Just Thinking — Or Not

This is your chance to get to know me a little better. I share what follows as a consequence of my divine calling, but this is not central to my message. While there are prophetic elements, I’ll note carefully when so that you don’t mistake this whole thing as a prophecy. It’s just my opinion.

We are on the threshold of martial law here in the US. This is by design. Remember what I said in the past about our ruling elite as ordinary humans with way too much power and wealth for their own good. There are precious few genius psychopaths; plenty of geniuses and plenty of psychopaths, but most of that is on a sliding scale. The Western image of Antichrist is just a myth. Let us never forget that reality itself adheres to God’s character, so Creation won’t permit a “Rosemary’s Baby” scenario. That crap isn’t in Scripture, but we are in for a rough ride.

Keeping in mind that “the powers that be” (TPTB) aren’t always wholly united in their planning and goals, we still have to deal with the common assumptions held by the ruling elite. Their greatest fear is that we will discover we don’t have any use for them, and that it really is pretty easy to knock them out of power. Unfortunately, the very nature of our Western mythology determines that we’ll always have bad government, even when it’s not apparent. Good people in general instinctively avoid governing in our civilization. So what we have is a broad expectation of how government folks operate because of the nature of the system and how power itself concentrates in few hands.

The Western secular state will always demand what cannot be. The entire basis of Western civilization is a lie, so government naturally fails at the one thing it most desperately wants. So long as government officials take themselves seriously, there is no way to avoid a series of crises as power-seeking reaches a crescendo only to completely fail. Virtually the entire range of political theory is bullshit, but people are so totally convinced it works that way. It won’t matter what kind of people rule and which basic theory they choose from the buffet; it’s all lies.

So when I say that the current chaos is by design, I mean that it’s all a cynical ploy. We have thousands of agents infiltrating every resistance organization, seeking to push them far enough off track to create a certain kind of social disruption. Their mission is to prevent folks actually doing what might work — that is, what the elite fear might actually work — and steer the activities into paths guaranteed to justify a crackdown. Most of the hysteria about police brutality and unaccountable violence is actually promoted by the elite. The fear and anger are intentional. That there are a great many willing idiots playing along is the beauty of the tactic.

Meanwhile, there remains a continuing effort to draw the armed patriot types into a violent confrontation. While there are plenty of gun owners willing to do that, you can bet the vast majority of those sounding off in various virtual forums are just government provocateurs. It’s much the same as realizing that virtually every KKK outfit is run by some agent of the government or ADL or what have you. In the wild cacophony of the Internet, you can still find evidence to prove this notion. The official documentation has been leaked too often, and wiser heads have caught them in the act and filmed it. Most of the wackos can be traced if you took the time, and they are either government infiltrators or some brand of useful idiot. It’s not that no one really believes that crap; it’s that the people truly capable of harming government operations aren’t that stupid. What TPTB fear from that direction is loaded with inaccuracy.

I suspect those with delusions of saving the United States and the Constitution are long gone, at least from among the armed militias. Instead, we have a body of folks who see their best bet as breaking from the Union. They aren’t quite willing to engage local police forces or assassinate local politicians just yet. They are saving it for slaughtering enough feds to make secession actually plausible. The survivors of past conflicts with the federal government are too smart to be drawn into the conflict at this stage. Somehow it seems too many of those among the elite believe their own propaganda about the underground patriots being drooling southern whites. If anything, you’ll see the militias show up once martial law is set in place, and it won’t likely be what TPTB expect. I’m willing to bet the resistance will be pretty effective and successful. You haven’t yet seen the kind of firepower these folks can bring out, never mind how smart their tactics can be.

As previously noted: This is not our fight. Let me point out that my prophetic statement is limited to two issues — (1) this oppression is God’s wrath on our national sins and (2) direct resistance will be fighting God’s hand. Don’t get caught up in the wild notion that you can resist this. Instead, invest your prayer efforts in understanding what a rich opportunity it is for Our Father’s glory. I can’t overstate that. You will be inundated with chances to demonstrate moral clarity like never before, with the certainty that there will be a very high ratio of folks who will see it. Whether they understand it is not the point; the point is that you obey your sensory heart and take every disaster as an opportunity.

You can’t stop the disasters; don’t panic. What you hold in this life is already forfeited on the Cross. Just play your part and earn your ticket Home, as it were. Stay detached. Enjoy this holiday season while you can, but don’t get hung up on what you think you have on a human level. Keep your eye on the Spirit Realm.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Just Thinking — Or Not

  1. forrealone says:

    ‘Just play your part and earn your ticket Home….. Keep your eye on the Spirit Realm.’ Amen, Pastor, Amen.

    The one and only focus we should have is the Truth, the Light and the Way, our Saviour, Jesus. He is our only Master and Lord. All else is folly.


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