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Epistemology: Miracles

In the Old Testament mystical epistemology, God rules all Creation. He works in Creation, could participate in it if He chose, but is certainly rooted in His Being outside of Creation. Thus, any “sign” from God could be no more … Continue reading

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Prophecy and One Percenters

You won’t have to search long in the Old Testament to find condemnations against wealth disparities. The whole book of Amos is aimed at the ruling one-percenters of Samaria stomping the peasants. The upper classes were fat and sassy — … Continue reading

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The Efficiency of Love

There is far, far less waste in society where agape is a prominent feature. This plane of existence is one big lie, and no part of tangible reality is valuable in itself. It’s only value is how useful it can … Continue reading

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Spring Garden Shots

First item is the main collection. We interspersed tomatoes with peppers, and each one is different. You may be able to see some early fruit on the purple tomato vine. In the background against the fence are peas, beans, another … Continue reading

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Adults in the Room?

The last thing I want is more dependents. You’ll hear the joke a good psychiatrist wants you to be responsible and independent, and paying his fees is proof you are getting better. The truth is, almost no psychiatrist works to … Continue reading

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Childhood Robbery

One of the most pernicious cultural lies is modern silliness about “robbing children of their childhood.” First off, let’s make it clear: If anyone is destroying childhood, it’s people who use that sort of phrase. These are not good moral … Continue reading

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Bringing Love Home

Over the past few days I’ve been exploring the art of love, but it has a point. The character I’ve described is the same for mysticism, pacifism, agape, and a lot of other fancy terms. I don’t distinguish between them … Continue reading

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