Disappointment in the Park

I went back to the northern part of the Barnes Park trail system today, which takes me through Tom Poore Park and Pecan Grove Park up near NE 10th. Poore Park is where I spotted the beaver signs last week. This week I took a closer look and surveyed more thoroughly after reviewing some data. I lost all my notes from college days, but it all came back pretty quickly.

After a week, hardly anything significant had changed. Most of what I saw appeared to be nothing more than just random eating off the bark. Keep in mind the Oklahoma beavers eat bark, buds, and grass roots (mostly Johnson Grass). So while another small tree had been gnawed off and dropped into the water, nothing else had been done with it. The one I shot last week with my cellphone hadn’t changed any further, except that the trunk fell over onto the ground.

This image shows a trunk that had been scraped in at least one previous year (darker section), now scraped a little more. There seems no intent to actually fell the tree, but a rather random scraping deep enough that it no longer tastes like food. I saw quite a bit of this over a stretch of a quarter-mile (400m) along Soldier Creek, and always the same species of tree.

Here is one from a previous year that is currently untouched, likely because the tree is dead now. Again, I saw quite a bit of this along the activity zone. I conclude this is likely a single beaver living alone and not bothering with a lodge. The activity seems almost random and nothing much is accomplished. It’s possible it doesn’t even stay here year round, but wanders up and down the creek. However, there are no signs of activity beyond this little section within the parks. This kind of random activity makes for a very poor study, so that’s the end of that, unless something changes enough to get my attention.

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Photography: Arcadia 2

Today’s second visit to Arcadia includes a few shots of Lake Arcadia. The lake has a couple of free entrances off Route 66, where it receives state and federal subsidies. If you go around to the western entrance, the City of Edmond charges a hefty fee for access. I stopped at the the visitor’s center and simply followed the sidewalk out to the shore. There’s a high promontory with a pavilion of sorts, from which this first image was taken.

Then I trudged down one of the many trails to the waterline. Strong winds from the west meant there wasn’t that much water movement against the shore. I stood on a rocky ledge and shot back west. Then I walked back around the cove and out onto the point that I had just shot. From there I homed in on a rocky outcropping just offshore farther west from where I stood. I would love to come back and hike around out here, but I had more driving to do this trip.

This is a famous landmark. The giant sculpture of the pop bottle is the trademark of Pop’s, where there are dozens of niche brands of soda pop. None of them have any high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, just plain old cane sugar. That includes the fountain drinks. The other claim to fame is bison on the menu.

All along the old Route 66 you can find places where the highway was moved to a newer and presumably better track across the countryside. Here we have a section of the original roadbed, now a residential side-street off the highway. However, the actual original pavement has been covered with asphalt. This next shot is the original concrete surfacing. My understanding is that this what it looked like all the way across Oklahoma.

The entire Deep Fork Valley is rimmed in dramatic hills cut through by deep tributaries. Just east of Arcadia is this view where Choctaw Road heads north away from Old Highway 66. Out here, the legendary Route 66 is almost a fetish. Lots of signs commemorate it, such as on this barn. Also, anything that stood in those old days is likely preserved as a landmark of some kind. This little stone building was once some kind of store, maybe even a gas station from the old days. I had trouble getting a good angle because of impediments on the roadside and high-speed traffic.

The Deep Fork River itself has some dramatic features now and then. This view upriver from Choctaw Road sports banks carved from red sandstone. There were lots of little trails from both sides and ends of the bridge, and I spotted the remains of abandoned fishing gear down there. The downstream view is more placid, but you can still see how it got its name. It’s a deep cut into the surrounding terrain.

I decided to save Luther for another day trip. I recall it being a bit less picturesque, but I think the surrounding terrain has some visual delights.

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Programmable Humanity

There’s a wide body of literature and videos about MKULTRA and similar efforts to program people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. In regards to the CIA’s studies, it typically revolves around programming people to engage in sex as a means to entrap important targets, and it includes programming people to assassinate. The primary means of programming alternate personalities is using trauma to generate disassociation internally. Thus, anything you might have read suggesting MKULTRA is mostly about LSD and other drugs is really missing the point.

The problem you run into is that a lot of what’s out there includes people still under programmed control. They are either placed as programmed assets to muddy the water, or simply haven’t yet fully escaped the effects of the programming. It’s also filled with charlatans who just want to make a buck and become famous. Another factor is that we are dealing with people who have been damaged and deranged by their experiences and may not be able to reconnect with the common human experience well enough to give us an honest accounting. On top of this, there are any number of people who experience trauma without any programming, with similar net results.

The other serious problem is the mythology of our society that believes multiple personalities is such a horrible thing. Granted, it’s totally wrong to push people through constructed trauma in order to generate internal disassociations. On the other hand, none of us could do some of things God has asked us to do without assuming a somewhat different persona. There are times in my own life when God requires me to become a different person. There’s no denying Satan has taken advantage of that and made a mess of things at times, but I couldn’t possibly execute my highly varied duties as an elder without access to somewhat insulated personas different from, say, the fellow who plays indulgently with the little girls across the breezeway.

This is the nature of roles, a critical element in our teaching here at Radix Fidem. The Bible is impossible to comprehend at times unless you understand the nature of shifting roles within an individual person. God has dozens of titles (“names”) for different aspects of His moral character. He warns us that if we don’t choose to associate with the will of a loving father, we may find ourselves dealing with an angry master. Scripture treats this kind of imagery as the best way to discern moral truth. We are all designed to carry multiple types of burdens by assuming different roles within varying contexts. The heart is capable of discerning continuity between those personas when the intellect cannot.

Thus, while we understand someone who is able to assume theatrical characters, you have to also understand that a lot controversial figures in entertainment display symptoms of programming. It shows up during interviews and the like, particularly when the focus of attention is off the victim. You’ll see them drop into a trance-like state, sometimes for long moments while someone else is hogging the attention. True, some of these people are just wacko, and it’s hard to know which you are seeing at any given time. But there is a body of literature you can find that is fairly accurate from within the context of Western assumptions.

This page is a typical Western approach. Take it with a grain of salt, not so much in the details, but in the underlying assumptions about what is and isn’t healthy. Also, keep in mind that almost any “personality inventory” tends to reinforce the idea that you are supposed to be some kind of monolith, that you aren’t supposed to have competing values in various situations. Everything has to be placed in context, and most personality inventories are based on the false assumption of objectivity without context.

You need to keep in mind what I’ve said about reality being fungible — one man’s reality is as valid as another’s, even when they differ considerably. The key is not that you find some mythical objective reality, but that you discover where you belong. What is your reality like when you decide reality is a person and make friends with it? This is part of the heart-led way, healing a lot woes. We dare not let the mainstream Western society establish standards for us. The healthy ideal is not finding one true personality; that doesn’t really solve anything. The biblical ideal is getting to know God and His Creation, and taking the focus off yourself in the first place.

From that basis, you can find your place in Creation and begin to make sense of the multiple roles that we are designed to assume. The horror of disintegrated personalities is the result of abusing a natural feature of our moral nature. It’s the root cause of neuroses and psychoses of all kinds.

As a final note, the literature lists several common agencies associated with the use of, if not actually generating, these traumatized programmed people. I can assure you from personal experience there’s a lot of it in the military, though much of it is very poorly handled. That is, military training includes a lot of the same techniques used in programming, but none of the conscious intent from those who run the training experiences. It’s a big, wacko mess of poorly programmed people seeking to program others, but the programming techniques are required by law and practice.

You’ll find similar programming in several other government agencies, not just the CIA, but any agency involved in handling secrets or just mundane physical security. You’ll find it associated with some parts of the LDS; it’s the whole basis for Scientology. The scary part is how often it shows up in Charismatic and other evangelical groups, along with segments of liturgical churches, like the Roman Catholic Church (ritualizing is a very big part of programming).

In other words, it’s so pervasive that we need to think in terms of assuming most people have suffered some of this to some degree. That realization is how we position ourselves to begin a wider redemptive work. It’s not just a matter of taking on a case load of individuals, but offering a taste of sanity to everyone at all times. You may never really know at the moment how much good you are doing, because the surface response from people is likely to be deceiving. The whole world is crazy like that.

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Christian Fake News

Using your favorite Internet search engine, look up the term “Christian news.” You’ll probably get a list of rather popular sites purporting to offer news stories of particular interest to Christian believers. Let me restate that: Mostly it’s news filtered for the interests American evangelical Christians. It’s generally right-wing and Zionist, and tends to praise certain partisan thugs in government.

One of the first things to catch my eye was the number of sexual scandals involving big name preachers. You have to give them credit for trying to show what it’s like to survive as victim of such things, too. There are any number of females telling about the difficulties of incest with their fathers, which fathers ran famous ministries. But most of it is more like some publisher refusing to offer any longer books by some scandalous author who has fallen from grace, and similar loss of sales from Christian musicians caught up in public sin.

But I suppose I find most annoying the trendy sales pitches disguised as news articles. I lost count of articles that didn’t take long to get around to, “In my new book…” And most of them engage in “smart marketing” using the most egregious high pressure tactics to get you to subscribe to their new alerts, which news alerts are just those sort of disguised sales pitches.

Another thing is this trend of reporting news about persecuted Christians around the world. That sounds like a good idea, but the problem is how they go about it. It’s always tearjerker styled writing, and I’ve caught them more than once hiding relevant facts of the story that make it seem less religious persecution and more like shutting down a public nuisance. But they always pair it with multiple donation requests by various agencies claiming to help these poor souls in heathen lands.

By the way, if you don’t happen to have at least a middle-class professional income, you’ll find yourself culturally out of place on most of those sites. They’ll talk about all kinds of “spiritual battles” you’d never face. Nobody wants to report news stories relevant to lower income believers. I can’t forget what one poor country preacher told me: “If someone comes to your door dressed better than you or driving a nicer car, they should be offering you money, not trying to coax a contribution out of you with some obscene guilt trip.”

Aside from the fact some of it might be entertaining to read only because you can see through the hype, it’s probably a waste of time reading Christian news, as if you hoped to get something more uplifting than secular news reporting. It’s the same crap with a different paint job.

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The Age of the Heart

This is a burden on my heart. The heart-led way has returned with a vengeance. It was never really gone, but it was pushed into the background, marginalized due to prevailing myths about what the heart does and about the imaginary supremacy of the intellect. But at some point, some very high intellects rediscovered the truth through the backdoor of physiology and medicine. From there it blossomed, and then it merged with more ancient truths kept alive in marginal societies. And along with some very fortunate wise people, a few of us have stumbled across this glorious divine truth. We have been invited to come inside and join the heart-led family of Creation.

So here we are; among other things, this is the birth of a new age of the heart. It is its own kind of thing, so I wouldn’t look for any movements or viral notions sweeping the Internet. That’s not how it will spread. If it could spread that way, it wouldn’t be heart-led. Instead, it would be more of the same vapid stuff people are already doing. It would be more death.

This is Life, the truth of God resurrected in our souls. It’s life with a purpose you cannot grasp with any other human faculty. But it’s not that hard. The only way you can hope to get usefully involved is to treat this thing like a living person, someone who isn’t visible in the typical sense, but someone whose presence is surely sensed by some. It decides for itself whom it will befriend in any given context; others will wait for another time. But the key is folks like you and I walking around with our invisible friend and operating on that heart-led level of existence.

Only your heart can understand this prophecy; only your heart can recognize the truth of it. Your heart can sense the truth of this thing in a place outside of time and space. You can seize this thing and walk in the truth of it by faith alone. It’s here already. The Age of the Heart has begun afresh.

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Trust Your Heart Alone

You cannot simply turn your mind off. The heart-led way puts the heart back on its proper throne, making the intellect a mighty servant. Without your mind, you cannot organize and implement obedience to what the convictions of the heart demand.

But you cannot trust your mind. This is why we teach that you should make a conscious effort to move your awareness into your heart and watch over the mind. I’m sure there are no words for exactly what’s going on with that, but using such words a parable serves to indicate something upon which we can act. Your mind is not you; it’s just a part of the bigger whole. Do you understand that your intellect will die with your fleshly body, and that our new bodies in Eternity will have a different kind of mind altogether?

Invest you sense of self in your heart, because that is your eternal nature.

Do you understand that this is technically illegal in the US? You’d have to read a selection of court rulings, but all the way up to the Supreme Court, American judges have said you are responsible before the law of the land to act on your intellect and not trust in divine revelation for decisions regarding matters over which government says it has authority. No, really; those rulings say that. You are obliged before the law to live as a rational being.

So I’m actually promoting something illegal here. It’s the same thing Jesus did in His country. He spoke out against the laws of the land as established by human reason, and insisted that we must obey revelation from the heart of conviction. It was illegal for Him to teach that; it got Him killed. It got a lot of His followers killed later on.

Granted, US law currently lacks a system for coming after us, at least for now. Instead, the illegality of what we do comes out in court during prosecution. And here at Radix Fidem, we would never teach you to stand up in court and use your religion as a legal defense. We teach that it’s pointless, since the entire system of US government, starting from the day the Constitution was signed, flagrantly denies the truth of God’s Word, even as it pretends to cite Scripture. “In God we trust!” Not.

Indeed, if the US government trusted God, it would obey the Law of Noah. The US government doesn’t even want know about the Law of Noah. The US government trusts people who have been highly conditioned with lies to love and die for the system. I do love the people and I’m willing to die for my fellow Americans, but I’m not willing to die for government lies on those terms. And it’s not the same thing, but if I have to explain why, you’ll never understand. The government hasn’t been the people since that Constitution was signed; it’s two entirely separate people.

But that doesn’t justify hateful actions against government or its agents. It means we aren’t deceived about what’s going on around us. For the most part, we play along because Jesus never called anyone to fight the government. That’s part of what He told Pilate. Jesus pointed back to a long line of mystical tradition where we simply don’t get involved as if human government actually mattered; it doesn’t. We get involved as infiltrators who serve a far higher government on a different level of existence. We are here on loan from God; He decides under which human government we’ll serve His glory. It’s just background noise and we don’t take it seriously. We play along because that’s how do our mission work.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking there are other agencies and people you can trust. You can’t even trust yourself, so never get lost in false trust. Sometimes you’ll use what’s at hand because that’s what God wants. But if there is any person or agency big enough to do anything useful, you can be sure their motives are tainted.

For example, were you aware that Glenn Greenwald has never really published very much of the stuff Snowden passed to him? No, Greenwald was using it as leverage to elevate his own reputation. His boss at the time he began publishing under The Intercept was Pierre Omidyar, a former CIA spook. There is zero reason to imagine Omidyar is no longer working with the CIA, so you can bet he had some hand in preventing Greenwald dumping everything he had. Most of it never saw the light of day.

Instead, several other leakers jumped in and made sure stuff got out. At last count I noted there were four, maybe five, leakers beside Snowden, all apparently unknown. One or two are still active. And no, I wouldn’t trust Assange and Wikileaks, because they’ve been caught holding stuff back, as well. Assange is all about himself and his chosen path of glory.

And so on; you get the picture. Again, don’t trust humans and their agencies. Play along if it seems right under your convictions at the time, but know that they all suffer some personal interest. And while we are at it, the US government is currently one of the biggest and worst liars of all time. It’s rare then it bothers to tell the truth about anything. If some government official says the sky is blue, you need to go out and see for yourself. This is the mark of a dying beast.

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 12:1-14

We have noted often how the Pharisees had added quite a few restrictions to the Law that were not required by Moses. They had done so as part of their shift to Hellenized rationalism, which turned their Hebrew mysticism into legalism. It meant a usurpation of the heart-led way, firmly planting the intellect on the throne of the soul. Jesus accused them of laying heavy burdens on the common people while exempting themselves through all kinds of secretive loopholes. They no longer understood God, nor His divine moral character, and so they had no real clue about the meaning of Moses’ Law.

The Law of Moses insisted that the people of Israel treat their fellow Israelis as family, and God was their ultimate head of household. While it’s never okay to rob your brother of his livelihood, it’s certainly okay to expect a certain amount of sharing essential life support. So the Law of Moses said if your brother Israelite was walking through your field of ripening grain, he couldn’t do any damage, but he could eat as much as he could process with his bare hands as long as he stopped when he left the field. This was permitted on the Sabbath, because it was a simple matter of getting and preparing the food at hand. In this case it meant plucking a head of grain, rolling it between your palms to break the husks, blowing on the chaff to remove it from your hands, then eating the exposed grains from the stem.

But the Pharisees and their oral traditions had built up an unnecessary hedge to “protect” the Law from transgression. They treated the Law as a fragile princess whose honor must never be sullied. They called these actions reaping, threshing and winnowing, unlawful labor on the Sabbath. It was missing the point entirely, as Jesus showed them. With their carefully constructed, intricate restrictions on human behavior, they couldn’t account for several famous events in the Scripture.

When David was on the run with his handful of closest bodyguards and lieutenants, he stopped by the Tabernacle and asked the attending priest if they could have the old showbread (1 Samuel 21:1-8). It was perfectly legal for them to eat that, since the fresh bread had just been put in place that morning. In other words, it was a simple matter of the priest sharing his portion of the leftovers, something that was probably barely palatable at this point. He was unlikely to miss it much. His restrictions were reasonable.

And don’t the priests have to perform hard labor in the Temple on the Sabbath? Nobody complains about that. If what His disciples did was profaning the Sabbath, so was what the revered King David did, and so did the priests up to that day.

But that wasn’t what made them angry. It was when Jesus affirmed that His authority was higher than the Temple, about which they had become institutionally OCD in protecting its precious honor. (Did they forget it was built by the most paganized and immoral king in the nation’s history?) Then Jesus quoted Hosea 6:6, “For I desired mercy and not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.” The Pharisees didn’t know Jehovah, didn’t have a clue to His ways. The rituals always took second place to knowing God because they were meant as nothing more than symbolic indicators of how God viewed things in certain specific contexts. If you don’t know God, you can hardly extrapolate from one instance how He’ll act in another. The Sabbath was a blessing, not meant as a burden.

The Jesus poked them again, saying He was the Messiah and was Lord over the Sabbath observances. It was for Him to judge what was and was not lawful before God. We can only guess at their shock because they failed to seize Him immediately for saying such a thing. Instead, He kept on walking with His disciples and went into their synagogue. The Pharisees plotted to catch Him in front of more witnesses. So pretending to take His rabbinical status seriously, they asked him a question about the finer points of the Sabbath Law. Is healing on the Sabbath unlawful labor? By this time, the bogus oral traditions had ruled against it. Here was Jesus the Miracle Worker in a chance encounter with a man who had suffered his whole life from a crippled hand.

Take a moment to consider: Why were there so many diseases like this among the people of God? Where was the shalom? It was hindered by the leadership of the nation. They had gotten so far off track as to deprive the common people of the benefits and blessings of the Law. They were hateful and abusive to common peasants. The promise of shalom included guarding against most diseases. So it wasn’t this man or his family who had sinned, but in effect, the Pharisees who had sinned and made this man miserable, and now they were going to deprive him of his one chance at healing.

Jesus slapped them hard. “So, you have no trouble rescuing your domestic herds from trouble on the Sabbath, but you want to keep this Son of Israel in his misery because of your silly and unlawful legalistic reasoning? Is your brother Israelite not more important than a mere animal?” His comment implies that the only reason they could offer for their position is that their herd was their money, but healing this poor wretch wasn’t going to help their bottom line. So Jesus healed the man right there.

And all they could think about was how personally insulted they felt, shamed about the real issue of holiness in this man’s life. Instead of rejoicing that a brother Israelite was freed from his bondage, they began plotting how they could have Jesus arrested.

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