For My Next Adventure… (Updated)

I’m getting older, but I’m not yet old enough to have lost all wanderlust.

Sadly, my next adventure could be some form of custody. Yes, there is much hyperbole there. I rather expect I would have some form of lead time by virtue of being so insignificant on the scale of things. There are several classes of dissenting voices and I don’t rate up there with the big whistleblowers. And since I’ve written so little on Climategate or Climategate 2.0, it seems I’ll be out of the loop on this battle. Why would I write about something so painfully obvious a fraud as AGW?

Indeed, I’m really not much of whistleblower at all. I’m just a muttering grouch crouching at the end of a dark country road out in flyover country. There was a time I was under surveillance, but that died not too long after it began. It’s vaguely possible someone is still checking my blogs, and I’m quite sure my email is being read, but so is yours. I doubt it’s human eyes reading my routine personal traffic, and I really don’t send any important stuff. Okay, it’s important to me and my radical religion, but I have to wonder if they even have a clue what it’s about.

But just in case, here goes: Should I cease posting for, say, three days straight, chances are I have no Net access. You can provide your own guess why that might be, but Cox Cable has an excellent record, and there is lots of free wifi just a bike ride away from here. If my laptop dies, there are two other systems in this house, and several neighbors who would gladly let me use theirs for something important. If it’s some sort of disaster, it would make the news. Central Oklahoma is your clue there. I suppose if someone nuked Tinker AFB, it would affect my life, being only five miles away. So if I stop posting and you can’t find anything obvious, it’s most likely because something unexpected has separated me from the Net.

That could range between illness and death on the one hand. I’ve given my wife all my passwords, but she’s shy and not a writer. I’ll have to compose some standard cut-n-paste for her, I suppose. On the other hand, in the outside chance I’m actually arrested or harmed by authorities, I should expect they’ll grab a bunch more before me, and I’ll have a chance to announce something first.

Then again, I suspect the folks who bother reading my stuff with any regularity are pretty good candidates for such things in their own right. You’ll notice TallBloke is in the UK and his stuff was grabbed on a US warrant, so you judge for yourself what the risks are for associating with me.

I do plan on having at least one more big adventure in my life, but I rather expect I’ll get to post some about it here before it gets too complicated.

Update: Apparently this raid on TallBloke’s home and computers was the result of someone who posted a link in a comment on his blog. That link was to the copies of the second batch of emails which were being leaked by whomever got them. That’s the cache of emails the IPCC folks had tried to keep anyone from seeing, which emails are a “smoking gun” on the fraudulent “science” of Climate Warming. If you know anything at all about Climategate 1.0 and 2.0, you are probably aware of some of this. It also appears this whole incident with TallBloke is being picked up on a great many blogs. Perhaps if enough of us get involved with just a mention of this, it could help to counter-balance evil oppression.

Yeah, I called it that. More, it’s a solid violation of God’s Laws. So it’s all a very big moral failure.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to For My Next Adventure… (Updated)

  1. Old Jules says:

    Sheeze Ed. I’m a regular here. I hate to think any of the others reading here are more dangerous than me, and I’m not dangerous something awful. For that matter, unless I’ve been missing something in your writings, you aren’t saying anything more dangerous than anything I’m saying. I’m going to have to huddle with the chickens and cats figuring out contingency plans, I reckons.

    Thanks for the tip. Jules


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    It’s not a matter of being dangerous, but whether TPTB take offense. Used to be, we rather hoped they did take offense, because we figured they deserved it. Now if they take offense, it seems increasingly likely they’ll become even more offensive.


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