Heads-up: Blog Changes Coming

The Lord is at work in my life.

I’ve made the decision to move this blog to another service. For the past two years I’ve been paying WordPress to host this thing. Meanwhile, they’ve been shutting down blogs that I read, some of which have used the same paid support contract that I use. These past few years have seen a lot of that kind of thing as the globalists and collectivists are trying to shut down dissent against their effort to reestablish the Tower of Babel. And if they don’t get me first, it will surely be the right-wing Zionists. It’s not the money, but a matter of continued freedom to share the gospel message.

Between now and August, I will be working behind the scenes with Jay to shift to another server. That will likely mean losing some of the conveniences I’ve enjoyed, but then it means gaining some new ones. One of the big things is the high probability of losing all my subscribers. I’m not sure I can carry that over. If you are subscribed to this blog and want to keep hearing from it, you may have to subscribe again. The other thing you might notice is that the domain name (soulkiln.blog) may be out of sync for a few days. If you have this blog bookmarked, it might fail to connect properly until things are ironed out.

And if you really don’t care, that’s fine. You don’t owe me anything; follow your own conscience. So far as I know, this particular account won’t be closed, but the domain name will revert to what it was back when I used the free service (jehurst.wordpress.com) and I’ll leave up the announcement that we have moved to another server. Meanwhile, if things work as they should, the entire backlog of posts here should be mirrored on the other server. It’s for sure some of the appearance will change, but we aren’t far enough into the process to know precisely how it will change yet.

For those of you who have supported this ministry, we hope this makes things even better.

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How Divine Truth Works

God does not punish people; He punishes sin. People get hit with wrath because they are clinging to the sin He punishes. This is why it looks random to so many Westerners, because they simply cannot grasp the notion of what constitutes sin. They keep pushing their reason and logic into the equation, when the whole point of Scripture altogether is that reason is not up to the task. Revelation alone establishes what is good and evil.

So the crazy stuff going on around us in America today is symptomatic of God’s wrath. A critical element in wrath is giving people the rope to hang themselves. It looks like there is no God to restrain sin, but that’s the false assumptions of Western minds. Sin has built-in consequences, so if you demand the “right” to sin, it will destroy you one way or another. The madness of humans doing such awful things is part of the punishment.

That some of it will splash on His people is just a feature of this fallen existence. We are supposed to sense that from our hearts, not bristle at God’s “failure” to protect us the way we would like Him to do. Even with the Passover blood on the doorposts, there was still a lot of hassle involved in the Exodus. The hassle was what God decreed for moving His people closer to His divine will.

They could have had it easier, but they longed for things that were the consequences of sin. Not so much their own sin, but natural results of the fallen condition. This life is not where we belong, not where we should want to be. We endure it as the necessary passage between birth and Heaven. Stop expecting anything good in this life.

On the other hand, know that we can receive a lot of blessings from obeying revelation. But they aren’t direct rewards; they are samples of Eternity. If wrath falls on sin, and not people, then blessings fall on righteousness, not people. Clinging to simplistic and legalistic readings of Scripture will get you into trouble every time. God expects us to be sophisticated, just like the moral reasoning of the folks in the Ancient Near East. That is a long way from the self-congratulatory “sophistication” of Western thinking.

We are required to understand things from the heart, not from the intellect. This is convoluted and obscure to the intellect, but that’s how divine truth works. How do you suppose Jesus, the sinless Son of God, was saddled with the guilt of all of humanity’s sin? God’s wrath falls on sin, and it has to be punished. But someone else can pay that price, precisely because the accountability is not calculated in terms of Western logic of culpability.

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Google’s Latest Censorship Efforts

The “Health Ranger” has been known to exaggerate from time to time, but there is quite likely a basis in truth for his latest breathless warning about Google Chrome browser. I’ve been hearing just this kind of thing from technology insiders for some time, now.

I’ll recommend you uninstall Google Chrome as soon as possible. In its place, I can recommend Vivaldi browser if you really need the Chrome engine and how it works on the Net. The folks behind Vivaldi take some of the same code-base as Chrome but alter it to keep you from being abused the way Google does things.

Even better is if you could get used to Firefox, or perhaps Waterfox (a slightly better version of Firefox). The only problem with Waterfox is that it’s a little tricky to find the add-ons page, but if you can figure out how to look up the Firefox add-ons, it’s all the same stuff. Waterfox is just a freer version of Firefox.

Of course, the Health Ranger also mentions how Google Search has already been hiding information from everyone, so you should have already switched to something like DuckDuckGo.

If you run Linux, or you know how to chase it down, you could use the Chromium browser, since it lacks the extra crap Google puts into Chrome. However, Google will try to keep you from finding a safe source for Windows packages.

Yeah, it’s going to keep getting crazier.

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Teachings of Jesus — John 13:1-17

We need to understand some background here. Jesus and His disciples met for a Seder a day early. In that day and time, it was typical for professional groups and similar private clubs to meet like this, just men without their families. The regular Passover Meal took place about 24 hours later with families. Thus, for Jesus and His disciples to meet like this was frankly common. At the same time, it signified that they were not quite vested as a covenant household just yet. Were Jesus actually reigning as the Messiah, the same group might well celebrate the Seder together and with their families, as if they were one clan. This is how a royal staff acted.

So this was a professional group not yet announcing itself as a ruling court. The Twelve were starting to expect this Messiah stuff would happen just about any day now. They would have been horrified at the idea that this was the last Passover supper for Jesus in the flesh.

So they gathered in the Upper Room, which we know is somewhere near the eastern wall of Jerusalem, and also near one of the gates. Jesus’ ministry had several wealthy donors, and this household appears to have been quite wealthy, but not part of the old Jerusalem blue-bloods. For reasons unknown, the host didn’t provide a Gentile slave to wash their feet. Jews could wash their own feet, but it was forbidden have a Jewish servant or slave wash the feet of guests. Apparently the water and basin was provided, but for some reason the disciples gathered in the Upper Room with Jesus having neglected this standard ritual before the meal.

The context of the passage indicates the meal itself was finished, but not the final few rituals involving the table settings. Before carrying on with the ritual ending, Jesus rose from His place at the table and took off His street clothes. He then wrapped a towel around His waist and prepared to wash their feet. Keep in mind that this was a traditional Hebrew seating pattern, with the men around the table lounging on big fat cushions with their heads close to the table, and their feet out away from the it. All of them were skewed at an angle from the table, but parallel to each other so they could eat their right hands and lean on their left elbows.

Jesus came around with the basin of water, the towel around His waist, and at least one smaller vessel for dipping and pouring the water over their feet. He would then wipe off the wet feet with the towel around His waist. So nobody else had to move, just tolerate Him doing this, since they would have kicked off their sandals upon entering the room, at the least, if not upon entering the house.

Peter objected. There’s nothing going on here with secret symbolism. Jesus was performing a degrading act, reducing Himself to no more than an unconverted Gentile slave. Peter was embarrassed by this. Jesus said He understood how Peter felt, and that eventually this would make sense some day in the future. For now, Jesus had something He really needed to do here, because unknown to all but Judas and Jesus, time was short. This was His last meal before the Cross.

Peter still objected. Jesus warned him that it didn’t matter how he felt. If he didn’t go along with it, he would not be part of the Messianic Court. Looking for some way to preserve his grip on the situation, Peter asked that the other exposed parts of him would be washed. If we are going to do this, let’s do it right. Peter knew he needed cleansing.

Jesus kept it simple. Peter had taken a bath that day, so it wasn’t necessary to get his hands and face in the same water that washes twelve pairs of dirty feet. Then He said something that changed the nature of the act. He changed the symbolism of bathing into ritual washing, and pronounced them pure enough to serve Him, but not every one one of them. John, as the younger cousin of Jesus and likely His closest buddy, caught on to the reference and noted it.

Jesus finished the task, put His clothes back on, and reclined once more on His cushion at the table. Sure enough, He proceeded to turn this into a lesson for them. If He, as their Master, could set aside His privileges to do something that was a virtual necessity for them, surely they could learn to ditch their Jewish arrogance long enough to serve each other in various ways.

If they could just figure this out, everything else He was about to do would make more sense to them. The necessity of serving your fellow servants in the Kingdom, treating the unworthy as worthy in certain key areas of life, it would bring about the redemption of God. It would bless them with divine glory.

One final note: We happen to know from the other Gospels that they had been arguing with each other on the way to the meeting. By washing their feet, Jesus deflated all their hard feelings. He needed them to listen to what He was going to say next.

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Summertime on the OK River Trails

Today was not as hot as normal, so I could afford to leave a little later and get more overhead sunlight. It makes for better pictures. This is the lower dam showing a good water flow as viewed through the trees at my favorite view portal. The water birds looked kind of lost standing on the shore instead of flocking to their favorite sandbar in the middle of the river, now underwater.

This is Twin Creek near where it empties into the Oklahoma River (AKA North Canadian River). The water level remains high yet from all the rain, so the water courses tend to look nicer right now.

This has been christened the Wheeler District; it’s the new housing I’ve been seeing from the trail the past year. It’s touted as a more bicycle-friendly development, and stands on what was once the Downtown Airpark. This is all right next to that big Ferris wheel that was shipped in from Santa Monica Pier; the big ride has been running a lot this summer.

The Canada Geese had taken over my usual prayer chapel, so today I stopped down by the middle dam and stood in the shade of a big tree. The scent of fragrant pines mixed with flowers was quite nice.

While they’ve been running for a few months, I’ve not seen any of the new streetcars. Color me cynical; I tend to think this will die like all the other “cool” projects the city has tried. OKC is simply not a tourist destination, though that could change. Vandalism has not made things any easier for such efforts.

On the NE 4th Street bridge headed home I stopped to capture this shot of the North Canadian River still high enough to hide all the interesting features on the bottom. Right now the current is strong enough that you wouldn’t likely be able to swim against it, but you could still wade parts of it.

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It Doesn’t End until You Die

The mission of revelation in this fallen world doesn’t end with any of us. Our Father’s glory blazed long before us, and will continue long after us. But we are permitted the grand privilege of participating in His glory if we are willing to renounce this world and meet God on His own terms. We don’t leave this world for a while yet, but we cease belonging to it.

Among other things, the community of the Radix Fidem covenant is a prophetic community. We believe the Lord has communicated clearly enough of His intentions that we can proceed in concert with His plans. Further, we believe that He has revealed those intentions within the current context, so that we sometimes have fairly concrete guidance about what we experience daily. At least, that’s what I believe and teach. I am convinced that Western Civilization is coming apart before our eyes. It no longer stands on its traditions, but rests entirely on the mechanisms put in place by bad people with bad intentions, and their schemes are coming apart. God is going to have the final say in what He will tolerate in His Creation.

We don’t fear their plans, but we do sometimes have to work around them. That’s part of how our Father uses us for His glory. The UN has long been a big joke about what it can actually accomplish. Not a single UN resolution about Israel’s invasion of Palestine has changed a thing, for example. What matters is how the UN’s moves sometimes signal big things afoot among other organizations. The business of silencing dissent is as old as human speech, so there’s no need to panic. God’s Word has never been truly silenced, nor will it ever be silenced. Still, we do have to be aware of signals that evil people have yet new plans for squelching the gospel message. Do you doubt that this language of countering “hate-speech” is targeting the moral standards in the Bible?

Eventually, there’s really nothing you and I can do, but that was never our mission in the first place. The mission has always been seeing how God crushes the resistance of those determined to serve the Devil. For some of us, that means keeping an eye on the cat-n-mouse of technology and ways to avoid being silenced. After all, while the Radix Fidem community is a matter of heart-led communion, it still requires the Internet as a tool of communications between us. This whole thing was born on the Internet. For now, we must trust in the Lord to guide us through the minefield of government and corporate efforts to censor us. For myself and a few others, that means keeping an eye on the technology involved in keeping our community connected.

For myself, I sense that the time has come to make a few changes. Indeed, you may be aware that I recently switched back to running Linux on my systems at home. Awhile back I learned that some users of Win10 have experienced the “random” disappearance of controversial files (documents, images, videos, etc.) on their hard drives. I’ve always believed part of the Win10 working environment included that kind of intrusive technology to keep certain voices from being heard. I’m not referring to that often reported complaint of wiping of files during an upgrade, but targeted deletion of files on journalist’s computers, for instance. I won’t say it’s the hand of Microsoft at work, but I’m convinced that they made it possible for the likes of NSA and Mossad to do it.

I’m hardly that kind of target, yet. But I have little trust for governments and big corporations when it comes to protecting all those rights they keep talking about. I’m currently making other plans to keep as much of this ministry as possible in-house, as it were.

At any rate, what you and I have been used to in this world is already gone for the most part, and if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll be shocked at what’s coming at us. I’m asking you to be very cynical in the sense of Holy Cynicism, not being surprised at what evil humans can dream up for each other. I’m working just about every day at keeping an eye on threats in the technology sector. The mission of getting our message out will never be done.

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Draper Bikeway 18

I rode out to the north end of Draper Lake yesterday; it was a good workout hitting the steep hills and checking out the work on the bikeway. Today I rode around the lake to view the rest of the work. I note that the dewberries and blackberries are all gone, but the sand plums are still numerous and delicious.

This shows the unrepaired flood damage from the last couple of months when we had heavy rain. This is along the eastern shore of the lake where the crews had put down the first layer last winter and then came that long period when no work was done at all. Now the crews are out again and bringing the northern end around to meet this part. Except for a couple of difficult sections where nothing has been put down in the dirt, we should soon have at least one layer down for the entire loop. However, as seen in this picture here, some of it will have to be redone.

The smallest point has begun to reemerge from the high water mark we hit last month. It looks to me like the work crews are different guys from last year. The company trucks have a different logo. The workers are actually less friendly to me passing them out on their work sites along the bikeway, but I think they are working faster.

Here again is the image I shot last month showing the crews were finally back on the creek crossing below the dam. They weren’t just playing around down there.

Because this is the shot from today, showing that the basic dirt work for the crossing is finished. Granted, there is quite a bit more work left to get it connected with the dead-end of the finished work coming from the west shore side, but there’s really not that much left to do. There is still one open culvert that must be replaced with a closed one, and about 100 meters of bikeway to construct. This short stretch has seen virtually no work at all so far.

Still, I think they now have some crews that will actually do the job. It could conceivably be finished before my birthday in September, though I’m not holding my breath.

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