Raping the Minds of Children

It won’t ever stop until it’s finished. Western Civilization is crumbing around us, and we should grasp the necessity for it, even as we stand in stunned silence at the costs. The costs are high because the fraudulent foundation, upon which the vast empire has been built, cannot support the investment. We were sold a bill of shoddy goods labeled “virgin wool,” all neatly folded and looking so nice and warm.

Brace yourself; it’s only going to get more brazen. I’m pretending for the moment this story is accurate as posted on Makow’s site. Some school official carries forward the elitist plan of debasing childhood innocence. But because of racial sensitivities, she is being defended. “She’s one of ours, and you can’t touch her. We don’t give a damn about what it costs you.” So you can be certain the offended parents are being told to shut up and accept this intrusion of adult subject matter on their girls.

Let’s see if we can sort this out according to the true biblical standards.

First of all, Jesus made clear there is only one place for sex: the marriage bed of one man and one woman. Marriage in His mind was defined as a covenant sworn before God, binding until the death of one or both human parties. Obviously, we should choose very carefully, and modern Western notions about being in love are inherently foolish. Every other form of sexual expression is evil. Thus saith the Lord.

Second, the Bible makes no direct statement about the proper age at which a female is ready for marriage. That’s because it’s up to the families to decide. Naturally, that is built on a vast horde of assumptions foreign to us. When is she physically capable of bearing children? Menarche has been shoved back down the age curve by both good nutrition and pharmacological pollution, so modern mankind as a big mess here; ancient females seldom experienced menarche until much later than is common today. Most families then would consider a prospective husband too young and irresponsible until at least his mid-twenties, and it was exceedingly rare to marry off your daughter to fellow less than a decade her senior. The modern obsession with age-mates is actually quite foolish. The other mistakes built into modern Western thinking on this are too numerous to cover here. We are both more prissy and silly, and at the same time too loose and immoral on these things.

Third, render not your children unto Caesar. No part of a child’s existence is any business of the government. That is the fundamental assumption of God’s Laws. That’s because there were two primary divisions in government: social and civil. There is only one reason — one — for vesting anyone with significant claims (or controls) on your property and service: a serious physical threat. God knows we could get lost in that one, but the point is all the other concerns of your daily life fall under the social concerns of your household. How you raise your kids, and whether you fail to do so rightly, is of no concern outside the extended family household, which would naturally mean every generation still living, in direct descent. Households would divide only upon the death of the last living patriarch. Otherwise, you should all be within the same fenced yard, so to speak. Can’t do that? You are already in sin. But by no means should the civil government have any interest in children. No community or civilization can righteously pass that issue over to the civil authorities for any reason, ever. Thus saith the Lord.

At this point you realize there is no good solution for the folks in that school district. The whole situation has for so long traveled down the wrong path, disaster is the only possible result. Frankly, my counsel would be an exodus from the public school system at the very minimum. It doesn’t have to be individual household home schooling. Set up a co-op based in a church, where different adults share the burden of instruction in areas of their own competence. Generally, as long as each adult is related to one child in the program, it’s legal. Chances are, this will almost surely lead to harsh confrontations from the civil authorities, because we can see especially in this case, the local government is hostile to parent’s concerns. The alternative is to keep letting people shape your children into mindless sinners, and facing God with the burden of guilt for failing His stewardship of those kids.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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