Poke `Em in the Eye

I won’t pretend I can stop the steamroller of oppression, but I look forward to poking the operator in the eye.

I suppose it’s just possible a few states, or perhaps a few scattered enclaves, could mount an effective resistance to the looming police state. They could refuse to cooperate, and probably make it stick. Within the boundaries they could defend, they would be free. Indeed, we should not discount the possibility a large portion of folks in North America could simply refuse to be part of that future Agenda 21. So we could see Washington DC cut loose and lots of folks just refusing to refer to the denizens as their government.

But I doubt it. It’s just possible the Heartland and Mountain States will show a lot of resistance, but I’m betting they aren’t keeping full track of what’s going on inside Iron Mountain. In my mind, I’m preparing myself for the worst. That’s not some sort of capitulation, but I’m just not worried about it. Only if my mission from God is hindered would I consider taking some action. That is, hindered in such a way I feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to act in some way. God is calling the shots, literally as well as figuratively. My mission is not armed opposition to what’s around the corner.

However, my mission will surely include some entertaining efforts to evade some controls. For example, I’m seriously praying for a future home on wheels. I’d really love to live in a motor home, or a decent trailer with a tow vehicle. Efforts by census takers have morphed into a full inventory of all the details of your existence which bureaucrats consider pertinent to their job of controlling you. It’s awfully intrusive, and lays the foundation for oppressive controls. Oh, you work in the school cafeteria? Welcome to your new job as prison cook, or Army field cook. Once they have control of all that data, don’t think they won’t use it against you. And they are already using field agents to tag the front door of every dwelling, knocking on the doors of every garage, barn, shack, lean-to, and tent. If you move a great deal, or at least can, it will be awfully hard for them to track you. Poke `em in the eye.

How about not having an official job? Do you have some skills and tools allowing you to work at several different jobs, pretty much when you feel like it? That would be a great way to do things. Tell them anything you like: “I’m a professional rabbit hunter.” Or, “I make my living cutting down rose bushes.” Another favorite here in Oklahoma is a very plausible, “I’m a storm chaser.” Maybe you could be a thistle farmer, cricket rancher, baby stroller repairman … you name it. As long as you can work for yourself, and can’t be caught for not paying taxes, you can claim just about anything you like.

The fewer connections between you and the bureaucratic anchors of the system, the better. So if you really need a phone, use the pay-as-you-go cellphones. The minutes aren’t too bad, and you can replace it as often as you need a different number, since the phones have gotten pretty cheap. Get an old laptop and cadge the signal from unsecured nodes, or use the local library for Net time. Exchange PGP/GnuPG keys and encrypt random routine traffic. Did you know there is an extension for Firefox which allows you to encrypt webmail? If it really matters, you can arrange to exchange a one-time-pad set and run that through email. You’ll need a common numbered dictionary, but that’s in the works. Or you can always go back to the Citizen Band (CB) radio way, with your private slang terms. It won’t really matter if you exchange information that has to be kept away from public eyes, just using that stuff for fun (or practice) is a poke in the eye.

Of course, if you find yourself unable to escape that nasty census form, just lie. Tell them you are a lesbian Inuit, 87 years old, with 10 grandchildren of mixed races living in your home. A sin to lie? Pearls before swine. Since they would use the facts as a weapon against you and your Kingdom service, deny them the facts. This is covered under the Covenant of Noah, too. The US government, and the coming UN government, are all illegitimate. Humor them when it suits the mission, but otherwise be prepared to poke `em in the eye, to remind them they aren’t gods.

(Hopefully you can detect the sarcasm mixed in here.)

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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