November Update to Win10 Broken

I’m not mocking Microsoft, just declaring things end-user need to know.

There’s a post on Infoworld that seems to describe three big flaws in the most recent updates to Win10 (AKA “threshold 2”).

1. If you have any SD cards inserted into the device, it tends to freeze at the 44% mark and never finishes.

2. It uninstalls a bunch of very popular system monitoring applications, including some protective stuff like SpyBot. You can reinstall them, but you have to wonder what kind if incompetence or meanness this is.

3. If you haven’t been using Win10 at least 31 days, you don’t get this update at all. Seems it has something to do with whether you can roll back to your previous version of Windows (7 or 8.x).

I’ve also seen mentioned that anything you’ve done to modify system settings away from the defaults is subject to reset without notice. That is, MS will undo some or all of the changes you’ve made in your system settings, like turning off some of the telemetry snooping.

On a vaguely related note: Some of you are aware of the UK’s new “Snooper’s Charter” that all encryption services and software must have a backdoor for the government. Most Open Source systems won’t/can’t accommodate such a demand. So if you are running Linux in the UK, and you use encryption on your stuff in any way, you will likely be in violation of the law. So far, I’ve not heard of any UK Linux users being harassed about it, but it does seem to be where things are headed. Suddenly, a whole segment of the population is declared illegal for something they’ve done most of their lives?

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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