The US is not like other countries. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether that’s good news for you, regardless of your own location. This is not about good or bad, but the reality of what is.

I’m wondering how much of the current political rhetoric about firearms is inevitable stupidity and how much is simply distraction. The POTUS has promised to use Executive Order to change national gun policy, in part because grandstanding in Congress was doomed before it started. The 2nd Amendment is mostly symbolism these days, but the tensions are pretty high and a significant portion is genuine. Unlike other countries, I rather think this is guaranteed to bring bloody revolution here. I rather think that is the intent.

Granted, most gun owners don’t have the stuff to use them in accordance with the popular slogans. They might try to hide them from confiscation, or even reporting, but actually killing troops/cops on confiscation missions is highly unlikely. On the other hand, getting troops/cops to carry out such a mission is also pretty unlikely in every locale. Sure, NYC and a few other urban sewers, but the majority of guns are safe. Indeed, more than a few states would flip the bird to the POTUS, some quite literally. At this point, almost anything the POTUS does will provoke a genuine political revolt.

God alone knows what’s ahead. It ranges from some tiny incremental adjustment in federal policy and more political hysterics, to serious bloodshed very soon.

My cynicism still sees one last money grab by the plutocrats, most of whom profit indirectly from gun and ammunition sales. Squeezing the last few dollars out of a crashing economy could reasonably include such a ploy. It’s possible this will turn into that ugly moment we’ve all been fearing, expecting and unable to predict. We may all be surprised at how many of us, how many places, never seem to notice. That is, nobody has a good estimate on how widespread will be the “business as usual.”

Can you keep a secret? I tend to think my locale is one of those unlikely to see upheaval. Changes, sure, but even our local plutocrats aren’t in a hurry to flee. There’s only so much wool you can pull down in front of eyes before it stretches too thin. Corruption and sneaky dealing against the masses we got, but too many in the state government here are on the side of the masses if you push them too far. The veneer is mighty thin. I believe most Okies professed a deep hatred for the Republican nominee last election, but Obama didn’t win a single county.

Still, I’m pretty sure this will get noisy. And I’m keeping an eye on the other stuff the federal officials are doing while this has everyone distracted.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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