Glorious Chaos

There is no doubt I’m failing in one way or another, but my ministry focus here is not aimed at placing controls and limits on your faith life, but removing the false constraints placed by others. If I suddenly die or become incapacitated, I’m utterly confident your faith and religion will prosper just fine without me. Even while I’m still active, I will encourage you to take your own path.

I didn’t build this thing; it has been there in the Bible all along. I am blessed beyond telling just to have found the glimmer of light shining beyond the veils of falsehood. Jesus spoke about having enough light in you to recognize the light from Heaven, so I can’t be the only one who sees the truth. The living reach out for Life. There is a mass of preparatory work we do now to maximize the eventual transition to Eternity. God has said He’ll do it without us, but He also promised that He would grant to us some measure of realization even now so that Heaven is less of a shock. His glory consists in that preparatory work we do here.

The preparation includes recognizing what is false in this world. There is no particular lifestyle or culture or civilization made by God. What God made transcends those categories, though it did surely manifest in a particular nation, culture and civilization for a brief time on this earth. The Apostles had the monumental task of explaining how the elements we see in that Hebrew presence pointed to something much higher — “rightly dividing” the written record of revelation to see beyond the writing and find the revelation itself. The written record means nothing without the guidance of the Spirit of God, who Himself guided the writing. If we see through the good things done in the Law Covenants, we surely see through the evil done by human imagination.

Perhaps some of you can discern how the West is destroyed. The invasion of the US by mostly Latin Americans, matching somewhat the invasion of Europe by Islamic hordes from Africa and the Middle East, is not the end in itself, but a symptom of the rotten core. It shows that the seeds of destruction are in the fruit of Western Civilization itself. Civilizations do not reproduce; they die giving birth to some other. There are similarities in how the invading hordes of tribes at the Fall of Rome used what Rome built, and how what follows the West will use what the West built. But that some minds purposefully encourage these invasions does not explain why they happen; it’s wired into our fallen nature. It looks like a wise solution to people who think themselves so great and brilliant, but are more assertively fallen than the rest.

Perhaps they imagine that they can remain in power over this stew of new and old ingredients. They will surely try. Do you suppose they will learn from the compromises of the surviving institutional church in Rome as the Germanic hordes washed over the remnants of the Roman Empire? Or will they survive more in the way of the Byzantine half of the Roman Empire? About the only thing we can bet on is that the timeline will be shorter. It’s amusing to imagine them hiding in their bunkers, keeping their old system alive but exercising power over only their internal functions while the outside world goes on about the business of building their own future.

We who serve the Creator prefer to remain outside, seeking in the midst of chaos to bring the peace of the heart-led life of Christ. Real peace is only possible internally, and on a level above the mind. Indeed, the existence of external chaos enhances our chances of being heard by the few God brings to awareness of Himself. Survival is not our goal; we seek to exploit human chaos in favor of divine glory.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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