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Just Pretend

Nothing has happened to change my conviction the world will change dramatically before Christmas. We won’t recognize it. But let’s pretend for a moment my conspiracy theories about how it will change are all wrong. Let’s take away the one … Continue reading

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Lessons in Propaganda: My Dog Tank

There is a popular tale making the email rounds. Among the various titles, I received it as “To Whoever Gets My Dog”. This is merely pro-war jingoist propaganda (not to mention bad grammar — try “Whomever” as in “To Whom”). … Continue reading

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Willing Doormats

Somehow I doubt my personal experience is so very unique, if only because the salient parts were shared with large numbers of others. Every time I have worked within a government bureaucracy, there were several kinds of people I could … Continue reading

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OpenSUSE Wins One (Updated)

FreeBSD couldn’t cut it on my Pavilion after all. Once I got it all built from source and tried to run the X server, it refused to find a usable screen. Running the HAL/DBus service didn’t help at all. So … Continue reading

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Medical Break Dancing

Let’s break it on down. It has been said, “Everyone has a right to decent medical care.” No. You cannot posit a positive right. Rights, by definition, are granted by God. Our world is fallen, and God has commanded certain … Continue reading

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While We’re Waiting…

I understand the FDIC 2nd Quarterly Report for 2009 has been staged for release tomorrow. That in itself means nothing, since bureaucracy seldom operates optimally. However, given the situation, waiting until a Thursday may well be a low-level tactical move. … Continue reading

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Stumbling through the Mirror

There’s nothing like suddenly gaining insight into your own character, something hidden for many years. It has long been my contention God called me to serve Him. At the time, the obvious meaning was to aim at pastoral ministry. That … Continue reading

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