Disentangle from This World

The only thing you can trust are the convictions in your heart.

We should never be surprised when fools act foolish. You should have no reason at all to expect them to ever do anything else. It should never shock you just how awful they can be. All the more so when you realize that your shock and dismay is one of their primary weapons. Your greatest defense in the face of their attack is aplomb.

The fallen realm is a lie. It is the curse of blindness that comes from trusting reason and senses. These people live in a false reality, a world of their own making. They make up a wild story about how their viewpoint is hard-edged reality. They want to debate only so they can steal away your sense of mission and calling from God. They want to drag you back into the prison of lies, the dominion of Satan.

Do you understand that I am talking about most of the world around you? The majority of the US is blind to the truth and on their way to Hell. Debate is not an evangelistic technique, except perhaps for them. When you agree to debate, you have already surrendered the ground of faith.

We are going to face a constant barrage of accusations about being nuts, living in our own little world. What they do not understand is that your “own little world” is more valid than their mythological “objective reality.” Don’t fall for the propaganda. Don’t meet them on their own turf. Do invade their world with your truth, with the shalom of God’s revelation. But realize that they are seeing something in their world that you reject. Their brains are wired for delusion.

The only Truth in this life is your mission and calling from God. That is the foundation of all your assumptions about what you experience. It is just you and the Lord together living His truth. We touch a tree and know it lives; we can feel the tingle of the Creator’s love in that contact. We can hear the song of praise in the leaves. The grass and flowers at your feet sing their own unique songs of joy, celebrating that your heart is alive and recognizes their personhood. The fools around us cannot perceive any of this.

Granted, some few of you are called by God and endowed with the mental weapons to engage them with their own logic. I assure you, it’s not a privilege. It’s a nasty job wallowing in that crap. When that’s the case, you use their logic against them to eviscerate their positions. You aren’t showing that faith is reasonable, but that it doesn’t have to meet their tests of reason. Your mission is to explain in terms they might be able to understand.

But most of you have no reason to mess with it. Say nothing unless you have a talent from God for expressing things. Mostly it’s a matter of simply living your faith and dismissing their concerns. “Sorry, but I don’t live by your rules. I don’t care how you feel about it.” You aren’t required to listen when they insist that our Savior is a delusion; they are the ones who cannot see. Just smile and shake it off. The same goes if they hold to a different brand of cerebral religion.

At the same time, you will insist on caring about what really matters for their welfare as the Bible defines it. You’ll pray for them and bless them according to your own mission and calling. You’ll do what’s right merely because it’s right. Faith and obedience to Christ is its own reward.

We are Christian Mystics and no defense of truth is necessary.

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Just a Silly Story 01

Story time, folks! Hey, it might even be partly true, for all I know. I’m retelling the story I got from someone else. It’s almost like a dime-store spy comic book.

Remember Edward Snowden? He worked for the CIA first. He was a globalist. Then he eventually quit and and went to work for a contractor, which in turn sent him to the NSA. Except, he was still a globalist and still working for the CIA undercover. Keep in mind that the NSA is generally friendly with the military and imperialists, and more or less unfriendly with the CIA and globalists.

Now, the NSA is a specialist agency commissioned to snoop on communications. Snowden’s leaks revealed what kind of snooping they could do. While many rejoiced at the leaks, the real intent was to make sure his fellow globalists in government knew how to avoid the eavesdropping of the NSA.

So enter Google, which was born from CIA money. Apparently the executives at Google are still very loyal globalists. They placed some of their servers in North Korea, and then shielded them with their own highest internal security clearances. Next, they invited their globalist allies in government (Obama Administration officials) to grab some accounts on that server. They were shared accounts. The idea was to let one user type up a message and leave it in the “Drafts” folder. Then another user could log in and read the message, respond, delete, etc. As long as nothing ever got sent, the NSA weren’t supposed to be able to snoop on it.

Some of the messages had to do with globalist officials colluding to keep track of things like ICE raids that were scheduled in advance. Also the movements of the Border Patrol. That way they could then make sure their minions in the child trafficking business could know when and where to cross our southern border to bring in fresh meat for the filthy appetites of the globalist community.

But that was just a sample. All their nefarious plotting was carried out on this Google mail server in North Korea, including assassinations. Do you suppose that might have something to do with their desperate desire to go to war with North Korea, once our current president took office? If POTUS becomes friends with North Korea, he might get easier access to that server.

Oops; it looks like he did. Do you reckon he might be collecting this evidence so he can put some of his opponents in jail? Tune in next time; we’ll see if any of this connects with the facts. I can’t predict when the next episode will appear, but I can assure you this is not the end.

Color me skeptical, but it was just too entertaining to keep from you.


Just got word late last night that WordPress shut down the blog of a right-wing commentator for “violating terms of service.” This is the first I’ve heard of WordPress doing something like that. I hope it doesn’t signal the start of a trend on this platform, as plenty of big tech outfits are globalist allies. The current campaign to silence anyone who opposes the globalist agenda could affect us on this blog, even though we belong to neither side in this conflict.

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Ubuntu 18.04 Hibernate and Suspend Fix

This tutorial assumes a limited familiarity with using Linux already. Most of this will be performed in a terminal emulator window. I recommend you maximize the window size and open two tabs or terminal windows for this. With one we will query the system, and the other we will use to edit files.

The portions of text in code blocks below are what you type or paste into either the commandline queries or the editor. The simplest way to handle this is using mouse-paste feature on Linux. Highlight the text you need by dragging your mouse across it; this puts it into the mouse buffer. At the appropriate place, point your mouse and click the middle mouse button to paste it into the terminal window (or anywhere else you need to use it).

If you don’t understand the use of ‘sudo’ in Ubuntu Linux, you’ll need to look that up. However, the instructions here should be simple enough that even a complete newbie can get it done.

Part 1

When you issue the command to hibernate, the system takes a snapshot of what’s in your active system RAM and packs into a file. This file is saved to your system swap. When you reboot, the system then checks for this hibernation snapshot, which it reloads if it finds one. We have to tell the system very specifically where to look for it.

1. Determine if your swap is a separate partition or a file in your primary partition.

grep swap /etc/fstab

You’ll most likely see one of two things displayed in response (a or b below).

a. If you see something about “/swapfile” then it’s a swap file on your primary partition. Get the UUID code from your primary partition.

grep UUID /etc/fstab

You’ll see something like this in one of the lines displayed:

UUID=0b3e8d9b-a63e-4bdd-8f47-8a9a764fe7ed /

Be sure to use whatever long code shows up on your system, not this one. That “/” at the end tells you this is your “root” or primary partition.

b. If the initial grep command above returns a line with a long UUID code, then you have a swap partition. Use the UUID code for your swap partition.

2. Modify your grub configuration file to include the UUID code so the system knows where to find your hibernate snapshot. We are going to use the Nano editor:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

When the editor opens, look for a line like this:


We are going to append the UUID code to end of this line, but between the quotation marks. First, add a space before that last quotation mark. Then insert your UUID with the format you see here so that it’s all between the quotation marks (use your own UUID):


The line should resemble this (all on one line):

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash resume=UUID=09e601cd-5bac-491a-9115-fda1b2eb4664"

This tells the system where to check for the presence of a hibernation snapshot file.

3. If your swap is a partition (1b above), then you are done. Save the file using the commands at the bottom of the editor window (CTRL+O and CTRL+X).

If your swap is a file (1a above), then you need to determine an additional “resume_offset” parameter and add it to that to that same line in your grub config.

sudo filefrag -v /swapfile

You should get something that looks like this:

ext:     logical_offset:        physical_offset: length:   expected: flags:
   0:        0..   32767:      34816..     67583:  32768:            
   1:    32768..   63487:      67584..     98303:  30720:            
   2:    63488..   96255:     100352..    133119:  32768:      98304:
   3:    96256..  126975:     133120..    163839:  30720:   

You want the first number, in the first line that’s under the ‘physical_offset’ heading (in this case ‘34816’). Append this to your grub config on the same line where you added the UUID:


The line should resemble this (all on one line):

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash resume=UUID=09e601cd-5bac-491a-9115-fda1b2eb4664 resume_offset=34816"

Save the file using the commands at the bottom of the editor window (CTRL+O and CTRL+X).

Run sudo update-grub and reboot; after that hibernate should work correctly.

sudo update-grub
sudo reboot


Part 2

We need to modify the system configuration so that hibernate is offered as an option in your power settings and in the shutdown menu. The next command is all on one line:

sudo nano /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/com.ubuntu.enable-hibernate.pkla

Paste the following lines as they are into the editor window:

[Re-enable hibernate by default in upower]

[Re-enable hibernate by default in logind]

Save as before and reboot the computer. Now you should see the option in your power settings to use hibernate as a valid option for things like pressing your system power button.


Part 3

How to disable screenlock: If you find it annoying to have to log back into your system after suspend or hibernate, and you perceive there is no significant security risk of other people messing with your computer, take the following steps.

1. Check settings:

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen

2. If it comes back “false” change to “true”.

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen 'true'

3. Check again to be sure:

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen

Restore by reversing #2 above to ‘false’. This should work immediately without having to logout or reboot.


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One Ambition

What’s my ostensible objective on this blog? My specialty is human religion. I’m striving to change the way people do Christian religion, in particular.

This business of “heart-led” is just another term for genuine faith. I contend that you can’t really call it “faith” unless it grows from a heart of conviction. And conviction does nothing unless you invest your conscious focus on your convictions. So we talk about moving the focus of your sense of self from your head into your heart. And then we have to clarify the terminology, because most of our audience is likely to invest false ideas in our choice of words.

But the whole thing calls for a shift in human awareness itself. We contend that faith is not merely another human endeavor, but that it must rule all things. Thus, whatever else you do under the sun must be rooted in your faith, your moral convictions about what really matters in the first place.

By no means did I set out to break from mainstream Christian religion. I struggled to stay involved and suggest changes from within the system. There was no hidden plan to sneak things in; I shared my perceptions openly during the whole process. It took quite a while for me to follow where my faith was leading me, but at some point, religious leaders pushed me out the door. My suggestions were too radical. I can’t say it was true for all of them, but I know for certain that some of them were frankly threatened by my suggestions. Not in the sense of violence, but in the high probability it would shatter their power and wealth.

Naturally, they accused me of trying to build my own power and wealth to displace theirs. Nothing can be gained by arguing about stuff like that. They were totally lost in their own world and refused to see mine. There could be no New Reformation.

There is a broad trend right now of people feeling disenfranchised in their own domains of interest and endeavor, so it’s easy to relegate me to their agitation for change in the system. In the minds of most people who even notice my work, I’m just another part of that trend. Since there’s no way I can change how people see that, I’m simply playing it for what it’s worth. There is a lot of social, cultural and political turmoil. We might as well include religious turmoil, too.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could get more folks to pay attention to what we are doing here? Unfortunately, the folks who control the means of publicizing such things are opposed to our message, not least because putting faith first threatens their operations. On the other hand, we aren’t a very big threat, in that we don’t have a bunch of folks chanting “Radix Fidem” while ripping into their globalist operations. And we surely won’t get any positive attention from the alternative media sources, because we aren’t their allies, either. No, we’ll have to wait on God, as He is our chief publicist.

For now, that’s all in our favor. Publicity would get in our way at this point. It’s enough that He is drawing to us a base of folks who were actively looking for our message, even if they didn’t know quite what they were seeking. This doesn’t require any real strategy; just doing what we do, and talking about it, will provide a beacon bright enough to guide those who know they need light. We aren’t building a kingdom in the first place, but we do represent the one started two thousand years ago. It’s a kingdom not of this world.

That’s the whole point: We aren’t investing in this world in the first place. The time is already here when this world will be recognized as the horrible prison it really is, and folks will be looking for an escape. Then this religion will grow quite naturally. God’s wrath is a critical element in driving people into His bosom. Eden is not a place on this earth; it never was. Yet paradise is surely all the people who find genuine faith in Christ — we are Eden. We are the Garden of God, insofar as such a thing can be found in this world. We represent the Flaming Sword, the gateway of departure.

Feel free to read about Q-anon, to hang out on Vox Day’s or Neon Revolt’s blogs, and watch the celebration of our future “God Emperor” Trump. You can check out the “Great Awakening” sub-reddit and any number of online forums seeking to interpret the oddball communications from the enigmatic Q. Keep in mind that much of this is pure bullshaloney intended to cultivate the loyalty of a powerful nerd army. Don’t get trapped in that false religion, though, because that’s what it is — a modern form of emperor worship. Stuff will certainly happen simply because God is using Trump as His scourge. Don’t be shocked when it turns bloody, as it surely must.

Nothing of consequence will change in the human condition. All we can hope for is to participate in capturing merely the awareness of a few whom God has called to another world. Actually, that other world is the Creation that already stands right here with us, but a Creation from which fallen mankind is alienated. We seek to peel back the affects of the Curse of the Fall so that we can perceive and commune with His Creation as part of our communion with Him. So the only real hope is escaping the obsession with making something beautiful of our fallen condition, and getting out from under the doom of the Fall.

I’m utterly convinced that Radix Fidem is the route to the Flaming Sword. I want to help as many people as possible to find that path. It’s too sweet to keep to myself.

That’s my only ambition, if you can call it that.

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Bombs and Lies

1. Watch out for gatekeepers. It’s one thing to have a mission from God to protect the feudal domain He puts in your hands. It’s another thing to imagine that your mission from God is to play Covering Cherub. That was Satan’s first job and he started embezzling the Creator’s glory. Offering a similar delusion is one of his favorite ploys to seduce fools who suffer from the Boastful Pride of Life.

Notice how it’s just backwards from the mission Christ gave Peter. The Keys of the Kingdom were a matter of giving God access to His own domain and keeping others out. Peter’s job was to recognize when the Master had come to visit, first Samaritans, then Gentiles, and open the door for communion. Then some years later, Peter was seduced to withdraw from Gentile Christians, and was called on it. Satan wants to restrict people’s access to God.

Recognize when someone is playing gatekeeper between you and your Lord. It happens a lot in organized religion.

2. Not to be cryptic, but I’m trying to word this carefully; I could be misled on some details. We have come close to any number of major false flag events in the past few months. The globalists have been trying to leverage their access to various parts of the system, only to be blocked by others with even better access. We’ve had at least one missile launch, several more attempts at missile launches, military ordinance has been found in wrong places, etc.

Of course, the mainstream media is playing gatekeeper with the information on such events. Most of the world is so used to the globalists controlling the public dialog that even an honest declaration from government officials is simply not possible. The current story is significantly false, so the truth would seem preposterous. Most major man-made disasters that made the news in past decades are not what we’ve been told.

But the only messages getting out there to counter the big lies are more big lies, just a different flavor. With few exceptions, every time I dug into the alternative voices, I found they were pushing their own lies. You know that some portion is true in what the MSM and opposition are both saying, but there are also lies in with it. It’s hard to know what’s factual.

There are several of us within the parish who have sensed with our hearts that we are on the brink of such turmoil that our minds cannot imagine.

3. It’s not enough that people in power are doing crazy things, but I keep seeing it in the random events around me. The general level of human tension is rising; people are going nuts. It is part of God’s wrath that demons are released to drive people crazy. What used to be random wacko stuff is now sweeping whole groups.

It’s one thing to notice our economic and social stability are coming apart, but this is more than just that. It’s a fevered perception, something like hysteria and panic that is oozing through society. People are losing their grip.

On the one hand, this causes all kinds of problems. On the other hand, it opens the door to our ministry of faith. People seeing your heart-led sense of aplomb in the midst of chaos will know you have something they don’t. People don’t repent until they see the raw truth of their sin and feel the misery without any masking.

This is our time.

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 21:23-32

The final confrontation had begun. Jesus came to Jerusalem knowing He was about to be abused and executed. In the process, He must call attention to the moral failures of those who hated Him.

The Sanhedrin were well aware of Jesus, having commissioned quite a few delegations to investigate Him over the years of His ministry. They did the same thing with most rabbis not already under their collective thumb. All the more so in this period of time when messianic fervor was high. So they knew that Jesus was a cousin of John the Baptist, the alleged prophet who had been recently executed. Both of these men were viewed as partisans of a sort, aligned with a broad collection of anti-establishment preachers and activists. Part of the Sanhedrin’s mission was keeping these agitators under control to avoid provoking any conflict with the Roman government. The Jewish people were notorious for how easily they could be stoked into rebellion.

So here is Jesus saying things that made it sound very much like He is claiming to be the Messiah. To the Sanhedrin that meant not only a threat to their tenuous permit from the Roman officials who there in the city, but a serious threat to Sanhedrin wealth and power. Here He was, so close to the highest of holy days, wandering in and out of the city with His teaching and miracles that questioned their authority in very popular ways. This included an obvious prophetic act of clearing the Bazaars of the Sons of Annas out of the Court of Gentiles.

The next day, He returned and they demanded He declare what authority He had to act in this way. Not least was the matter of destroying the property of the sellers and currency changers, causing them significant financial loss, and inconveniencing the Diaspora Jews visiting from out of town, who couldn’t get their proper offerings for the rituals. In the process, Jesus made public fools of them yet again.

His answer to their query was unexpected. They knew He was clever, so they were anticipating something difficult, and He didn’t disappoint them. He responded to their question with a question of His own: What was the source of authority behind His cousin, John the Baptist? They huddled for a moment and realized there were trapped. Naturally, they dismissed any prophet, regardless how orthodox, who dared suggest they had attended his sermons only to be seen performing righteous rituals, a form of ticket-punching. John told them to come back when they were ready to manifest genuine fruit of repentance. Were they not the very measure of righteousness and God’s favor? How dare John suggest they were serpents!

But the crowd that had gathered to see Jesus today were convinced John was the real deal, a genuine prophet of Jehovah. If these elders and Temple officers were to denounce John, it would provoke a riot in this atmosphere. So they pretended to have no opinion because they couldn’t tell whence his authority. To this Jesus responded that they likely wouldn’t understand His authority, either, so there was no point in discussing it.

Then He launched into another of His famous parables. The symbols were obvious: a powerful figure representing God. His vineyard represented the Covenant Nation; the fruit was their mission of living by the Covenant and harvesting all the blessings of shalom. He ordered each of his two sons to work in that vineyard. The first said, “No.” He at least was honest about his intentions. However, he later came under conviction and went to do the work. The second son promised to get right on it, but never showed up at the vineyard. The officials could smell it coming.

Jesus asked of them which did the will of the father? Obviously it was the first one who repented, and they answered so, probably with some wariness. Rightly so, because Jesus lowered the boom on them. He declared that the “traitorous” tax collectors and shameful prostitutes would enter the Messiah’s Kingdom before any of the officers and elders standing there. It was well known that those who repented at the preaching of John the Baptist often then went on to support the ministry of Jesus. While their wealth was regarded as tainted by evil, those outcasts kept Jesus and His disciples well funded. The penitent son represented those outcasts, while the polite lying son represented themselves. Once more, Jesus made them a laughingstock, painting them as fakes.

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Dell XPS: Upgrading Ubuntu

My Dell XPS 13 came with Ubuntu 16.04. That’s still valid and supported for a few more years yet. However, depending on the kind of work you do on that system, it’s often necessary to upgrade the OS to the latest and greatest. It’s typical of Dell to wait until the first point-release on the Ubuntu LTS line before offering an upgrade. Thus, while Ubuntu 18.04 came out in April, only in the past month or so did Dell consider it ready for prime time.

Now, I keep a backup of all my important files on another system. The other system is a desktop that runs Debian with an SSH sever. I regularly sync between them using Filezilla’s SFTP feature over my home router. Always back-up your files before trying any kind of upgrade.

Here is the official instructions. I chose to run the upgrade install, the first option. This is tricky, at best. Since I can’t bear the anti-user Gnome interface, nor the Unity Desktop, I had added the Xubuntu desktop after receiving my laptop. The release upgrade script was just not up the task and I ended up with a broken system that wouldn’t boot to the desktop. I thought it was worth a try, though.

I then tested the latest Xubuntu installer, but it errored out and failed completely. So I went back to the Canonical route (pun intended) used the latest Ubuntu DVD ISO image. Since I own an external DVD drive, that was the simplest answer for me. The Dell BIOS can detect the drive and whether a bootable disk is in it. All I had to do was hit the F12 key during system boot and it gave me the option of choosing the external DVD with Ubuntu 18.04.1. And no, I didn’t have to turn off UEFI boot controls; it worked properly without tweaking.

This worked as expected and I chose the option to wipe the file system and make a full fresh installation. Once things were up and running, I once again added the Xubuntu desktop and got a usable system. I’m not quite sure how they arranged it, but right away the update utility notified me that there was a Dell firmware update. All you have to do is download that and it gets put in the right place. The software updater will act confused, because all you have to do is download; there’s no installation as such. When you reboot and system, that’s when it goes through the installation routine. The BIOS finds the installer and proceeds automatically. This is one of reasons why I favor Dell hardware: because Dell works directly with Canonical on making this stuff turn out right.

So far as I can tell, all the hardware is functioning properly without the hassle of chasing down special drivers. Everything seems to work as it should. It’s still fast as lightning and easily the best computer I’ve ever owned. Thank you, parish, for making this possible!

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