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As previously noted, we Americans are too hideously wide open to manipulation through guilt. It’s just too easy to use guilt and related negative emotions to restrict our behavior. It’s used in religion and politics alike to shut you up from dissenting. For example, the term “conspiracy theory” was invented as a disparaging propaganda label by the CIA. It works all too well.

Let’s talk sense: Every Western government is the result of a conspiracy to rule. If not in the inception, at least in its current form, not a single Western-style government is okay with God, and generally not okay with those governed the moment they begin finding out what the government is hiding from them. At least some of the people in the government have agreed to hide the facts, and that is the definition of a conspiracy — hiding relevant facts about the process and system of control.

Things get complicated when we realize a part of the propaganda is this thing called “controlled opposition” — folks who pretend to dissent but do so in a way that guarantees nothing changes. So have a host of websites devoted to offering bits and pieces of fact with a lot of nonsense. There is an effort to combine misguidance with discrediting. If they can get you to believe something false, you’ll be misguided; at the appropriate time and place they can then reveal it was a lie and make you look/feel like a fool. Guilt strikes again. A good example is the old Protocols of the Elders of Zion — it’s partly true, as is obvious to anyone who reads it. It’s not a forgery; it’s a propaganda ploy released by the people it slanders. It’s also clearly not happening now as described in the document.

Do yourself a favor; take a deep breath and spend some time in prayer. First, shed that false guilt. Then, take a moment to realize that in human history, very few historical shifts were the result of some singular event or coordinated events. Almost without fail, stuff changed slowly over a long period, and much of it had little to do with hyper-intelligent human planning. To the degree anyone was planning something, it seldom worked out as they planned.

God alone is that smart. He sometimes allows the Devil to cook up stuff, but eventually it fails because God won’t let it succeed beyond some point convenient for Him. So when I prophesied that God would destroy America, you would have been a fool to think it could only come via some great cataclysm. That’s not how God works most of the time, as you would know if you took the time to compare the record of Scripture with events leading up to our time. Cataclysm is reserved for a select few, and I am utterly certain America is not one of them. That’s not to preclude major problems and sorrows, but that the real threat is always what’s inside of us, not what’s happening around us. Your fear, guilt and other demonic handles are what keeps you off balance. Nothing happens without God’s say so.

Of course, the idea of whether this stuff happens “quickly” depends on individual perception. If you’ve been alive almost a century, then a decade is pretty quick. Otherwise, it seems to have moved almost imperceptibly as you pass through it. That’s part of the trick; you aren’t supposed to notice the real changes, just the stuff to which TPTB want you to pay attention. The other part of that is just where your focus rests. If you were cynical from the start, then most of what has happened during the current administration is not surprising, much less alarming. Bad, yes, but easily foreseen by anyone with a mind. The really important stuff is unstoppable.

For example, the only way to stop, say, the BLM from oppressing ranchers is for a Bundy-esque militia response every time they do something that’s harmful. Too late; the militia has already allowed some events to slip past them. Every successful opposition from within the system — like a sheriff arresting BLM thugs — you can expect the BLM to change how they do things to avoid it the next time. And there will be a next time. I suppose it could rise to the level of pain where armed resistance is quite common, but we aren’t there yet and I seriously doubt it will come anytime soon. The Bundy Ranch resistance was a monumental effort, and the militia folks can’t afford to run hither and yon every week, which is about what it takes. Add to that all the other oppression that might merit armed resistance, and it just ain’t happening.

But the thugs are fairly incompetent on most things, wasting vast oceans of resources doing almost nothing. And that runs true pretty far up the chain, to include the folks operating out of the Oval Office. The best and brightest aren’t for sale and won’t work in that atmosphere. That’s the reason we haven’t seen mass slaughter already, and won’t. Again, it depends on how much bloodshed it takes to impress you. We’ll have some bloody riots before too long, but hardly everywhere, and certainly not at once. The kind of resistance you might have seen in Greece cannot happen here; we don’t have the culture for it. We only riot over stuff that doesn’t matter.

Take an account of the things God says are most important for Him in your life. Assess the options in case the situation changes. Be nimble on the essentials, but stop fretting about things you can’t possibly change. God typically gives His people enough information to get out of the way of really bad stuff. Be mobile because this world is not our home.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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