Western Education Is Morally Equivalent to Torture

The Fall can be defined as usurping God’s throne in your own soul.

God is Creator, having woven into all Creation His moral character. To understand Creation at all is to understand first God’s moral character — AKA His divine justice. This obliges us to make a good faith effort to understand His character and justice through contemplation of His revealed Law Covenants. All truth is personal; acquaintance with the Person of God is acquaintance with ultimate reality. The point behind the Fall narrative is that we understand we are not naturally inclined to give a rat’s butt for what God says, and by nature are blind to His justice. More, we are arrogantly inclined to resist His revelation.

Human reason is inherently arrogant while self-deceived. Our minds are wired to claim some objective reasoning and logic, when in reality it is simply self-will. And because we are not internally integrated in our fallen state, we can pretend our logic is something external to us because following that kind of reasoning tends to disappoint our grosser lusts. So we have enthroned our reason as the ultimate dictator in deciding what is good, right and moral. It comes from within, but we project it externally as our true god. Yet we find a great many different people pressing their own conflicting logical answers, and mutually excluding the very reasonable logic of others if the answers don’t please. “That makes no sense because it doesn’t meet the tests of my personal logic.” Everyone ignores how they are committed to something less than logical.

So long as we remain in the fallen state, the only alternative to reason is emotional desire and mere human sentiment. The intellect is inherently unable to rise above itself, so it cannot reason it’s way to a higher understanding. God’s truth is not within reach of the mind. Anything that doesn’t meet the tests of logic is rejected as something less than reason. God is excluded because His demands are most certainly unreasonable.

God in His revelation makes it plain that He alone can solve this intractable problem. He promises to plant His own Person in our souls, but only on the condition that we enthrone His Presence and force our minds to accept the role of servant. The mind is violently opposed to this demotion, so it requires a power greater than anything inside of us. We note that a great many people struggle with the most basic level of surrender. Whole swathes of Christianity insist that faith must meet the tests of logic. Believers evince a fear that they will be rejected by non-believers, not taken seriously, as if it were their personal responsibility to sell the gospel logically. It’s an attempt to manipulate people into a false faith. This is folly.

To fully appreciate anything we see around us requires that we examine it through eyes of faith. It also requires I take a moment to explain the meaning of that popular religious phrase, because eyes of faith are not eyes of reason or tradition, but eyes of some far higher capability that arise from God’s Presence in the soul. It is not merely a better informed logic, or a higher level of reason, but something entirely beyond logic and reason. It requires seeing the world in light of revelation, a much higher realm of thinking and understanding.

Reason asserts that because we can discern some elements of how people are guided in their decisions, then it must be a simple matter of adjusting those elements. But instead of a godly partnership with the person who needs adjustment, we seek ways to force those changes outside their cooperative will. Faith does not deny that humans are vulnerable to a certain amount of manipulation. It is a false trust in reason to assume we can resist on logic alone, even as we use logic to overcome free will. We deny that there could be a higher faculty above intellect, but revelation is how we understand by faith that without faith, we have no resistance to well-crafted manipulation.

This is how we come to the unspeakable evils of oppression, torture, and senseless slaughter. It turns the whole realm of moral consideration on its head; it is the very definition of perversion. This is why we can justly assert current Western education is from Hell. It bears almost no resemblance to what God intended and commanded in His revelation. It presumes to control a host of things inside the child that God said He alone must rule. Western education is inherently anti-God, as are most Western attempts to guide human behavior.

Western psychology presumes to muck about in God’s territory. While it is possible to use some portions of research into human behavior, it requires going back and reexamining everything from a wholly different orientation. The facts must be reordered by a divine purpose. It requires first and foremost embracing the revelation of God in terms of what He requires of people who lead and guide others, and forcefully rejecting all the intrusive and sick attempts to shape humans on some fundamental psychic level. We are not gods, able to so thoroughly understand human nature that we can usurp God’s designs and reshape people into our own image of perfection.

You cannot hope to please God when you rule out from the beginning everything He said He requires of us.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to Western Education Is Morally Equivalent to Torture

  1. wildcucumber says:

    So as though it isn’t tough enough to come into this world fallen, there’s the conspiracy to keep us there that begins as soon as we’re old enough to understand language. Yet still there are those who can see and at least try to throw off some of the shackles. Although that was a dark post, I see reason for a certain measure of optimism.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Oh, quite so; the optimism and light is in us. That we see now is all the proof we need that God is at work and mightily so.


  3. emily says:

    Great article, thanks for writing it. For many years I was out of harmony with God and although I followed Him, I didn’t worship Him the way I should have. Inside my own head I was trying to resist Him, because I didn’t feel worthy of his love, and the result was great friction between us. now that I have self-worth, I have accepted Him as my God and Father and can pray to Him. We didn’t make the rules (although we like to think we did), it was God who made them so we cannot choose which ones we’d like to follow. You may as well pick out which Commandments you like, and refuse the rest of them. It’s just not possible.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    How right you are, Emily. We are the creatures, not the Creator. Thanks.


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