of the Covenant of Moses. Regular readers are surely aware of the Covenant of Noah.

What you may not understand is that Moses was a particular application of Noah. Moses was restricted to a specific people, time and place. The Talmud means nothing in our consideration; it’s a perversion of Moses. But Moses was the one covenant best explained, so it serves as an example, and our duty is to study it so we can discern what it tells us about God and His ways (2 Timothy 2:15).

Moses was a suzerain-vassal treaty, an instance of ANE feudalism. As such, it is an approximation of how God wants us to relate to Him, and indicates how Creation (or reality) works. You have to understand it organically. It does yield to study, but no two of us could possibly see the exact same thing — that’s what “organic” means in this context. You don’t grasp it intellectually; you absorb it as the true nature of your own existence.

The Covenant of Christ is the final endpoint of all covenants in the Bible. Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God and His ways. In that sense, He personally is as close as we can come to knowing the Creator. He is thus the living embodiment of all covenants; He is the Final Covenant. He is the Law of God, the summation of Scripture.

Thus, “Biblical Law” is an organic grasp of God’s moral character. I can cite various ideas as part of Biblical Law, but there is no way to cite the Law itself. Nonetheless, it implies a body of law in the sense that I can point to something as moral or immoral and your heart is quite likely to recognize what I’m suggesting. It’s not meant to compel your assent; it’s meant to awaken your discernment.

What you or I might have to say about what is moral or immoral — according to Biblical Law — will depend on how well we have delved into ANE history and culture. We might instinctively understand any number of things we cannot put into words, but we do know that God built the ANE heritage as the context for revelation. If we can talk in terms of ANE heritage, then we can talk about revelation. Notice how some of these terms I use overlap and point to pretty much the same inexpressible thing: Biblical Law, the Person of Jesus Christ, the gospel message, divine revelation, Scripture, etc. You choose a different term for a different context, but we are reaching for the same basic matter of faith.

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Visualize Glory

Tactics are one thing; aside from broad generalities, it’s hard to teach tactics that will work for you in your personal context. Don’t copy my tactics. Understand how those tactics fit into our shared mission. Strategy is another thing; it’s the thing we can share. It’s all about the end results, whereas tactics are means and method.

Strategy starts with the realization that our human minds cannot possibly comprehend what’s actually going on in the Spirit Realm (AKA ultimate reality). The whole point of revelation is not to describe, but to indicate. This conditions our minds to accept the leadership of the heart, because it is the heart-mind that truly understands. Satan is no threat to God; he serves a calling that we will never understand. It is we who are threatened by the Devil’s work. The part we are supposed to get is that his whole mission is contradicting revelation to steal from us all the blessings God gave us back in the Garden of Eden. Having accomplished that, he wants to make sure we never return to Eden. He doesn’t want you to walk through that Flaming Sword at the entrance to Eden.

The only hints we get from the Bible regarding the Devil’s motives have to do with a complete failure of humility, presuming to divert the glory due our Creator, and taking it for himself. He was removed from that privileged position as the Covering Cherub and now he is restricted to simply stealing our blessings. God is in no wise threatened by this, but we are.

So you would expect the Devil to come up with all kinds of lies and deceptions that keep us from finding that Flaming Sword and the path back to Eden — the heritage God designed us for, and us for it. One of the main tactics is to keep us from grasping the nature of mysticism, and how parables work to condition the mind to obey the heart. People led by the heart understand parables quite well as indicators on the path to Eden. The heart understands that Eden is not a literal place, and that Scripture was never meant to be subjected to human reason, but as a conditioner to make the mind receptive to divine truth flooding into the heart from Creation itself. As integrated elements in Creation, we humans are made to understand God instinctively, but our darkened minds interfere.

This article gives hints to the way it works. Granted, the intent of that article is political, but it serves as a fine parable. It helps us understand how the Devil uses cultural conditioning to keep us in the dark. Just as Rome once used its decadence as the lure to accept Roman cultural conditioning, Satan has used Western materialism to so completely degrade the natural link between heart and mind that no one listens to the heart. All it takes is provoking the Three Lusts behind the scenes so that the intellect believes it is really in charge.

But it’s not enough to simply escape this sweet and poisonous bondage. A critical element in finding and obeying revelation from the heart is the implementation of Biblical Law. Our obedience trumps the Devil’s power; he is under the Law with us. The Bible uses the language of Satan cast down to the earth as an image of confinement to the same prison of the Fall that holds us. Once we understand that it’s a prison, we can understand the Devil’s limits and weaknesses. It’s a simple matter of not paying attention to him.

His primary tactic is to say anything except what revelation says. He will vary his tactics to appeal to each individual, and so his lies will offer the vast array of what you see humans pursuing all over the world. All it takes is a good firm grasp on what revelation says and you can pick out countless counterfeits. We defeat him by seizing back the heritage of faith, by embracing that Flaming Sword of revelation and passing back into Eden.

By doing so, we cannot avoid displaying our freedom as a jolting disconnect from where the rest of the world is living. It’s not magic; it’s the power of God that our obedience creates a moral dominion in the physical world around us. Our mere physical presence will weaken Satan’s grip on things. Our habits of living by revelation unravels his work. But don’t be fooled; it’s not a question of just wandering all over the place. The fullest power of this effect depends on your natural obedience in putting yourself where God wants you. What matters is that you are aware of how this power works best in your assigned mission abode. Creation is already there waiting for you to show up so it can pour out full support.

Your awareness is a key element; this is why the natural world sings and chatters to your heart when you wander where God directs (Romans 8:19). This is an indicator that you are on the right track.

Tweak the details as much as you need, but this is the glorious image painted in the pages of the Bible.

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