Parabolic Heart

In this realm of existence, parables and symbolic logic are the only way we can indicate where to find God’s truth.

One of the hardest mental habits to break is the binary approach to reality. On a certain obvious level, things do appear binary in nature, but it’s just an overlay. Further, it’s a frame of reference that excludes a broader organic awareness that is truly necessary to move beyond the mere mechanical details. You need to sense the living essence of things, not merely the physical manifestation. Without that broader awareness, we’ll never understand what matters; we’ll never have the proper moral grasp of how to use the mechanics. So it is the heart must train the mind to open up and accept a wealth of things that intellect cannot generate from its own limited capacity.

In that sense, my struggle to teach these things relies entirely upon your heart to find God’s truth in my expressions, and then to declare to your mind that this is so. If your heart doesn’t recognize anything in what I write, I’m just wasting electrons.

The philosophical question of whether moral evil actually exists, or whether it is merely the absence of good, is intellectually entertaining, but it’s morally silly. Evil is just a label within the narrative of the soul. Broadly, it’s a contextual label that allows us to avoid acting inconsistently with God’s character. Clinging to good and warding off evil is not some fundamental truth, just a frame of reference. Beyond that, we need not explore all the intellectual implications because the mind can’t discover the final truth of the matter. All I need to know is to label as “evil” anything that draws me off the path God established for me.

The same can be said of physical violence. In itself, a violent act may be evil or good, not in some absolute sense of binary logic, but in the context. Maybe you’ll observe me in a violent act and be repulsed, but my own heart may be very much at peace about it. It’s not that I regard violence as good or bad in itself, but as a tool that is unpleasant even when it seems necessary in the context. Sure, some part of me really enjoys it, but it’s neither that this part of me is evil nor good. It just is. The morally proper thing to do is recognize that it exists and that it ain’t going away while I live in this body. If anything, it’s the necessary wiring to act when the time comes.

Apply this to current reality: The Cult thrives on senseless conflict. That is, they seek to provoke human conflict, in part because it maximizes their opportunities to steer human behavior broadly. A necessary precondition is division that seems very real and based on the very essence of our human existence. Today it’s liberal versus conservative, or whatever other labels you might like. Neither is good or bad, but the game requires you commit more or less to one or the other to preserve the binary illusion. There’s a hook in the game to capture everyone — everyone whose awareness is not rooted in their hearts. Thus, virtually the entire realm of what we experience is tailored to prevent even so much as the awareness of a heart-mind, and to keep us focused on the intellectual realm where logic becomes the excuse for all sorts of blind lusts.

See with the eyes of your heart. You’ll notice that the liberals were provoked to advocating humane acceptance of war refugees, a kind of “they deserve better.” Then in the midst of this tidal wave of migration, hidden forces terrorize us and blame the migrants. So the conservatives are provoked to allegedly noble defense against these barbaric folks with their alien lifestyle and Islamic cultural outlook. We are at the end of the pendulum swing promoting liberal stuff, and there simply must be a forceful push back the other way for awhile. The current impetus is hatred for Islam. Looks to me as though the pretense is thin, but it’s probably going to work.

And if this Wild West mentality results in global war, so much the better for The Cult.

It’s not that the answer lies in some more nuanced reasoning, but the answer is in knowing for certain God’s calling on your life. It hurts nothing to be aware of all the various threads of social mythology, if only because you have to declare your message into that context. But the true issue is bringing Him glory through the calling on your soul. Following your heart-mind will do just that. Don’t trust your own intellect, but keep your focus of awareness in a higher plane, in the moral realm of the heart.

Parables are the language of the heart.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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