More Globalist Infamy

At a recent rally, Trump declared himself a nationalist against the globalists. He also offered a brief description of the globalists that is roughly consistent with my teaching.

Some of you may recall that the linchpin of the globalist attack on Trump was Carter Page. Mueller’s witch hunt rests entirely on the FISA warrant obtained through lies to snoop on Carter Page while he served on Trump’s staff before and after the election. The nature of a FISA warrant allows spying on second and third layers of all the target’s contacts. That is, the snooping covers everyone Carter Page spoke to, and everyone those people spoke to in turn. That’s “three degrees of coverage.” Naturally, that means the entire White House staff and anyone who does business with them, to include Trump himself.

Yes, the FISA warrant meant that FBI snoops had access to the President’s private communications.

Now, Carter Page is no angelic victim here:

Lew references a bombshell revelation, that Carter Page was an FBI spy. I find that this source tells the story in a reasonably clear way.

It’s truly shocking and it’s news we haven’t heard before. Page worked for the FBI to trap a Russian spy. “The same John P Carlin who, together with the FBI counterintelligence unit, conscripted Carter Page as an FBI Under-Cover Employee, gains a guilty plea [against the Russian target], then turns around and six months later accuses Page of being a Russian Spy.”

The reason for this about-face was to make the case for a FISA warrant that allowed the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign. Page was a convenient link. Never expecting this major corruption ever to see the light of day, the FBI people involved simply used Page.

Notice how the FBI devours their own. Granted, that has a lot to do with how the globalists had managed to seize control of the upper ranks of the FBI and DOJ. Still, it’s not the first time a US government agency has employed someone in espionage, and then threw them them under the bus by charging them with that same espionage as a crime.

My main point here is that this is a sample of what passes for virtue among globalists. This is a reflection of the moral nature of our government under globalist domination. It’s also perfectly consistent with the Cult (PDF). Whatever else comes from Trump’s time in office, we should be thankful for the Lord using him to deliver us from such Satanic filth.

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Antidote to Fear 02

If the Lord doesn’t breathe life into these words, they cannot help you.

This is the work of the Holy Spirit. All I’m doing is sharing my experience; this is my personal narrative. If God doesn’t make it real to you, then it’s not for you. Once again, the question is not knowledge as data, but knowledge as personal encounter. This teaching is just words on your screen until the Lord speaks in your heart to make them alive. It’s not a question of what’s objectively true; it’s a matter of whether the Lord speaks to you in this.

The Devil doesn’t have that power. He can’t make his lies come to life that way. But he doesn’t need that power to have his way, because we are born under his dominion. We have a fallen default to believe his lies; it’s burned into our fleshly nature. The flesh is cursed, and the intellect is part of that.

Keep in mind that the existence of a physical body is not what’s cursed. We started out in the Garden of Eden as corporeal beings before the Fall. What keeps us under the Curse now is lack of excess to the Tree of Life. Our current body has a time limit, and is bound by the limits of time and space, as our whole awareness is. Our eternal body after the Final Resurrection won’t suffer those limits. All of these statements are parables, figures of speech because it’s impossible to put the real truth of things into words. That is, the intellect cannot handle ultimate truth. It’s only good for organizing and implementing what the heart knows. The heart doesn’t use words.

As long as you trust your intellect to run the show, the Devil has you. It’s a weakness that he can exploit. It’s not that you are relentlessly evil inside; it’s that you cannot do anything right. You’ll be convinced you can, but that’s a lie. The issue isn’t specific actions, but the lack of heart-led faith in choosing those actions. You cannot please God unless you first commit wholly to Him as your feudal master. The Devil serves Him as the Punisher, God’s left hand. As long as you have no driving desire to please the Lord, you forfeit all your blessings to Satan. It won’t matter what you do; the Devil consumes all the fruit. You have nothing to offer to God, nothing He’ll accept.

So the Devil doesn’t need to make his lies live. Without a firm commitment to serve the Lord, you have no choice but to believe. And the Devil hardly handles everyone alike. The vast majority of humanity are just stumbling along in darkness thinking they understand, and believing that some basic instinct for human goodness is enough. It’s not; that’s a lie from the Devil. As long as you are not heart-led and in communion with God and His Creation, you cannot know what moral goodness is. It is truth that needs to live.

Again, it’s very hard to put into words. You need to shift your conscious sense of self into your heart. You need to live from an awareness rooted in conviction, something that God alone can write into your soul. It’s like an organic process; there is no place at which to arrive. When the fruit of your soul is ripe, the Father calls you Home to be with Him in Paradise until it’s time for Jesus to come back and redeem all Creation.

Meanwhile, Creation cries out for Him to return. Given that Creation knows it will be awhile yet, it also cries out for human hearts to hear and restore that living alliance we had in the Garden of Eden. Earth is here for us to manage on behalf of God, so it’s waiting for us to take up the reins. But we cannot until we are walking in heart-led faith. Creation isn’t fallen; we are. We need redemption so we can mitigate the Curse enough to begin serving the glory of our Creator in this life.

It would certainly be better if we discussed this face to face. The power of the gospel living in a human soul in your physical presence is much greater than a written message, but the Lord can work through written words when He wants to, which is why He preserved the Bible. I write because that’s my calling and mission. It’s not the words but the narrative of my soul, stirring something you recognize in your soul.

But the most I can do is merely awaken you to what the Lord has already written into your convictions.

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Antidote to Fear 01

There are no general principles, but there is a narrative of expectations.

Without chasing all the essential antecedents, I remind readers that you must understand the Bible as a largely Hebrew document whose content either assumes an ancient Hebrew mystical perspective, or calls for a return to that perspective as the basis for receiving divine revelation. It calls for a heart-led consciousness and the text is cast in terms of experiential narrative. It comes very close to phenomenology in its philosophical approach: There is only experience and perception, and perception is the weak point.

In other words, if you approach things with an inductive-deductive orientation, you can’t possibly understand revelation, and cannot possibly understand the natural world in which you live. You must learn to let the world speak to you its own narrative. The rational approach of assuming a largely inert universe is the essence of the Fall. It presumes mankind is superior to all other things. But mankind is fallen; the rest of Creation is not. You don’t get humility from your intellect, and your brain cannot kneel before the Creator; it cannot know Him. If you don’t encounter God personally in your soul, then you can’t pretend to know anything about Him. God’s Creation and our divine design requires that we see things as living and personal — all things. It demands a certain level of reverence.

Because we tend to operate that way instinctively, the Western orientation on reason forces a huge portion of reality into that spooky space of superstition. We cannot compel ourselves to ignore a living personal reality, so we have this schizoid Western culture full of spooky horror superstitions against a pitiful attempt to pretend those things don’t exist. We know they do, but by trying to ignore them, we end up not understanding them. Thus, we fear them. If we bring them out into the light of our conscious awareness, they become more real and less spooky. That requires moving beyond the juvenile rational approach into an adult recognition arising from a mystical approach. We have to compel the intellect to acknowledge the supremacy of the heart, and recognize that the fundamental question of importance is knowing the moral significance of all things.

Thus, the starting point to vanquishing Satanic fear is redemption from the Fall, the mitigation of the Curse by embracing the heart-led way and divine revelation. We train the mind to accept the leadership of the heart by learning about narrative and the experiential orientation. It’s not that we can’t trust the experience of others, but that experience must be properly transmitted and received, with all the attendant recognition of the limits involved. Nothing can ever be fixed except in our own personal experience, so someone else’s experience must be shared in a way that breathes life into it in our own perception. Then, it has to match our convictions in some way or it can’t stick, nor should it.

The question is not some imaginary objective reality, because we reject that notion from the start. The question is whether or not you can use it to serve God’s glory. Mere knowledge for its own sake is of no importance; it’s a false god. You have no other purpose for living in this fallen state than to glorify God, so keep your focus on what matters.

This blog presumes a biblical approach, that the God who we call “Jehovah” in the English language was the God of Israel and that Jesus of Nazareth was His Son. All other deities are false images. Not necessarily total lies, but none of the other mythologies measure up to the clarity of the Bible. Any worship of other deities is idolatry. In other words, you can be heart-led and still come up with wrong answers. You can also claim Christ and not be heart-led, and again still come up with wrong answers. You need both. All the other answers may have useful content, but will always miss the point.

So we don’t fear examining non-biblical mythologies. We don’t fear pagan religions and their teachings; there’s no need to hate them. But it may not be part of your individual calling, so you aren’t missing anything if you aren’t interested. Still, there’s nothing to gain by slandering other religions as religions. We cannot possibly know how God might have spoken to others; we most certainly must know how He has spoken to us.

The issue here is to keep Satan from using your lack of interest, and therefore your lack of direction experience with those things, as the means to keeping you under his dominion. Fear in the sense of terror is not from God (as opposed to the fear of reverence). Terror comes from Satan. Fear of the unknown is one of the Devil’s best tools.

Another of his best tools is disrespect. If you buy into Western objectivism, you reject the notion of Life. That is, the default human approach to reality by God’s design is to envision all of Creation as alive, sentient and willful. From the smallest increment of subatomic particles, scaling upward through the various entities the mind can discern, to the whole of Creation itself — everything is alive. You must be prepared to address yourself to everything on every level as if it were alive; you have to learn to communicate with it in your heart (which is a sensory organ in its own right).

Thus, the mere factual data you can collect is not even half the story when trying to understand the world around you. Pity the poor scientist who cannot see beyond his mere intellect, because he cannot truly acquaint himself with the things he studies. They are just waiting for him to turn on his heart’s perception, but he refuses to perceive. Granted, the common experience in heart-led people is that most of Creation isn’t that talkative, but if you take the time to sit and chat with the people you find in the natural world around you, you’ll be surprised at what they can tell you. It all depends on your calling and mission from God, but that fellowship is there waiting in the rocks, trees, birds, animals, sky and wind.

Jesus spoke to Creation often in performing miracles; you must assume He knew those things could hear.

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MSM Is Your Enemy

I want you to learn to ignore the stock market. It is not a reflection of the economy itself; it’s just a reflection of greedy nasty people who don’t care a whit about you and I. When the market drops, it reflects their fear that the plunder they take from us may be reduced. When the market goes up, it shows they expect to keep ripping us off.

Our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is also not a valid measure of our economic health. It is a measure of a bunch of things together that have nothing to do with our relative well being. It can help you estimate a little about how one nation is doing versus another, but takes no account of the relative living standards.

You should understand that a the vast majority of US wealth arises from blatant immorality. As such, it is utterly impossible for our relative wealth among other countries to remain high for very long. Our economic output is at war with reality. To the degree our country begins to correct some of that, so much will our economy begin to recover. Since I don’t know anybody teaching Biblical Economics in the mainstream, we don’t have much hope.

The primary area of failure will be due to debt. Only the damnedest fools don’t see that coming. The market folks will tell you what a horrible disaster it will be, but they say only because the vast majority of folks holding US government debt are the market folks. If the government defaults, they go broke. Commercial debt is similar, but different enough that the primary victims of a default will be bankers. If they ain’t happy, they believe nobody is happy — or at least nobody should be allowed to be happy. Private debt is far more complicated, but defaults there will start a chain reaction that hits bankers and market folks anyway.

But for the most part, they produce nothing we really need. They created the system that requires us to use banks and buy from big corporations in the first place. Without them, we would hardly notice much difference except that it would cost us most modern conveniences. It most certainly would not starve us, and the jobs lost would eventually be replaced with people working some other way.

If you think I would miss computers in world without bankers and big corporations, you don’t know me. I take advantage of computers and networking because they exist and everyone is using them. Before computers became available to me, I kept huge notebooks of paper scribbled on with pencils. Without those, I would simply spend more time practicing public speaking — something everyone tells me I do rather well. In other words, what God provides, I will use for His glory. I’m not afraid of a collapsed economy.

However, we are still quite some ways from that. The basic life-support activity isn’t going to end, but it will probably be minus a lot of cheap imports. Our Lord still has people serving Him and He needs them to stay alive for a while longer, so He’ll make sure things keep working well enough to support their work.

Learn how God does things; trust His revelation. Trust your heart to guide you. Most of all, do not trust the message of this world. In particular, the mainstream media is your enemy.

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Teachings of Jesus — Mark 2:14-22

We depart from Matthew’s Gospel at this point. There is really nothing I can add now to the previous work I’ve done explaining Matthew 24 and 25. You can reread them at your leisure on the static site. We jump now to Mark’s Gospel.

The Law of Moses arose during a time of ancient mysticism. It was not “law” in our sense of legislation, but as an expression of the character and will of the feudal Master who offered the covenant of adoption, making this new nation now a part of His extended family household. They did have to spend some time learning this covenant, but it was intended to make them fit to live in His household and not disrupt His long term plans.

Thus, it was designed to acquaint them with who He is and how He designed Creation to work. It was never meant to be legalism that locks everything into some static situation. A great many provisions, the rituals in particular, only worked for that particular setting — that time, that place, and those people. The people were supposed to dig into this covenant until they could see through the particulars to the character of God. This is how covenants were understood to work in the Ancient Near East (ANE). This was the intellectual tradition of the Hebrew people.

That the Jews had long since departed from this was manifestly obvious. Instead of sticking to the heart of the matter and making obvious adjustments to meet the changing situation, the leadership had nailed everything down and made life miserable. Instead of setting the people free to know instinctively how God did things in this world, those leaders had reduced it to mere codes and rules, which they controlled as a means to oppress and enrich themselves at the nation’s expense.

Jesus called His cousin Levi Matthew to join Him as a disciple. Matthew had been working as a tax contractor for the king (not for Rome). No other rabbi would have considered someone like Matthew. Not only were the taxes thoroughly unpopular, but the rabbinical colleges were almost uniform in rejecting Herod as a valid king of Jews, since he was notoriously immoral. Worse, he was a compliant vassal of Rome, so his tax collectors were painted as collaborators with the pagan occupiers, apostates worse than Gentiles.

Matthew acquiesced and decided to celebrate this change of career with his friends and associates. As a social outcast, it was quite natural that his friends would also be tax collectors and other social outcasts who had never rejected the Covenant, but didn’t care for the pompous arrogance of Pharisees. Jesus was the guest of honor at this reception.

Here He was in His rabbinical garb eating and drinking with these “notorious sinners” and the other rabbis wanted to know what He meant by socializing with them. Jesus said, in so many words, that He was a moral physician. Since the Pharisees felt no need for His services, He saw no need to spend time with them. He was going about His craft of healing among those who knew they needed to repent and restore them to the Lord’s favor. The Pharisees had refused to do this, which was supposed to be their mission in the first place.

Mark then recalls a similar moment when the someone questioned Jesus about the common practice of fasting weekly, a rule that actually wasn’t required by Moses. Fasting was expected in broad general terms, and there were a few solemn fast days in the original Mosaic calendar, but the Pharisees were extremist about it. We can be sure John the Baptist had entirely different reasons for his harsh regimen, since he echoed much of Elijah’s austere ministry.

Jesus had already called His cousin John the Baptist the Forerunner, a dedicated servant who must endure great discomfort for a truly critical mission. Jesus was the Messiah for whom John was the herald. And as Messiah, He was coming to claim His chosen bride. But not yet. This was the period of time for the bridegroom to hang out with His buddies in a rather elongated version of a stag party, as it were. This is something wealthy Jewish men were known to do during that time between betrothal and wedding when they were building a home for the newlyweds to occupy. His disciples could fast once He had to leave them to carry on their lives while He was on an extended honeymoon.

Then Jesus offered two parables that slammed the Pharisees for being stuck in the past, as if there would never be a Messiah. Even the best royal heir would honor his father, not by aping him, but moving forward with the same reserve of wisdom for handling new challenges. The character of Jehovah didn’t change, but the discrete provisions of the Covenant would naturally change some to meet new challenges. In the ANE wisdom, it was well established that a new king would change some things that were simply a matter of taste and planning.

New wine goes into new wineskins, and new cloth is not sewed onto old clothing. Jesus would harvest and trample new grapes for a new vintage; He would provide entirely new uniforms for His royal staff.

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Where His Footsteps Lead Us

Just a few reminders to help you keep your focus clearly on Christ.

The Tower of Babel narrative in Scripture isn’t about Nimrod, as if the only problem was who was in charge. Nor was it about his brand of religion as the driving force behind his grip on a unified human race. The issue was that grip itself, it was the sin of trying to bring all of fallen humanity together for any purpose at all. It is utterly impossible for fallen mankind to come up with a single global goal without poking God in the eye. Nothing mankind does without revelation is viable. This is the Curse of the Fall. The command at the Gate of Eden as the Lord drove the first humans away from the Tree of Life was to “spread out” and the inherent meaning is to exist without unity.

Any attempt at unity beyond a certain threshold is inherently evil. There are prescribed limits; the boundaries are intentionally soft, but anyone trying to gain God’s approval can work it out for their own context. There are multiple keys to divine approval on this. Some of them are: developing a single cultural and racial identity (not in the facts but in the perception), compelling all immigrants to conform, an eastern feudal government, and a tribal social structure. These are just the bare minimum. These are the fundamental assumptions underlying every Law Covenant, and they are central to the now applicable Covenant of Noah. That’s the message of the Tower of Babel; humans cannot possibly come up with anything better.

All of this is inherent in the gospel message. It was the foundation on which the teachings of Christ stood. Had Israel accepted Him as their Messiah, it would have been the basis on which His rule would stand. As it is, this now becomes the foundation of the any church that claims to obey the gospel.

A tribal social structure means living in your neighbor’s armpit in the social sense. It means your church is your closest kin and they know your private business, and you know theirs. It means you are there watching over them with a shepherd’s interest. But you never lead by force; you always lead by simply moving toward the next thing God says He wants for His glory. It requires a mystical orientation and a heart-led focus of human consciousness. It means knowing via the heart when to get involved and when to back off.

It means you never forget that accomplishments aren’t that important. It’s not that the church never tries to do anything, but that the core issue is building and maintenance of the covenant communion in faith. Nothing else really matters, so every project or endeavor has to be anchored on that. And we should never forget that the context is always shifting, so that the mission is always to meet God where He is working and calls to you. Never take seriously your understanding of wider strategic issues, because you you only know what God allows you to see.

So the only accomplishments and victories that you can notice are those internal to each individual member of the family. The entire reason God calls us together into family groupings is because that’s the proper atmosphere for conquering our individual demons. The covenant community is the essential element, not the goal itself. At the same time, it’s the ability to commune effectively that becomes a primary goal of each individual. It’s a big, time consuming project that only rarely gives thought to efficiency, but aims at bringing the moral fruit to maturity.

Finally, you need to understand that this image is what drives Creation itself. Creation is a member of the family, an ally who works with us toward this task of building a home for the soul to grow. This is what Creation itself longs to see. Everything in Creation stands ready to support this task of personal redemption within covenant communities. You have to bring the natural world into your communion as a member of the family. That means everyone must learn to take seriously the idea that nature speaks, that reality is a person, too. Everything around you is just a tool for His glory, and so are you.

This is what it means to follow Christ.

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No Unified Curriculum

While stuck in the house with this cold, I’ve been passing the time by viewing a few fiction videos I normally wouldn’t have time to mess with. Most of what I chose touched on themes of ancient civilizations. Once more I’m struck by how everyone avoids most of the Ancient Near East (ANE). Even when they cover it, they intentionally twist the image of what things were like. But they do the same with things that should be more familiar.

They refuse to understand that, for example, the Spartans were harsh and brutally oppressive. The warriors would go into battle covered from head to toe in heavy leather armor, typically covered in bits of metal. None of that showing off one’s muscles. They were also deeply immoral, sickening to our modern sensibilities. It was worse than the typical Ancient Greek bisexuality; it was deeply perverse and based on torture quite often. There’s nothing good in Sparta that we should emulate. They were crushed by the wrath of God; the Persians were friendly to Israelis returning from the Exile. The Persians were the good guys.

Most of the later Greeks were perverse beyond words, children of Hell. But it was their mission to seduce the remnants of Israel with Hellenism. Now the Greeks have nothing but ruins, and a ruined economy to match it.

The other thing I noticed is this recurring theme of saving the world and giving humanity freedom, peace and prosperity. It always had to do with erasing anything resembling divine revelation and replacing it with human aspirations to knowledge and reason. It was always some brand of hubris and precious little humility. It’s always another episode of the Tower of Babel.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch what passes for “Christian” fiction. Most of it was American feminist lite. Not a single thought was given to how much difference the gospel should make in the art form itself. They still emulate the standard crap methods of Hollywood. You can’t film a gospel story when everything is built in a rejection of divine truth. Hollywood and its products are doomed; we are likely to see it all destroyed in our lifetimes.

I’m not telling you to avoid that stuff. You’ll have to deal with such things on your own terms. By the same token, I also won’t list what I watched; don’t ask. If you feel led to investigate, go where you feel led. There is no single unified curriculum that fits everyone. There are common experiences, but you always have to make room in your heart for dealing with the unique results of lives that God redeems.

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