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MRSA Comes Home

MRSA officially includes a wide range of Staph infections which resist antibiotics, but symbolizes our Western idiocy with demanding the biggest gun for the most minor discomforts. Because of antibiotic abuse, which should be classed as malpractice, we now find … Continue reading

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Wireless Carrier SNAFU (Updated)

You may recall the acronym SNAFU approximates: “Situation Normal, All Fouled Up.” Is anyone really surprised at the depth of detail in which this Carrier IQ company is logging your every touch and use of your smartphone? Pay attention to … Continue reading

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Once Again: I’m a Terrorist

I am associated with officially designated “terrorists.” That is, living here in Central Oklahoma, I reject the entire official government narrative of the Murrah Building Bombing. I tend to agree with the contents of this site. And said site is … Continue reading

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Trail Closed Forever

I was out on the trail today and ran into a hunter. He wasn’t particularly rude or anything, but he rattled off the name of the property owner, and who had the hunting lease. He told me I wasn’t supposed … Continue reading

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Rough Play

We may never know the whole story, but it would appear the NATO forces attacked a Pak border unit out of sheer meanness. So far, the NATO apologists can’t come up with a good lie. The elephant in the room … Continue reading

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Idle Wish

Someday before I die, I’d love to visit the Aegean Sea. I want to swim on some small island shore, maybe row a good bit. No, there is absolutely no justification, aside from perhaps just hoping to see some of … Continue reading

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Leftover Turkey Salad

It’s not the salad left over, but the leftover turkey. Any meat will do, but for this time of year in the US, turkey is abundant and cheap. I frankly enjoy using my bare hands to strip all the meat … Continue reading

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