Zionism: Give It Time

So far I’ve managed to avoid painting a target on myself, in that I’ve not noticed any pressure from Zionists. If you’ve read much here at all, you know that I am no fan of the modern State of Israel, nor the political movement called Zionism. But it arises more from my opposition to the roots of Christian Zionism: Dispensational Theology.

I teach that Zionism arises from rejecting the actual Covenant of Moses and perverting it into something with only a superficial resemblance. There is ample historical evidence that Judaism is a blatant departure from Hebrew intellectual traditions, but arises from exposure to Hellenistic philosophy. Anyone with just a little education in such things can discern the radical departure from everything God gave them. I teach that God didn’t simply choose the Hebrew intellectual heritage, but designed and developed it Himself as the one valid frame of reference for understanding His Creation. We can easily trace the development of Hebrew thought, and just as easily trace how Jews abandoned it after Alexander the Great swept through, conquering and preaching Hellenism. It’s all on record. Judaism, and the resulting Zionist politics, are a blasphemous rejection of God’s revelation. Until the modern State of Israel goes back to the original Hebraic understanding of the Law of Moses, and embraces specifically how Jesus taught it, they are fighting God. That’s all we really have to understand about this, because only a fool would join their folly.

I don’t have to delve into the Holocaust or wild mythologies of how Jews run things. Have you seen some of the outrageous, cartoonish nonsense people splatter in forums and in comments to articles and blogs? I do contend we should act as if there is a shadowy group controlling things, but one that it is not specifically Jewish in nature. And I have taken the time to explore some of the ugly stuff hidden away in obscure teachings of the Talmud (a massive reading project) to make sure I understand the differences between Judaism and what The Cult does. I firmly believe you can’t criticize things you haven’t actually examined.

Most of all, I avoid any advocacy for activism. For example, I really discourage joining the BDS. Good moral action must first arise from your individual calling and mission in serving Christ. No other human on earth has any claim to deciding for you what that means. They can show you their own choices and make suggestions, but their authority ends with deciding whether or not to include you in their own mission. So while you might sympathize with the underlying idea of BDS, the people who press this idea are not God and cannot speak for Him about your choices.

Walking in Christ’s calling doesn’t necessarily defy human logic, but ignores it. Sure, we recognize how sensible some ideas may seem on lower layers of reasoning, but the moral logic of the heart cannot be formulated intellectually. The only thing your reason is really good for is organizing and implementing something from far above. We can’t even explain how to shift the focus of your consciousness above the intellectual level, only assert that it can and should be done. We call it “walking by faith, not by sight,” despite those words having been hijacked for something that isn’t really faith, but some kind of man-made religion.

Faith is that ineffable call from Heaven, the tug of the Spirit; religion is merely the human response to that indescribable longing. If you can write it in words, it can reflect faith, but it is only religion. If you can organize it in human activity, it’s only religion. But all the traditional forms of religious organization are distinctly contrary to Scripture.

Still, I have managed to attract little direct ire from Zionists or mainstream Christians. But I suppose I’m about as ready as can be when it does come. I’m not feeling threatened, so you can’t call it paranoia. Watching the trends, anyone can discern the growth pattern of the propaganda war. It seems to track closely the increasing militancy and unconscionable behavior of the State of Israel through her citizens and officials. All you have to do is read some of the earlier statements of Zionist hopes to realize they never intended to honor any of their promises to Gentiles. You can read that in the Talmud, in their obscure political palaver, and in their actions. The only time they back off at all is when waiting for a chance to try again when opposition has been restrained by some means. So we reasonably expect they will eventually try to silence every critic. Absolutism is a fundamental feature of this beast.

And it will fail, because God is not in it. That’s been my point all along. Everything about this flouts the clear Word of God. The only way any Christian can claim to see Scripture behind current political reality is to buy into the teaching of the Pharisees, and Judaism as it now exists is essentially some flavor of Pharisaism. So this is nothing more than one more human political empire-building exercise, working through a deeply flawed Western Civilization, and the whole thing is on the verge of collapse even now. Blaming all this evil on God is blasphemous, and He won’t let it stand much longer.

So I take the position of someone watching from a distance. At some point there won’t be room to back off very much and I’ll get splattered by the orgy of violence, maybe even killed by it. I feel like a sports reporter on the sidelines, hoping I can keep the broadcast entertaining without finding the action crashing down on me. Meanwhile, Israel tries to rewrite the rules of play to favor themselves. It doesn’t require any particular brilliance to realize that Israel will keep raising the ante until they get what they want or the whole world decides it can’t tolerate their insufferable chutzpah any longer. Who wants to bet the Zionists will win this game?

With all the crazy stuff going on in our world today, I know that my own divine calling requires I keep an eye on Israel. They keep testing the limits, but typically try to run a distraction operation so folks won’t notice until it’s too late to stop them. I can’t guess the tipping point, any more than I can guess who will take the lead and what portion of humanity it takes to do the job, but it’s human nature that there are boundaries that no one can cross. It’s highly contextual. We can probably suggest obvious examples of things they can’t get away with, but no single human can predict accurately the direction or degree they’ll go next. It’s that chaotic.

However, we can probably confine our reckoning to things we do know. I suspect it will be several things at once, but given the nature of my calling, I’m predicting something in the area of censorship and the Internet. My heart tells me to expect some new outrage that will evoke a propaganda backlash on the Net. Israel will try through her proxies to silence this virtual yelling and screaming and again go too far because the leadership will have reached the point of no return, so completely surrendered to the madness of the demons driving them. Delusion snowballs that way.

Whether and how it affects my virtual ministry really isn’t important. Instead of worrying about me, I hope you will extrapolate some of this into your own calling and mission. Someone very wisely noted that, had social networking existed in 1948, Israel would not. That is, Zionists would have failed in the glaring light of public notice of the evil they’ve done. They obviously want to push things back to the place where they can keep their actions hidden until it no longer matters. The frenzy will overtake them well before any possible success; that’s human nature. There’s nothing godly about their works.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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