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My Last KDE Rant

This is the last time I’ll address this issue, because everyone knows the KDE developers and fans aren’t going to listen anyway. However, I’m pretty sure what follows is the sentiments shared by everyone the developers and fans are trying … Continue reading

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Last Post (Mostly)

Update: Change of plans. ============ This blog has been moved to here temporarily. The link takes you to a standard static XHTML page on my server account. With my usual impatience, I have made the move despite things not being … Continue reading

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Word to Women: Get Used to It

Women can wish all they want, and demand as much as they care, but they cannot change human nature. Men are hardwired to check out your appearance and rate your sex appeal. Whether speaking to your or not, this is … Continue reading

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Plans Afoot

I’ve asked my friend, Tim Butler, to set up a blog on our server using his Open Source CMS, SAFARI 2 (all caps). I won’t have a link until it’s up and running, but I’ll post that soon as it … Continue reading

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Popular Already: March 2012

An awful lot of stuff is being promised for next month. Not even in sight yet, and already March is very popular with an awful lot of folks. You got Half-Past Human promising foreboding events that month. There’s the promise … Continue reading

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This Change Is Not Good

I see WordPress is changing the Dashboard, taking it away completely. It also appears they are disabling the raw HTML posting option. Folks, this won’t work for me. After visiting the forums and help pages, I see the folks running … Continue reading

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Libertarian Hell

(Note: I’m under the weather with a fever right now, so writing is kind of tough.) Libertarian philosophy completely ignores the Fall. I’m all for letting people do what they want, so long as it hurts no one but themselves. … Continue reading

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