Called to Glory

It starts with your sense of divine calling.

Everything in this life that matters at all will arise from that call. We can characterize the broad range of human response to the divine call, but we could hardly find words to give shape to the calling itself. No two of us encounter this in precisely the same way, though there are obvious similarities and overlapping experiences. After all, a critical element of this whole thing is how we relate to each other. We strive to manifest some measure of our Creator’s character in dealing with all of Creation, and we are surely a part of it. While realizing that this only scratches the surface, we can characterize our emulation of God as the fundamental nature of His relationship with each of us. The divine call could be summed up as reflecting and enhancing His due glory.

In our callings, we find various methods and means at hand for the task. The things themselves are not important except only as they are useful in your calling. My calling requires I use computers and networking as a means to His glory. The method includes a preference for Open Source software and operating systems. Arising from this pursuit is a broad knowledge and awareness of how these things work, but particularly how I can bend them to meet the divine calling of other folks who use computers and the Internet.

Let’s make one thing clear: The notion that we could state, theorize or even conjecture a common standard that somehow defines what is morally good and bad in regards to computer and networking technology has no place in our reckoning. One man’s meat is another man’s poison when it comes to virtually the entire range of this Fallen Realm. The whole point of the narrative of the Fall would necessarily include understanding that human intellect is not up to the task. Human reason can interpret and implement moral truth only in a limited context within the Fallen Realm. The limits of that context include the individual who makes the effort to understand his or her calling. The divine call includes a highly limited domain of responsibility, as we have discussed here so often.

There is nothing particularly holy about my choices in computer technology and software for you, but it is holiness for me when those choices match the calling. Linux is not my religion; it supports my religious activities. My religion is simply my personal organization and implementation of my calling. When I blather about such things, take only what you can use in your calling.

Incumbent on my calling is a strong measure of prophetic effect. My mission includes pulling the cover off mysteries, to reduce the veiling effect of deception and delusion against the light of glory I am able to see. So you would naturally expect me to celebrate every time someone rips the cover off some nasty government secret. By the same token, God veils His truth from those whose hearts are closed to Him. Thus, I celebrate anything that blinds those engaged in evil from seeing our vulnerabilities, and from using those things against us. Keep in mind that my understanding of revelation declares that there is currently no government authority on earth that operates according to God’s revelation, so in a certain sense, there is no legitimate human government on this earth. That kind of talk is part of that prophetic calling to speak God’s truth against evil.

I can make no room for disputing that the US government has sought consistently to build a global empire. It is an empire based on psychopathic materialism and lot of other blatantly evil spite for the human population of the world. At this point, it is hard to identify any previous government that was quite this evil. She was evil from birth, rejecting all divine standards, instead insisting that something totally ungodly was indeed His will — part of the definition of blasphemy. In fact, it meets the definition of the Unforgivable Sin: blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. A part of that is insisting that God’s Spirit promotes something God’s Word says is evil. This implies a number of things: that God is not internally consistent, that He has not revealed things clearly enough, etc. To the degree allies of the US participate in all of this, they must be likewise regarded as evil. The Western Empire was fallen from the start, and is falling because it has rotted from inside.

We should hardly be surprised when the officials in these governments exhibit a certain level of panic in attempting to maintain the system that keeps them in power. It’s the nature of fallen human character that evil crescendos just before it implodes. Perversion cannot build, only destroy. This behavior broadly brings us into a time of tribulation. Yet, we know prophetically that tribulation is a visitation of God. His cleansing hand is a blessing to us, even if our flesh is discomforted for a time. On this blog, so long as the service remains available for my ministry, you should expect to read about how these things affect my individual calling, and things I might urge you to consider as ways to keep His glory shining in the midst of collapse.

Keep your eyes on His glory, not me.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Called to Glory

  1. I need your help. I wrote a blog post “God-given Sovereign Freedom!” this morning and saved it and it immediately disappeared from My site and all attempts to get help from wordpress is stymied. What can I do to retrieve it?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I can’t offer any secret tricks not already explained in the FAQ and help system for WordPress. In similar circumstances I’ve found stuff automatically saved at some point in the list of posts. On top of that, most of my posts start as a text file on my computer where I write it all out, edit and correct, then post (and sometimes edit again). That way I have a copy of important posts to recycle as needed.


  3. Thanks Ed! I appreciate your input and suggestion. God bless you! ~Yvonne


  4. forrealone says:

    I use Ed’s method as well, using my WordPad app. I, too, have “lost” posts. Way easier to cut n paste to a new post that way!


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