Give Them a Wide Berth

The Israeli government has recently claimed that it can “legislate anywhere in the world”, that it is “entitled to violate the sovereignty of foreign countries”, and that “is allowed to ignore the directives of international law in any field it desires”. This was written in an official response letter to the Supreme Court last month. (source)

Caveat: I reject the notion of “international law.” That is a fiction long used by bigger nations to bully the smaller. The issue here is the unconscionable arrogance of Israeli government. We knew this already, of course. Israel has often stated that only Jews are human; all Gentiles are animals. This is written in their Talmud, and they have acted accordingly since before they decided to move back to Israel.

And with this we must review our understanding: The Talmud is contrary to the Law of Moses. Jesus flatly stated that (Matthew 15:1-20, among other passages). The only way Jews can have a valid claim to any of the blessings promised in the Bible is to obey the actual Covenant of Moses as Jesus taught it. Were they faithful to the Covenant, their audacious claims would be more reasonable. The current claim that Israel is a Jewish nation inheriting the Old Testament favor of God is a flat out lie.

But it’s not necessary for us to take any kind of activist approach to this. All we need to do is assert the obvious from God’s Word. This is one of those things that registers in your convictions as manifestly true; your heart knows it, regardless whether your mind is ready to embrace it. The only good we can do is therefore approach the issue heart-led: Allow God to drive the truth home in His own way, His own time. Just walk in it.

Given that this is God’s own truth, we know that sooner or later reality itself will enforce this truth. It will hardly be in the time and manner that makes sense to our minds, but this is how God works. He is permitting Israel to act as a goad, a scourge to punish mankind for rejecting His revelation. This is the left hand of God, a mission He passed to Satan a long time ago. Israel is Satan’s project to provoke and infuriate the world and drive people mad. The whole point is to make people act stupid and fall under God’s wrath. That’s Satan’s job and Israel is one of his very best tools. It’s a tar-baby.

Thus, our point is to explain why people should ignore Israel. Not in the sense that you would wade through a mosquito and crocodile infested swamp, but that you recognize it for the swamp it is and avoid messing with it. In due time, events will coalesce to destroy this nasty little country. But when the Jews rejected their Messiah, yet refused to disband when their own reason for existing was gone, they became the nation of Satan. The Talmud is a covenant from Hell.

We should still treat Jews the same as anyone else in the sense of pouring out our heart-led compassion and divine mercy on them. But we should recognize their special status as more damned than the rest of humanity. It takes an extra dose of mercy to get to them, because they are deeper in the wrath of God.

As for modern Israel: Just wait it out. This thing cannot avoid failure, because it is flatly contrary to everything in God’s divine character, which is woven into all Creation.

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Scattered Biking Images

This is a combination of shots taken over a period of a week or so. Our first is the ramp up to the bridge Midwest City placed alongside SE 29th; it’s finally open for use. It was finished a couple weeks ago.

These are late summer blossoms growing in tall grass out around Draper Lake. They don’t come out until September most years. The field was full of them, but the next day after this shot the whole area was mowed and baled for hay.

This is as far as the bulldozer has gotten by this morning plowing up the new bikeway path. The crews are ready to head down below the dam. It’s about a mile of trail wandering in the valley before it links to the other end. That other end should have the concrete curb/shoulder finished today or tomorrow.

I took a screenshot from Google Maps showing the area below the dam. The pale blue line is approximately the current paved trail. The lavender line is roughly where I see the stakes lined up. The gap between the two is a very deep creek bed that is at least as deep as I am tall, and looks more like 8 feet (2.5m).

This is just another shot I took yesterday from the eastern end of the River Trails. During that ride I was astonished to find no mud pits as I crossed between the River Trail and the Eagle Lake Trail. It looks like crews are dropping crushed asphalt along the previously very rough trail linking the two. This is preparatory for eventually making it a regular bikeway trail.

This last is a shot of the Midwest City bikeway running along the decommissioned rail line. It’s a quick way to get back home after taking the Post Road corridor away from Draper Lake. It zigzags to the right of that building and continues on for another mile or so.

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Digging the Grave for Linux

Someday, I won’t be using Linux any more.

First you have to understand why I use it now: It is the single best replacement for commercial operating systems. It is so for me, and for some of my tech support clients. That is so because there are several commercially viable Linux distributions. They come with the bells and whistles and I don’t have to know too awfully much to make it work as a common desktop. Some years ago Linux started becoming easier to use, and recently is far easier than Windows or Mac.

But the easy to use commercially viable Linux brands have all adopted “systemd” and that was the beginning of the end. All the various distributions of Linux that work the way I do are infected with this monster. With each passing release, more and more of the system is sucked into this vortex and the user has less and less freedom to choose things he/she should very well have the freedom to choose. The arrogance of the “systemd” folks is off the charts; there are no words to express it. It will soon be unusable for me; it will make Linux too much like Windows.

The few Linux brands not using “systemd” are not commercially viable for the desktop. Most of them have way too much work the user must do, and therefore way too much technical detail that users would have to know, but really shouldn’t have to know. There is a sweet spot between too simple and too complicated, and those without “systemd” are together all too complicated. They don’t simply work the way I do, nor the way my tech support clients work. They are not viable. They might work for you, but it’s just more monumental arrogance to insist your way is the default. Lots of people will continue to use Linux, but my time with it is now short. I’m pretty sure Xubuntu 18.04 is my last Linux.

If I’m going to have to keep a fat book of tricks I have to do to make it work like I do, my current inclination is to switch to the BSDs. Let’s just say that, in my experience, FreeBSD (for example) is far less perverse in making things difficult, puts up fewer roadblocks for what I feel I must do. This won’t happen tomorrow, but sometime in the future when Xubuntu Bionic no longer serves my purposes, that’s when I’ll switch over.

And it’s not just “systemd;” lots of things in Linux Land have gone the wrong direction for me and for my clients. It’s been a good run over the last 20 years, but a lot of things have crept into Linux to kill it for me.

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Bits and Pieces 35

Just catching up some personal stuff here.

The bike is all up and ready. I gave it a test run today on the River Trails out to Portland and back. I carry the small camera because most of my rides lately are aimed at training. I practice what I preach. When I post prophetic warnings, it’s the same as announcing what I am preparing for. Right now I need to get in the best shape possible while things are still peaceful. When the first crisis comes — and it could be any day now — I’ll need that fitness level.

So I’ve redoubled my efforts to keep doing those indoor workouts first thing in the morning. Around our place, we get up before 5AM when my wife works. I get my shoes on and hit the mat. On alternate days I’ll either do my tension workout or a collection of calisthenics I learned in the military. I work extra hard on the abdominal stuff both days; it’s the one part of my body that needs it most and is also the one part that can take it.

So about the only time I take my big camera with me is when I’m checking out the progress on the Draper Lake bikeway. I was there Friday but because of the heavy overcast skies, my pictures turned out not so good. Overcast is okay for stuff that’s close in, but not for long distance shots. Overcast here typically comes with a haze that fuzzes out the long shots.

In case you are wondering, the survey stakes indicate the path will wander a bit below the dam, instead of hugging the base of it. There’s one spot out there where, I swear, they are going to have to install a bridge or a very large culvert because it crosses one of the old creek beds that still flows when it rains. I’ll be going out there tomorrow and I expect clear to partly cloudy skies, so the pictures should be better.

It’s my birthday tomorrow (62) but I’ll still post the pictures from the ride.

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Targets Painted on Our Backs

We have one major advantage: We aren’t trying to change the world.

We are merely tools for God to change people’s hearts. Nothing else we could do would make any difference. By awakening people to their true design and helping them reconnect to the Ultimate Source of all things, we restore Eden.

I’ve tried to explain that Eden is where we would be if we weren’t under the Curse of the Fall. But there is a sense in which this is not all or nothing. Your experience in fallen flesh tends to see things that way, but your heart knows it’s a false image. You can begin to reconnect to Eden before you die. This is how we reclaim the blessings God has said we can have while under the Curse. This is our birthright as His children. But we must understand that this birthright is a foretaste of returning to Eden. Simply reclaiming it includes an element of “showing off,” an element of demonstrating what’s possible for fallen humanity. This is how we perform our only worthwhile mission in life, so live that glorious semi-edenic shalom and do so conspicuously.

A critical element in shalom is understanding that we have a privileged claim to whatever we need to do all of this. This is our Father’s world; all Creation is just a tool for His glory. The heart-led life reconnects you with Creation and you submerge your self-will in the sea of His divine will. It’s not gone; it just takes up its proper context and we see how it is supposed to work. You’ll get more toys, and more extravagant toys, if you understand they are just toys and their purpose is to demonstrate God’s power.

We exist to provide a disjuncture, a symbol to challenge the natural assumptions of folks who don’t let their hearts lead.

As we watch the world around us struggle for things they cannot keep, we should be aware that our position is largely a matter of infiltration. Not to subvert, but to plant in the middle of everything that divine Presence by how we live. God will always provide what serves that purpose, but a critical element in all of this is some understanding of how everyone around us does things. We have to grasp their orientation without being sucked into it.

I have been trying to share with you the things I see in this business of Trump as God’s scourge on the globalists in particular, and the leftists in general. From the human perspective, the outcome is not a foregone conclusion. From the prophetic outlook, it is. Because of my calling to use the tools of the Internet to communicate my faith to the world, my sharing is heavy on the nerdy side of behind-the-scenes technology.

I can tell you that a very big part of the picture in this cyber warfare is that the CIA serves the globalists, while the NSA and Military Intelligence serve Trump. The warfare has been intensive, more than any of us could know. This is precisely what my prophetic sense warned me would be the case some years ago, but even I wasn’t prepared to believe what I now glimpse from Trump’s authorized leaker, Q — who should be seen as a “they,” a team of folks at INSCOM (a Military Intelligence outfit that works under the NSA umbrella).

Q says they knew Reddit would kick out the fans of Trump/Q. Q says other services will do the same, and Twitter may even kick Trump out. Q warns this censorship could become much more extensive, to the point the Internet itself could see a major outage for a short time. Despite the NSA/INSCOM pulling some assets out of the CIA’s hands, the latter can still pull some strings among the corporate Big Tech world to make things difficult. Google and several other major Big Tech companies were started by the CIA, and are still funded in part by the CIA. And you should already know the CIA has access to multiples of its official budget through drug and human trafficking, to name only one kind of criminal enterprise.

So about the only place Q can safely operate and continue these approved leaks is on a service called 8chan. This service is run by military veterans, and has become a critical outlet for the NSA. So the NSA is apparently funding and providing protection for 8chan. The actual service itself is just a small operation using just a handful of servers in one office. However, 8chan is broadcast through a very large collection of commercial mass server farms scattered around the world, which prevents anyone from smothering the signal.

This kind of partnership is a lesson to us. Insofar as we rely on the Internet for our fellowship, we need to be ready to run our own services independently. We should make it difficult to silence our voice. Where we lack actual resources like those of the NSA, we have God’s hand with us to provide big things, often through small gaps in the system that resists His truth. We should look for ways to be as independent as possible from the likes of Big Tech. Not in avoiding their stuff, but more in being ready to work without it. We have to see all of this computer technology as just a tool, and be ready to change tools when the old ones no longer serve the mission.

So we aren’t looking at investing major resources in wholly independent operations, but a balance between using what’s there and staying out of someone else’s control. Some large portion of those who subscribe to this blog are tech savvy enough to profit from discussing this stuff. It’s important to their individual missions. So please get used to seeing talk of Q and the cyber warfare here. It’s a lesson as we watch things unfold; we will be targeted in some way in the future.

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Taste the Powers

The world at large has no advantage over us.

Try to understand: The core of what makes us truly alive in this world is that heart-led connection to Creation. But it is also our connection to the Creator. Once you begin to understand reality in moral terms, and that reality is a living, moral servant of God, then you stand in the place to see what truly matters.

And with this connection to the Holy Spirit, you are in a position to reclaim all the gifts God has given you. You can pray and make the most audacious requests simply because they are useful to your divine calling. The secrets men hide from each other? You’ll know them on a level mere men of flesh cannot grasp, and no man can hide it from you. And in the moment of dire need, you’ll always have the revelation of words to say and actions to take that give God the greatest glory.

Nothing on this earth can hinder you as long as You serve His glory.

But the best part is the power to walk in the Lord’s righteousness. No amount of fleshly discipline can match the power of the heart to quell the whining of the flesh. No, the yearning doesn’t die, but it no longer has the power to drag you into sin. You can say “no.”

The most difficult thing is simply unlearning how to think with only your reason. The brain does know how to submit to the heart, but it has to unlearn the arrogance of refusing to do so. Your heart knows what’s right already, but your brain goes into shock having to absorb it. There is no real secret here; you simply have to get it registered in your brain that this is the truth of how we are designed to work.

Learn to dig into your conscience and listen to it. See your conscience as an interface, a connection, not the heart itself. Don’t be surprised when your conscience changes, because it has not been allowed to connect directly to your convictions very much. Get used to trusting that connection. Get used to the idea that what you see and can reason out simply is not the truth, but a very poor shadow of what’s real.

Yes, initially it creates inner turmoil. It will also shake up all your worldly relations. That’s what happens when you seek the Creator’s mastery in your life. It’s not that you’ll judge people, but you’ll discern influences and conditions that are harmful to your mission and calling. Indeed, your concept of your mission and calling will likely change. This is an adventure into God’s truth.

Taste the powers of the Age to Come (Hebrews 6:5); you’ll never settle again for anything less.

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 23:1-12

Jesus goes off on the Scribes and Pharisees. However, we must understand His condemnation in the context.

First, this bunch was part of the government. Thus, He offers unique advice to His listeners regarding how to handle governing authorities: Do what they say, but not what they do. Obey them because that’s how the worldly system acts, but don’t take them seriously. The Scribes and Pharisees were no closer to godly government than the secular officials we face today. Now as then, their focus is worldly and materialistic, not on eternal moral truth. Their interests bear little acquaintance to shalom.

But the resemblance between then and now doesn’t end there. Governments throughout history have loaded up those they rule with heavy burdens, yet exempt themselves in every way possible. The flavor of government and the types of exemptions vary, but it’s quite predictable. Once you understand the nature of whatever mythology drives them, you know what to expect. In the case of Judea’s Sanhedrin, it was all a matter of putting on a show. They wanted to be seen as righteous, even when they were festering lumps of moral cancer. They made up all kinds of rules about what was fashionable to wear and competed with each other, smug in their own little rarefied world that no one else took seriously.

They were easily manipulated by adulation and anyone who put on an obsequious show in public. Titles were so very important to them. Matthew doesn’t translate rabbi, which is rendered in English typically as “master.” However, the other Greek word refers to someone who is a professor or teacher. He also mentions the word for “father” as a reference to someone you admire and in whose steps you claim to follow. Jesus said we should avoid titles, neither crave them nor use them for others. In our different callings, we are roughly equal in Christ, and He is the only real rabbi or teacher, and Jehovah is our own Father.

The mark of greatness in Christ’s kingdom is the one who deflects attention. Don’t tolerate someone trying to curry your favor with flowery words. Sacrifice, humility and service are the rank insignia of spiritual leadership. People who play with words that move the emotions instead of provoking recognition of truth in your heart are people you shouldn’t follow.

Don’t be a sucker for anyone who dresses too nice, carries fancy titles or who can’t be bothered with the little people. Jesus hugged a lot of smelly nobodies.

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