Life as a Video

I still believe the biggest battles will be fought online. However, it’s not so much cyber warfare but information warfare. There are almost no advantages these days in choosing one operating system or software package over any other. The primary tactic is the data: covering up accurate data and planting false data. This is not particularly new, but it’s quite egregious and obvious this time around.

After learning that the NZ mosque shooter also shot a video of his actions, I fully expected independent forensic analysts to find it despite monumental efforts to keep it hidden. There is at least one report on such an examination. These results are echoed by others if you take the time to look it up. I can verify parts of it from my own law enforcement experience, but I’m not a video analyst. The experts say the video appears a badly directed fictional movie.

Part of the battle here is that those who seek to oppress have long struggled to silence those who would dare to offer honest data on that oppression. Along with this, oppressors have hired people who would present similar data with a mixture of falsehood, as controlled opposition. The result is that the pool of information is polluted with crackpots and dishonest dealers. At the same time, the whole system seeks to inculcate an attitude of reduced interest and will so that honest people are kept from digging into the mess to try filtering out the crap.

So TPTB have moved to censor any honest reporting on the incident. Furthermore, the NZ government in particular has taken drastic measures to prevent anyone from even seeing the video, lest they discern events were not as publicized. The only way for folks in NZ to see the video is to use a VPN or something like the Tor Browser. Anyone daring to publish dissent from the official message is threatened with jail and further punishment.

How such a thing happening in NZ could affect us here in the US is a subject for debate. However, this echoes recent political moves by governments in the UK, Canada and Australia, as well. The same kind of draconian censorship has long been established in selected European countries on certain subjects of public interest. There have been attempts made in here the US with mixed results, but we have the bigger problem of major tech corporations acting on their own political biases.

It’s not that cyber warfare — attacking the software and operating systems — has reduced any, but that the primary field of battle has always been information and human awareness. It’s tough enough when we know that quantum level reality is so highly variable, but when the simple business of getting the facts, even without analysis, is blocked by governments, we can be sure nobody in their right mind would trust those governments or Big Tech. It tends to back up the joke that “you should never believe anything until it is officially denied.”

With Congress becoming quite literally a stage presentation (the video is worth your time), we should not take seriously the underlying claim that this is serious business. It’s all scripted behind the scenes by powerful thinkers who lack the charisma to run for public office. This is what our form of government encourages. I can’t wait to see who plans to take over the Republicans, and how they’ll script it. We aren’t cynical enough.

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Another Road Sign

It takes longer to set this up than it does to tell it. I’m posting a road sign here and it doesn’t warrant a bunch of explanation on my part. It does warrant a bunch of exploration on your part. The science is there if want that, but it’s more a matter of heart-led gate opening so your mind isn’t constrained by a lie:

Time and synchronicity is largely an illusion. God is not constrained by either when working in your life.

Now run with it.

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Parable of the Bridge

He stood on the road, surveying the damage.

Somewhere upland from here the flooding had pushed something in place that blocked its original course, and the overflow had run across his land. It carved out a massive channel that left a nasty scar on the land. The worst part was that it cut his road.

This was the road that had encouraged traders and travelers to cross his land. He built it so he could barter and exchange news and keep in touch with family and friends. Now his road was out and it would mean isolation and disruption of their lives, too.

So he went to his forest and began cutting trees. The two giant cedars became the primary beams to cross the hideous scar. There were smaller cedars to buttress them from below. He had to hire a lot of help, of course. Not a few of them did little more than keep an eye on the situation upstream to make sure he didn’t get caught in any further flash floods.

And once the bridge was complete, he still had to do a lot of work hauling wagon loads of rock to line the banks in weak spots to ensure any future washing wouldn’t destroy any more. But it was the bridge that required constant maintenance and took up a lot of his time, more than the rest of the whole road he had built and maintained.


The whole idea of being part of a community of faith is to have people come and go in your life. God made us social creatures; our gifts are designed to benefit His Kingdom, not just ourselves.

Sometimes a flood of temptation will catch you off-guard and rip through your life. Your sin will hurt others. Some kinds of sin can’t be just gotten rid of; it may leave a scar that marks you for life. For those times, you need to do the work to build a bridge so people can learn to trust you again. It takes lots of help from your covenant family, including those who will warn you when the temptation starts washing into your life again. But if you don’t do that work, you become a threat to the community of faith.

People who choose to never trust you again must be left to make their own decisions. Things will never be the same, but they can still be full of blessings.

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Faith and Pedophiles

What happens when a pedophile becomes a heart-led servant of Christ?

If you go by the experience of mainstream American Christianity, you don’t have a clue. The mainstream churches have no plan for dealing with moral and spiritual recovery of pedophiles, or any other sexual perversion, for that matter. Those few who have come up with something rarely get it right. They ignore what the Bible says (Galatians 6:1-5) and develop something that mirrors the bogus therapeutic failures of secular society.

There is a minority literature out there, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who reads it. The social hysteria about this problem prevents anyone taking seriously the power of the Holy Spirit in redeeming and healing people from this demonic idolatry. It’s funny how they can work with drug users — though typically getting that wrong, as well — but nobody wants to talk about pedophilia.

Let me shake you up: The personality make-up of a pedophile is what makes them also the very best teachers of children. They can empathize with children in ways few adults can comprehend. The only difference between a pedophile and a great teacher is that the pedophile is focused on self-gratification, whereas the teacher is focused on the community. It really is that simple.

Granted, there is more than one kind of pedophile, but the truly nasty predator types have another problem entirely, and it’s misleading to call them pedophiles. They suffer from some other affliction and children are simply their targets. You wouldn’t know that from reading the mainstream clinical literature. The mainstream reaction jumps from “not my problem” to “kill `em all” without stopping to consider redemption and recovery to build shalom.

By choosing the image of pedophiles, maybe I can shake loose the evil castle (2 Corinthians 10:3-6) of lies about the business of the community of faith. A church is the one place on this earth where you can unburden your soul and expose your true self because the people there won’t betray your trust and rip you to shreds out of self-righteous petty fears. There is a whole range of human misbehavior that is handled poorly by most organized religion. We don’t even have a good lore for understanding for it. It’s time to write that lore. Do you even know the difference between a pedophile and a child molester?

I’m not going to prescribe any answers. When I deal with such things, I do it according to my calling, gifts and experience. You’ll have to do that same. But as one who exercises the gift of prophecy, I warn you that if we continue failing on this issue of redeeming God’s children from their weaknesses, God’s wrath will fall on us. This sin of building a false “community of faith” means there is no hedge of protection for our children. We have not because we don’t seek God for our supply (James 4:1-6).

When churches can normalize how they handle pedophiles seeking redemption, and stop treating them with the spite of Satan, they can stand confident in the grace of God to face anything else the Devil throws at them.

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Faith Persists

In one of my less pleasant dreams, a right-wing militia group was executing doctors and nurses.

I didn’t have to ask why. Even in my dream state I knew that some of the fiercest Marxists in America are nurses and other medical personnel. I’ve known a rather large number of nurses socially, and I’ve heard them discuss the things that drive them. They worship mainstream medical science. Not the genuine scientific research, but the kind of medicine steered by Big Pharma. They become invested with an elitist sense that they have a God-given mandate to tell you how to live.

These are the kind of people who will lie to your face, as if they accept your decision, and then will call Child Welfare to take away all your kids because you don’t feed them right, or something equally petty. I don’t hate nurses; I will never trust them. If there is any single professional group that is wholly owned and marching to the orders of Big Pharma, it is nurses.

While doctors can be just as bad, of those I’ve encountered, a significant portion are quite patient-centered. If you do your homework, they are relaxed about you ignoring their advice. God has been good in putting me in the hands of a VA Primary Care physician who understands my choices and doesn’t deal with me in dismissive arrogance. I’ve encountered plenty of bad doctors at VA medical facilities, but this is one of the good ones.

This brings us back to the business of living a heart-led life, a life of conviction. Americans are taught to think in terms of instrumentality and effectiveness. That can be valid until you bump up against a sense of conviction. Our culture tries to bury that kind of thing. It’s hard sitting here in the middle of the US and striving to awaken the long lost intellectual tradition of letting the heart’s moral wisdom lead. It’s hard for me to even describe how folks in the Ancient Near East (ANE) never even questioned such a thing. For them, the heart must lead or you aren’t actually alive.

It’s not that they weren’t aware of concrete material logic, but that it was discounted as the means to ultimate truth. Having a clear and precise understanding of the facts was never enough. There was still the question of moral importance. They were convinced that nothing was properly viewed only on one level. If you weren’t in touch with the moral realm of Creation, you didn’t know anything anyway.

I don’t really care about living long. I suspect I will, but that’s hardly the issue. What matters is that I live fully. I work at fitness because that’s how I get in touch with Creation, and through that, with my God. When I work out, I pray and command my body to conform to my faith. I have every reason to believe my body will respond. I’m watching it happen. It’s not psychosomatic; it’s a genuine heart-led communion designed into us.

Act on your convictions. Seize faith and forge ahead with persistence to see the glory of the Lord in your life. It is the nature of faith to persist beyond human life.

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Teachings of Jesus — John 4:4-26

First, a short reminder: The Samaritans were not “half-breed Jews.” Something like 90% of the original population of the Northern Kingdom had been taken away by Assyria, and replaced with pagan folks from Hamath, and some from Elam and from other places scattered around the Assyrian Empire. They were granted an apostate priest from the old Northern Kingdom to teach them about the local deity, who gave them a very perverted version of the Books of Moses. Mostly what they learned were the rituals and some history. When the Judeans (Southern Kingdom) returned from Babylon, the Samaritans pretended to worship the same god and welcomed them home. When they weren’t allowed to bring their paganized version of worship into the Covenant, they became permanent enemies of Judea. The two had harassed each other for centuries.

Jews in Jesus’ day typically crossed the Jordan somewhere within Judea, hiked along the east bank until they were beyond the northern border of Samaria, then crossed back over into Galilee. They wouldn’t dirty their feet with Samaritan soil. But for reasons not stated, Jesus just had to pass through Samaria. The disciples were with Him. They stopped one day at Jacob’s Well and Jesus took a break. The disciples went into the town near the well to buy some food. They took with them the little animal skin bucket they normally carried that He could have used to draw water, so He was left in the heat of midday without access to the water far below ground level in the well.

Most days the women of the village of Sychar would gather in the cool of the morning to draw their water for the day and to gossip. They likely did it again in the evening. This gal was a social outcast, so she came during the middle of the day. Jesus asked her for a drink. It was a normal request and in the process of giving Him a drink, she commented on how Jewish men seldom spoke civilly with Samaritans unless they wanted something. She would know about that, of course, as we shall see.

Jesus ignored this rude gibe and told her something totally unexpected. She had a way to get water from the well, but He had “living water.” It was a common expression for water springing up from a natural fountain. She was puzzled how He could claim to have such water when He didn’t even have the means to get water from this well. He responded with an even more extravagant claim about how His living water would quench thirst forever.

She was still focused on mundane things, of course. Perhaps it was sarcasm when she said that it would sure be nice to have water bubbling up inside of her so she could just quit bothering with this chore. Jesus needed to prod her into thinking on a different level, so He changed His tack and asked her about her husband. Could she bring him out to meet Jesus? She admitted she had no husband.

Jesus then showed He was hardly your average Jewish man. He seemed to know everything about her already, noting that she had been married and divorced five times already, and was shacking up with yet another man. She was little different from a prostitute. She didn’t argue with Him, but simply noted He must be a prophet, at least. Moving the subject off herself, she asked this prophet a question that must have been annoying her for quite some time. Why do Jews insist on having their Temple in Jerusalem when the Samaritans had been worshiping at Bethel since ancient times? Where is Jehovah’s throne?

His reply was quite unexpected. He said that very soon everyone who actually cared to worship the Heavenly Father would not bother with either location. Granted, the Jews were the original people of God, and their version was correct as far as it went. The Samaritans came late to the game and were fed a bunch of nonsense. But that distinction didn’t matter, because all of that was done. It was already time to make a new distinction. From now on, it was going to be a matter of a higher realm — it was all about the spirit, not the flesh. God was now seeking those who would worship Him in a spirit of earnest commitment. God was not an earthly ruler, but a spirit being and you cannot deal with Him on a lower level. You have to meet Him on the spiritual plane.

She was lost by this. All she could say was something about how, when the promised Messiah came, surely it would all be straightened out. Jesus told her that He was the Messiah. His explanation was the divine truth of things. Here Jesus flatly claims to be the Messiah to a Samaritan, a woman with nothing to lose by believing Him.

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Disguised Worship of Moloch

Yet another offline question: The primary danger in child molestation is not the sex, but the open door to demonic influence. Since demon influence is somewhat communicable, this is a threat to shalom.

Consider the biblical logic. Whence comes pedophilia? It’s built into Western Civilization, based on the blended pagan mythology of Germanic tribes and Greco-Roman Civilization. It arises from the inherent materialism, which invokes petty hedonistic desires. It worships staying alive in this fallen state, seeking every possible pleasure because there is nothing after this life. Thus, it seeks to retain youth and worships childhood and invests it with all kinds of hedonistic desire, which is why adults desire sex with children. It’s a rare adult in the West who does not harbor such fantasies somewhere in their psychic makeup.

This is not to say there is no pedophilia in other cultures, but that it arises most prominently and most forcefully in the West. In other words, it’s never been this bad.

From a biblical perspective, the danger is how this idolizes anything that isn’t God. If you worship anything or anyone other than our Creator, you are involved in worshiping demons. There is no neutral ground on this — see Deuteronomy 32:16–17 and 1 Corinthians 10:19-21. An adult brings their demonic idolatry to bear on a child, using the inherent authority of adulthood to offer that child as a sacrifice to their demon god. In other words, it’s not all that different from the worship of Moloch. But instead of burning the child to death in the heated arms of the idol built on top of an oven, it’s condemning the child to a life of slavery to the demon god. This means the child carries that demonic presence everywhere they go, and it touches everyone they encounter until they are delivered.

It also perverts every sexual desire of that child. It cripples his/her soul. It adds to the many woes our fallen nature already brings upon us. Truly we know that Christ can heal anything, but it stains our human existence and creates a major hindrance that the child will carry into their adult life. It’s one more temptation they wouldn’t otherwise face, as we know factually from clinical studies that victims of child molestation grow up to be child molesters in the vast majority of cases. It spreads and grows like cancer.

This is why Satan loves pedophilia. It makes his Kingdom of Darkness larger and more prosperous. And just to make all of this even more perverted, he likes the way our society goes into a self-righteous hysterical panic about pedophilia, as if we could all purge our own evil natures by burying it more deeply in denial.

In the Radix Fidem covenant, there is no greater threat to faith and religion than hidden or unconscious idolatry. That is what brings demonic presence into the mix.

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