Own the Solutions

As the billionaires flex their power to censor the Internet, our strategy is two-fold.

First is the issue of technology. They can hinder the masses, but they can’t stop everyone. More precisely, the cost of blocking the masses is relatively low, but as they start working against the increasingly tech savvy, the cost rises exponentially. We’ll be looking at that as time goes on.

Second is the philosophical issue. The masses tend to consume whatever comes easiest. Most people can be herded. The partisans among the masses will search a little harder, but they are still pursuing only an echo chamber. They are trapped in the resonance of popular thinking about everything. Thus, controlled opposition will continue to capture most of them to prevent branching off into something the elite really do want to hide.

Meanwhile, there are just a few out there who rise above that. These are folks who will do the work to research what’s actually happening, and report what they find without trying to invoke a mindless activism. A primary distinction is that controlled opposition provokes outrage and making noise, but the real deal tends to provide information you can incorporate in your daily life.

A second major feature of the latter real-deal outlets is that they tend to address things from a narrower range of interest, as opposed to trying to scoop in the masses. These real-deal folks openly profess a particular slant. Not in the sense of political spin, but it’s slanted to a particular audience with certain interests. This is how it’s supposed to be; you operate on a sense of calling and mission, seeking fairly specific information that addresses that.

There can be no one-size-fits-all approach to human life. That in itself is a false orientation, a huge and ugly lie. Don’t follow the path to dehumanization.

The key to learning your way around the Internet as a field of information is the kind of discernment that pulls you out of the masses. It’s aimed at actually doing something useful, instead of merely keeping you entertained and distracted. It’s very easy to get sucked into the enthusiasm of partisan rowdiness, but it requires conscious awareness on a higher level to keep an eye out for something that speaks to your soul.

The human intellect is incredibly arrogant, presuming it is capable of the most amazing high levels of reason, but it remains a sucker for mere sentiment, because it is utterly incapable of cutting itself off from the passions and desires inside of us. The claim to rational discipline is self-deception. Only by pushing your conscious awareness into the realm of the heart — your convictions — can you hope to discover a purpose and drive to wade through the crap.

You are the one who decides what you were made for, and you can’t get that answer from any outside source. You cannot reason your way there, only recognize it when reality exposes it to you. Yes, there is a place for mindless entertainment, but only if you learn not to take yourself too seriously. You have to recognize that part of yourself for what it is.

As long as this blog remains active, we will keep an eye on those two strategy issues noted at the top of this post. Technology will rise to meet the challenge; we need to pay attention only to the elements we can use to stay connected. It’s just a matter of means and method. Your actual mission in life is a philosophical question. The philosophical issue is a meta issue; what we need is to keep track of how to answer the question. The answers will always be unique to you in one way or another, so let’s not get bogged down in specific choices.

I’m not setting up the answers for you, but showing you how I got mine so you can work out your own solutions.

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On Staying Out of Sight

The basis for oppression and control these days, and even more so in the future, is homogeneity of the population en masse. It’s the principle of herding, of reducing people to a commodity. To “commoditize” something means making all of it interchangeable. People matter, but only in the abstract and in the aggregate. They become nothing more than an economic resource, as both producers and consumers. This is the whole thrust of commerce and government these days.

But dehumanizing people is as old as Rome, at least. Using symbolic prophetic language, the Bible says that was the chief sin of Rome, for whom people were simply food. Rome is a manifestation of the Beast, government that is objectified, depersonalized and dehumanized. What we see in the US today is just the latest manifestation of that same beast. Technology is used to enhance the process.

If you envision your purpose in life as completely escaping the Beast, then you shouldn’t be reading blogs or using the Internet and related technologies. But a few of us feel called a life mission of helping re-humanize a few souls here and there when we can. That means digging right into the technology right alongside the Beast, infiltrating while trying to stay out of the way. No two of us will ever strike the same balance of choices in that mission. It’s the delicate and dynamic balance between using the system without becoming a commodity within it. You will need to appear a part of the system, but your character will make your otherwise.

The meaning of the word “character” has to do with penmanship and printing. It means making something unique enough that it stands out, and is easily recognized. Of course, it only works for those who can read. We want to have enough character to be noticed by those who actually pay attention to what they see, but otherwise be ignored by the system that isn’t actually looking for us. We have to be enough like others to be hidden in a sea of characters, but unique enough for readers to decipher who we are and what our lives say.

Don’t follow the herd, but move alongside. You must cultivate a sense of awareness about how far you can conform without causing unnecessary trouble, the wrong kind of trouble. We don’t want everyone to notice us, only those who are already awakened in one sense or another, those who are starting to look for us because they are one of us.

When it comes to using technology, that means you draw boundaries. I use a smartphone running Android, but I install virtually no extra apps that didn’t come with the phone. It’s just a communications device: phone calls, texting and on rare occasions I open Firefox browser to search for something, wiping the cache when I’m finished. I also use the mapping service because some of the streets in my area were laid out to be artsy, not to encourage traffic passing through. I’m a cyclist who prefers to avoid major traffic thoroughfares. Other than those things, I make virtually no use of the various capabilities of this phone. And when I use a computer, I run Xubuntu, which doesn’t cooperate with the process of commoditizing humans. You will choose your own mix of things to do, but the issue is remaining actively conscious of the risks.

There are many Beasts in our world, and Big Tech is one of them. The whole aim of Big Tech is to reduce us all to data. That’s how they handle us. When you consciously choose to be more than the data they have saved up somewhere, you escape the Beast. To the degree you are not what they think you are, to that degree you are free. To the degree you simply don’t participate with their efforts, to that degree you remain a person. The whole point of gathering data on humans at large is to manipulate the masses at the lowest cost. Don’t give them too much data on you, just enough to infiltrate.

Key item: Data gathering seldom notices when something is missing. The system only notices what’s there. Make your Internet presence sketchy.

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Don’t Trust Big Tech

I’ve explained at length and repeatedly that nearly all human government these days is evil. Some are, at best, less evil. So there is no hope for a good future coming from the hand of government. Your best hope is to dodge government as much as possible and get on with your life.

I realize how hard that can be in some cases, but don’t waste time and energy hoping for something better coming at the hands of human choices. Only our Creator can change the situation for the better, and that’s against their will, because virtually every government in the world today defies His revelation. Stay focused on what you can actually do.

But that includes realizing that some Big Tech corporations also act as de facto governments. Worse, they have proven to be even more sinister at governing. They can aid an already bad government, or hinder it, but their actions tend to be uniformly making things worse for our human existence. Only a few are relatively benign, and it’s not likely you’ve heard of them. They are squelched primarily because they have failed to be evil enough to become allies for the rest.

Folks, there is a concerted effort to rebuild the Tower of Babel. It will fail, but not without first trying their hardest at enslaving and robbing us all. It can’t work, but their efforts suck up so much of available resources that no one can do much of anything else.

The point here is that whatever it is you are doing with your life, don’t be sucked in by merely material rewards. Big Tech controls that in abundance, and has been very generous with them because that’s how chains are forged. Learn to build your existence without depending on them. Yes, it will cost more money to go that route. Do what you can afford, and don’t be suckered by what is offered for “free.” It’s not actually free.

Sure, use their services to some degree, but don’t trust them. Always have a back-up plan, a way to keep moving forward with your life if some, or even all, of those free services suddenly go away. Plan ahead for it, because behind the scenes, the situation is quite volatile. What really matters is the people in your life.

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This Is Not a Debate Forum

This blog has stood more than a decade. While I must confess my writing will show how I’ve changed my understanding of reality, one thing has not changed: This blog was never meant to change the world. It has always been nothing more than me blathering about what’s on my mind, regardless of how others react to it. If you find any of it useful, steal all you can and make it your own. I’m still shaking my head in wonder that I have over a thousand subscribers.

I remain convinced that there isn’t much that separates this blog from being shut down by WordPress. That’s why I cloned the database and moved it to another blog under more independent hosting. However, this blog continues addressing computers and politics, while the other blog is more assertively religious in nature. That doesn’t mean I will hide my faith on this blog, but that the focus is more on implications of my faith in specific areas of interest.

My primary assumption is that this world is on a relentless course down to Hell. There is nothing any one human, or all of humanity together, can do to change that. The Creator has slated this realm of existence for destruction. My mission in life is to help a few souls prepare for what comes after that final end. Bluntly, my orientation is otherworldly. In regards to this world, I mostly try to stay out of the way. Things will go where they go; my job is to infiltrate for the sake of those my Lord plans to rescue.

That doesn’t mean I can’t suggest a better way for things to go, but my suggestions always rest on a set of assumptions that people in power have already rejected. If I share those suggestions, it is with no expectation that anyone involved will listen. Instead, I share them simply because it could help some of you to see what I see, just in case it seems to matter to you. Those ideas might help to illustrate a better orientation on the world to come. Still, all I’m doing is sharing what I see. If that works for you, let’s work together as much as we can.

Part of dodging disaster for us is recognizing things a lot of other folks don’t see. Think for a moment about this Jeffrey Epstein thing. He’s officially dead now, so the case against him should close. Yet more information keeps coming out in the press, keeping the story alive. People who claim to be fans of Trump seem to be celebrating it. But who brought this case in the first place?

It was a prosecutor in New York, a sworn enemy of Trump. The judge is another sworn enemy of Trump. Why would they do something that seems to favor him? Their whole existence right now is focused on destroying Trump. It’s more than just that kerfuffle that knocked Acosta out of his position in Trump’s cabinet. Acosta was the last prosecutor to go after Epstein and gave him a very sweet deal. That’s what is still leaking out, but that’s just filling the time between now and October when the election campaign begins in earnest. I feel pretty certain that team in NY bringing the case against Epstein have something they think will bring Trump down. Surely it would be something to do with Epstein’s notorious criminal existence.

But it’s not that simple. The issue with Trump is his kissing up to Zionists. We know that Epstein’s servant Maxwell is Mossad, and they are going after her. It’s no secret that a lot powerful people pretend to be nice to Zionists because that’s where the money and support is. However much the Democratic Party may be internally torn between left-wing Zionists and the anti-Zionists may be pretty murky, but somebody is using that mess as a front to rip a hole in Zionism here in the US. And much as I dislike Zionism, this thing makes me nervous in the sense there will likely be some very painful surprises that will affect all of us.

I don’t pretend to understand the whole picture, but I do know what my own sense of conviction demands of me. The only thing that makes me anywhere close to an activist is that I’ll fight to keep open the means to share my message. I don’t see it as a right, something I can leverage against those who seek to silence me. Nor is it likely they would target me individually (at least, not yet). It’s just a question of tactics: How do I keep the door open for this message burning in my soul?

If you actually like my writing, the issue is not donations. Those are useful, but they don’t solve the real problem. This blog has become rather like a burner phone that I can afford to lose, but not until it’s value has run out.

Let me say these again. One: The war is information, not bullets. But there will most certainly be bloodshed coming. Indeed, this country has gone down the wrong path so very far that it’s impossible to move in any direction, or even to stand still, without violence. It’s a given. Still, focus on the information war.

Two: The means for information warfare will have a lot to do with computer technology. You know those 20+ cities in Texas that were hit with ransomware, apparently all from a single source? And before that it was Baltimore and some other municipal governments in Florida? It’s just the first leak in a dam break that’s coming. This isn’t just Windows versus Mac versus Linux/Unix. It’s a whole range of things involving computer security, or rather, the lack thereof. There’s also a large number of corporate networks suffering attacks all the time. Private home computers and lots of small business networks will see a significant rise in the same kind of attacks all too soon.

Three: The economy is going to plunge, and then sometime later the US will break up into smaller countries. We are in for a long, rough ride right here in the US, never mind the turmoil in the rest of the world. It won’t be an apocalypse, but it will come close in some ways. It will most certainly be tribulation.

This is not a debate forum; it’s the public face of my diary. If you like it, take action to stay in touch. Otherwise, I’m quite happy to be ignored.

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What’s Wrong with Augustine?

(This is a cross-post from my other blog.)

A fundamental element in my personal sense of calling is putting the gospel message in reach of everyone. There are plenty of good servants of God who helped me along the way; most of them were academics in one sense or another. My job has been to bring that high brow stuff down, largely by seeing the foundation clearly, but emphasizing the implications. I am okay with high-brow stuff, but it’s not my mission to operate on that level very much, especially in what I write.

So when someone asks me about Augustine of Hippo, it requires warning you that if you want a high browed discussion from me, you are asking the wrong guy. Still, my summary is likely to answer the basic questions.

The man himself was a Berber, but born long after the overpowering Roman influence had changed his native land in North Africa. Thus, his family spoke Latin at home and prided themselves on upholding the best of Roman civilization. He passed through a very strong academic background, which included a hefty admiration for Hellenism, as well. Eventually he became a Christian and embraced a very romanized brand of Christian religion. His high intellect and solid classical education produced a body of work that remains influential in Western Christianity today.

On the one hand, his writings could be considered the foundation of Western Christianity in a certain sense. Not in the sense that he is the whole thing, but he represents a major turning point in pulling things back together after they had begun to fragment and scatter intellectually. He was a big-picture thinker. There’s nothing wrong with reading modern translations of his stuff if you have the time and inclination; you can find free copies on the Net.

Here’s the fundamental issue: He represents the turning point away from heart-led faith. He brought faith down into the realm of the intellect in a way that changed the shape of Western Christian religion forever. In his own thinking, he was trying to make faith reasonable, to show that faith and reason were not enemies. But he was already deeply infected by the notion of the heart as something far less than the way the Bible depicts it. In his writing, the heart is crippled compared to the biblical image. He still sees the heart as ruling, but with serious limiations.

He had no notion of the heart with its own “mind” superior to the intellect. He moved that function into the brain, and sets up the idea that the mind is not completely fallen. His work prepares the way for the Roman Church to declare that the intellect can be more-or-less morally perfected, that it can be fully redeemed while in this life. That perception is the foundation for how the Roman Church has turned out.

I’m not claiming credit for originating this criticism. Granted, I have yet to find anyone else who says it like this, but I’m sure others have grasped this before me. I learned heart-led as a conscious notion from non-Christian sources. It’s inherent in the traditions of the Ancient Near East, and very obviously consistent with the ancient Hebrew traditions, though seldom directly explained in studies on that. Even standard commentaries you find in Christian homes will tell you the Bible sees the heart as the seat of the will, in the sense of commitment and faith. But it is also consistent with some of the pagan philosophical stuff you can find in more recent writings. There are some very bright non-Christians who picked up on this as they struggled to find something deeper than Western Christian theology. But even among pagans, the heart-led way tends to be a minority view.

Still, we can be sure that the whole concept of the heart as a sensory organ and a distinctly separate “mind” that can process what it senses, and as a superior source of understanding of philosophical issues is nothing new. It is the best explanation so far for what I have lived with most of my life, and answered all my questions about faith. It soothed all my soul’s wounds from the abuse at the hands of a world that prefers Augustine’s approach. I won’t tell you this is God’s answer to all humanity; it’s the answer that works for me.

Standing on Augustine is an excellent start down the path of criticism for the Enlightenment and everything that follows it. But all that does is drag things back as far as Augustine. We still need to be aware of Augustine’s major failure. Not that he consciously rejected the truth of the heart-led way, but that it was lost and buried by the time he came along. We can find glimmers of that higher path of the heart throughout Church History, but it was almost always the view that was rejected and squelched by the mainstream. We can thank Augustine for that.

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Stop Googling

Let me recommend this Corbett Report episode. It highlights the long term plans and intentions of Google. Granted, there is a fair probability that Google will be hammered for any number and things, and may well be changed dramatically or even removed from the scene. Still, this report indicates what Google’s management hopes to do, and how close they are to getting it done. There are alternatives; they may take getting used to, but it’s worth it to free yourself from very real efforts at mind control.

I recommend DuckDuckGo.

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Redeeming Creation

It is unlikely that anyone with actual authority is going to hear what we have to say. Our fundamental orientation on reality is at odds with every single human authority on this earth. We can assert that our position is closer to God’s revelation, but winning that argument assumes people are listening with their hearts, and that in itself is rejected by all earthly authority. The claim to rely on human reason is the very nature of the Fall. The Forbidden Fruit is the reliance on human reason to decide what is good and evil, and not trusting in divine revelation.

So while we don’t take ourselves too seriously in the particulars of what we believe God requires in terms of human behavior, it is the fundamental question of how we arrive at those particulars. We make the most of what God offers (divine revelation) in terms of escaping the consequences of the Fall. The choice Adam and Eve made in the Garden placed humanity under the authority of Satan, and the only valid human goal is escaping that authority. The only other place we can go is into conformance with revelation. It’s not a question of the particulars of where we go from there; it’s a matter of the fundamental assumption about how to proceed. It’s not product, but process. As long as the process is wrong, nothing we do will be right.

We are rightly cynical about the motivations that people hide from themselves, much less what they hide from each other. All public debate is inherently flawed, fouled by the self interest that the intellect pretends it does not suffer. There is no such thing as objective truth, but the pretense of objectivity is the ongoing basis for why nothing can ever be fixed.

The current debate about Internet censorship is a lie in itself. There can be no such thing as fairness and justice that builds from false assumptions. The apparent conflict is between left and right. In particular, it is the alleged bias of the Big Tech companies in favor of the left, and using their position as owners of the platform to deny the righties their fair say in things. The denials from Big Tech are a blatant lie; that much is obvious. But nobody wants to discuss how leftists got into position to oppress in the first place.

The entire concept and structure of the Internet is a product of US government efforts to establish a better, more reliable means of communication for war. But the US government is not some single monolith; the agencies involved in the creation of the Net were then, and still are, globalist in orientation. Those agencies sold the idea as something all the various agencies could use, but it was a sucker punch to get them all committed to the inherent globalist agenda. Instead of enabling government activities regardless of which agenda wins in the ongoing debate in elected government assemblies, it was meant to provide cover for a poorly disguised agenda of destroying that very government.

Keep in mind that there is a secondary level of obfuscation here. The real debate was never left versus right. It was globalists and imperialists together against nationalism. The globalists created leftism as a front; the imperialists harness the common man’s conservative impulses to promote their agenda. Both sides condemn the human instinct for nationalism as immoral.

The globalist agenda is a particular brand of imperialism. Instead of an honest agenda of conquering the world through visible government action, it seeks to subvert the conscious awareness of the population, to blind and enslave humanity by deceit. It is a fundamental lie. The more traditional imperialists prefer to keep things above the line of conscious awareness. It’s not that they don’t lie, but the thrust of their activity is overt, versus the globalist agenda of creating a virtual world rather like the awful imagery of The Matrix.

Furthermore, the globalists who designed the Net funded and directed the growth of Big Tech companies. Big Tech is by no means the product of independent entrepreneurs. While that may be the story for a few individual companies, the entire landscape was established by the funding and seducing of people with a limited genius for the methods and means, but totally blind to underlying purpose. There would be no Silicon Valley without the globalist agenda of various US government agencies.

Example: The government proposed at one time a surveillance network to protect us from the boogie man of terrorism. The plan was publicly excoriated as Orwellian. So the plan was withdrawn from public view. The very next month, Facebook was born. People who knew Zuckerberg in those days said he never was smart enough to come up with Facebook on his own, and insiders tell the story of how he was handed the whole thing as a massive extension of his initial college social cataloging attempt.

So the current hullabaloo about trying to keep the clumsy iron hand of government out of the Internet is itself a lie. The sneaky, slimy globalists have no moral standing to complain that the more honest imperialist agencies of government want to control what government money and power has built. Big Tech acts as a de facto arm of the government already. People use it because that’s the only provision that exists, and it is being used to enslave them.

Your average Joe Citizen knows he is being denied the freedom to say what he wants. The globalist Big Tech lords are determined to silence anything that isn’t part of their Matrix agenda. This, while the Big Tech lords also continue working to make government serve their agenda. In other words, Big Tech is very much an adjunct to the globalist government agencies, and cannot claim to be private companies. Far too much of what government demands from its citizens is available only from Big Tech. It’s not that you are blocked from things like claiming your Social Security benefits without a cellphone, for example, but that the task becomes a monumental burden. Big Tech is a de facto gatekeeper for government services.

Granted, this makes it appear that the Internet is just one more tool of oppression. That much is true, but that doesn’t prevent us from putting it to other uses. It’s our Roman Road; the government can’t afford to restrict its use to purely government purposes. Big Tech is not the Internet itself, nor can it ever completely borg the Internet. Weapons of oppression can always be turned on the oppressors.

That’s because oppressors are always inherently human. After all, the siren song of Hell in making the Forbidden Fruit so attractive is that taking a bite will crash your life on the rocks. The Matrix is fiction, after all. The globalists can’t win, any more than the imperialists. It’s all contrary to reality, even if it does require a long view to see it.

The openly professed agenda of this blog is, in part, to help folks who want to reduce their enslavement to the globalist and/or imperialist agenda, both of which in turn serve the broader agenda of Satan to keep folks under his control. Satan’s control hinges on not just one hidden agenda, but offering anything and everything except the one agenda of returning to Eden. We are relatively few in number, and thinly scattered, but God has granted us an opportunity to compare notes and serve His agenda of redeeming His Creation from the Fall.

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