Ego and Accountability

Be yourself; stop demanding the world be you.

I saw it again today — solipsism syndrome in action. This isn’t the philosophical position you may have read about, but a psychological loss of ego boundaries. Infants are born incapable of differentiating themselves from the universe. When they are hungry, the whole universe is hungry. What they want the universe wants. It’s why little kids insist some small animal wants the kid to hold it, while we watch the animal desperately clawing to get away. It’s normal for children and we strive to teach them, often by making them experience what they have done to others.

We know that current social trends in America foster the solipsism syndrome. There can be no external standard applied to her/him, no accountability even as she/he holds the entire world accountable to her/his wishes. You’ll find it more often among females than males because it’s exacerbated by feminism. It sneaks into the churches via highly evolved doctrines about charity and what’s in someone’s best interest. It creates a smug superiority and damns American Christianity.

The quintessential type is a young mother who smothers her kids and demands they conform instantly, while making no effort to understand why they do what they do. That’s because the mother is simply a bigger kid, basically a bully. Everything she wants is “common sense” and everything she doesn’t want is inherently evil by definition, even when the definition changes with the moment. “How could you possibly want something different from what I want?” We call this an extreme case of projection: Projecting one’s own thoughts onto others. There is a complete failure to develop ego boundaries, even while denying responsibility to any external standards. She never does anything wrong, so she seldom apologizes without a seriously poor job of faking it. This is the kind of young mother who often riles her husband and can’t possibly imagine why he’s angry. She’s just a poor victim of his violent nature, never noticing how she has prodded him every possible way.

Churches are loaded with women like that, but the ones outside the church tend to be more honest about it, more bold and blatant. They openly admit they don’t give a rat’s butt about the rest of the world. Church ladies insist their men don’t understand what God demands, as if their own thoughts are God’s.

Whether male or female, learn to recognize this and avoid it like the plague. God help you’ve if you married it already; while doable, it’s a load of work.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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