Not a “Conspiracy”

There has always been a ruling elite, people who regarded themselves above the common folks.

Fasten your seat belts, because in order to keep this short, I have to make broad sweeping generalizations. Perhaps you are aware that the term “conspiracy theory” has been in use for centuries, but that it’s current derogatory meaning came into the public consciousness when the CIA released a memo on preventing folks from disputing reasonably the bogus conclusions of the Warren Commission on the assassination of JFK. Since then, the meaning of “conspiracy” has shifted so dramatically that we have be careful how we use it.

The assassination of JFK came at a time when the plutocrats were trying to seize a lot of control they had not held before. You can trace threads of their thinking and planning way back into history, but here in the US, there was a distinct effort to bring about a soft revolution in the 1960s. Part of the trick was breaking the revolution down into multiple threads of attack on a vast array of different social and political institutions separately. Each of these things experienced its own independent revolution, and it was largely successful. However, some of the techniques used to foment and enable these revolutions lent themselves to some new problems for the elite. Sometimes the elite would empower a rebel who, for whatever reason, didn’t stick to the script.

Thus, the various bits of evidence against the Warren Report became fairly common knowledge. This is when the CIA released that memo among the servants of the ruling elite as a means of mass PsyOp to shut down the debate. It didn’t work, but it at least allowed the elite to pretend and hang onto some semblance of control. At points, they darn near lost it, and had to come up with a range of new tricks that saw further unauthorized exposure.

And then along came the Internet.

Granted, the social orthodoxy remains intact and so does some measure of elite control, but they are most certainly struggling right now. If you aren’t aware of efforts to disable the Internet as it is currently used, you aren’t paying attention. It’s a multilevel attack on all aspects of free information sharing.

Let me offer a perspective that will help reduce some of the natural tension that arises from failing to grasp the nature of things. Our current tension and turmoil is perfectly normal, even predictable. To function as emissaries of God’s glory, we have to fix in our human minds what to expect from this world and the mass of unredeemed humanity. Our mission has nothing to do with fixing this world in terms of correcting or healing that unredeemed human behavior. It’s about simply showing His glory in a confined domain of calling He offers each of us. Fix yourself and stop worrying about fixing the rest of the world.

For us, it goes all the way back to ancient Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. Whatever else we make of that, it was the initial manifestation of humans rejecting revelation in part by how they all united together under a ruler who felt no kinship to his subjects. Nimrod ruled as an elite, a plutocrat who didn’t have to concern himself with the needs of his subjects. It was part force, part manipulation, or whatever you want to call it, but he convinced folks to follow his dream, a dream directly contrary to revelation. His predatory nature — “a great hunter” — made him willing to kill folks who argued with him, or oppress in other ways. It’s that predatory relationship that made him utterly evil, versus God’s revealed demand that leaders are to be like shepherds.

While we may point out leaders in history who at least appear to have operated by the shepherd’s morality, the world has been dominated by predators as long as human memory. There has always been a ruling elite who regarded themselves better than those under their power, and themselves deserving of whatever they desired to take from those they ruled.

Up until the end of the Middle Ages, the West at least had to deal mostly with royal and noble bloodlines who regarded their predations as entirely necessary and holy. Sometime around the Treaty of Westphalia, that fell apart and we had a different basis for selecting who could gain the elite status. A critical element is their intelligence, of course. Nimrod would not have been so powerful without his grand talents. Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon II was easily a genius in certain terms, able to see farther and deeper than the average human of his day. But then, so was Daniel the Prophet. God didn’t object to Nebs being emperor and Daniel his loyal servant. It was a matter of divine calling. But ever since about the same time as the Treaty of Westphalia, the pretense of nobility died and was replaced with psychopathy. That is, the people who gained the leverage to rule were still predators with very high talents for ruling, but who managed to gain their power through political maneuvering, not merely by birth.

That doesn’t mean nepotism is dead, only that the social pretense of nobility is gone. The advantages of a wealthy upbringing still apply, but the deciding factor is now almost entirely a matter of psychopathy. No shepherds are permitted now, only Nimrods.

But the mere fact of a predatory elite with a vast lore of secrecy and plans to control the rest of us by whatever means has been with us since at least as early as the Tower of Babel. If more than one of them work together, it is a conspiracy to rule. Every government in existence today is the result of a conspiracy, of plans made in secret. That’s the simple fact of the matter. The only difference is that now we have been granted a chance to poke around and share our discoveries. You might have to sift through a lot of crap, but most of the facts are there. We still might not have access to the secret councils of the elite, but we do have a lot more evidence and details than what they like.

Most of what you are likely to read about these very real conspiracies is bullshit, in part because the elite know they have to smother the truth that way. They don’t personally write all that stuff; they have willing servants and fools to handle that. A certain amount of freedom and creativity works to their advantage — say anything but the facts. A favorite trick is to cloak the facts in contextual deception, but it’s the same as direct falsehood in effect.

However, there’s really nothing spooky about it, nothing that requires so much of the drama you see on forums like “Above Top Secret” or sites like that. The predatory elite still play by the same rules as previous royalty and nobility about keeping the facts away from the rest of us, but otherwise they are just people with predatory drives and self interest that puts them in competition with each other, just within those agreed rules. Recently, some of them have bent or even broken the old rules, and too many of their loyal servants have run too far without proper supervision. That’s why we are facing a global banking collapse.

In other words, however much the elite cooperate together is a little shaky right now. Most of the individuals are still in their powerful places, but the current game is very high risk. I don’t think every major threat is something they planned to do. Instead, they are forced to find ways to maintain whatever it is they believe they must have to keep preying on us. I have no idea how it will turn out in general because the situation on their level is pretty fluid right now. Some of it is obvious: The banking system as we see it today will collapse. Whatever you have in the bank is likely to disappear. What comes after that I can’t guess.

And I’m sure the Internet will experience some serious turmoil. If you think malware is bad now, just you wait. This thing is going to escalate beyond what we can imagine, and in directions that would shock us now. How many of you would have believed even half the Snowden revelations five years ago, while they were going on? Most of Snowden’s documents are actually that old, if not older. Use the Net, but don’t act like it’s necessary for your human existence. Things are only going to go downhill until so much of it falls apart that the current elite are displaced by a different bunch. They system is hardening, not sufficiently flexible to bend with the times. In terms of organizational theory we say, “institutionalizing a revolution makes it the new establishment to be destroyed.”

Get used to it; this is normal for the human race.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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