Eyes Which See Through the Veil

The eyes of man see a hard reality, something solid which challenges him to examine, poke and prod using his intelligence to understand it. The eyes of God see a tattered veil ready to be torn away.

Keep on walkin’
You don’t know how far you’ve come
Keep on walking
For all you know it may be done
and the Father
might be standing up right now
to heed the call
and end it all
so keep on walkin’
(“Keep on Walking” as performed by Dogwood, 1976)

God does not experience time as we do, but stands wholly outside it. The connotation of “soon” is not on His scale. The point is, we who walk in His Word see through the print on paper, through the soul-stirring narratives of the past, to the more real but ineffable moral fabric of Ultimate Reality. We who cling to that other reality, hidden from our minds, but so real to our living spirits, are called to look beyond and take our cues from there.

You will probably never see demons taking on a visible form, but I’m sure you’ve encountered them. If nowhere else, try videos of the recent RNC. I have no dog in that fight; even Ron Paul isn’t radical enough for me. What matters is the vast organized cheating and dishonesty. If you can’t trust God enough to let Him work through an honest effort, then you are begging Satan to run things instead. So what we saw was the demonic presence of people determined to have it their way at all costs. And when those people gain political power through government, it will be the same evil spirits guiding all their actions. It won’t matter who wins the next election, or if there even is an election. Demons will rule the government. Those of us who see beyond the veil of this fraudulent fallen existence see them clearly.

Faith means ignoring your senses and human logic because some part of you belongs to another realm of existence, a realm which rules this one, and we disregard even the very real failures of our faith. That’s because the ultimate success for us was on the Cross, probably one of the greatest human failures of all time. We don’t measure things on the human scale, but we see things cast against the moral fabric God describes in His Word.

Open your spiritual eyes and see through the lies.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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