Progressive Destruction

I’m going to pick on progressives today.

Basic fact: While individual barbarians can be civilized fairly quickly when immersed in a civilized society, all it takes is a small handful of them together to defeat the effort. You can explain in detail all you like about identity and reinforcements, and other whys, but this is a fundamental truth. Bringing aliens into any context, without a high degree of individual isolation encourages them to remain alien. All the nice theories in the world won’t change reality.

The reason we see so many social and political progressives insisting on encouraging mass immigration of cultural aliens is because they regard their own dominant culture as alien. If they weren’t so intent on forcing the rest of us to be like themselves, they would never be willing to accept alien invasions. Notice they always expect these aliens to embrace this progressive social agenda, even while pretending to encourage the aliens to keep their own. Some have gone so far as to formulate it as a bargain: You keep your distinctives, but add our little bit of ideas and we’ll work together.

What these progressives fail to understand is the aliens might verbally accept such a bargain, but then promptly ignore it.

Africans cannot be blamed for acting like Africans, Mexicans cannot be blamed for acting like Mexicans, and Arabs cannot be blamed for acting like Arabs. One simply shouldn’t be surprised when people who are not white Europeans do not act like white Europeans tamed by more than one thousand years of Western civilization…. The problem isn’t that Africans or Central Americans cannot ever be civilized or that there is a civilization gene, the problem is that like domesticating an animal species, civilizing an entire culture is a process that takes hundreds of years. Consider, for example, how long it took the barbarians of Britain and Germany to go from the naked pagan barbarism described by Julius Caesar to the heights of Christian civilization that produced Mozart and the chamber orchestras.

We really don’t care whether they look like us, but their actions are so utterly different. We can’t reasonably calculate six different sets of cultural signals when they all overlap into the same space so that we can live in peace. The very concept of “civilization” means a single, agreed upon set of signals, and the rules by which violence becomes acceptable.

If you imagine violence can become simply unacceptable under any terms, you have no business reading my blog. Most of us hate it, but we know it’s coming, and God Himself requires someone take charge and kill a few predators now and then, or chaos will most certainly be unleashed. The rules by which a civil society polices predators don’t work when the level of acceptable order is radically different among populations occupying the same small space.

The students in the story Vox quotes are barbarians by definition. Yet the place where they reign has a hopelessly idiotic government which simply assumes their way is so very much better, it is self evident even to the barbarians. Therefore, no citizen is permitted to defend themselves. They are required by law to accept the predations of the barbarians, because the State has declared they are not barbarians. If the barbarians are not violently restrained, there will soon be almost no one left but them.

As long as the rulers remain safe inside their enclaves, where the barbarians aren’t permitted to roam, nor citizens permitted to appeal for redress, this will only get worse. I can only wonder how far they can push the people before something in the civil foundation breaks down.

The only people who retain a progressive agenda are folks who don’t have to live with the consequences of their ideas.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Progressive Destruction

  1. Mike Mahoney says:

    Victor David Hanson had this published on the PJMedia web site today and its pertinent.
    Pat Buchanan write about this and one John Derbyshire wrote about this a couple weeks ago on NRO and got fired for it.
    A society has to insist upon aculturization or it will Balkanize. That’s where we ARE.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Yet, it’s only the outer layer of what’s really wrong here. We are impossibly large. Even when men conquered others and created empires in ancient times, it was always no more than tribute and resources, not social and political unity as we think of it today. So on the one hand, we need to acculturate, but we should never have demanded such a dangerously high degree of unity. Mankind is hard-wired with a need to live in small tribal communities. America is too big to be all one thing, with all one law and social structure. We simply do not understand the proper basis for unity across such a vast territory and so very many people. Regional variations is godly.


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