Pastoral: Fear Not WW3

If you read much news you’ve already heard mention of WW3 as a varying possibility — the possibility varies with who is saying what, and in what context. Most current chatter focuses on Russia and/or China versus NATO and friends.

This is my Father’s world; the Creator can steer events to suit His whims. Should He permit something that resembles a global conflict between current superpowers, that’s His business. Insofar as there are folks who think they can make it happen or stop it, it’s just their imagination. By now you should understand that the most powerful humans in the world aren’t silly enough to worry about it either way (that’s ambiguous by intent). We already have armed conflict of some sort over most of the world in the first place.

Keep in mind that it’s pretty arrogant of Westerners to insist that anything involving them is globally important. Calling those previous two conflicts “World War” is simply the story told by the winning side. The winning side was not more noble, just had better resources to keep slugging when the other side ran out. We have long since moved into a different reality, where that kind of warfare has no meaning. The ancient Medieval concept of surrender and armistice means nothing these days, so recognizing this or that border and certain rights of commerce and passage won’t last as long as the paper on which they are written. The UN itself is a silly relic of that bygone era.

The West is dead, decaying into dust.

That doesn’t mean that the relentless provocations of Western governments will be ignored forever. It just waits on the ingenuity of the victims to decide how they respond. Given what we’ve seen, it’s hardly likely that such actions would match the propaganda predictions of Western mouthpieces. For that matter, you can bet the biggest threat to the American people, for example, is their own government. Even that is measured merely in terms of what Americans tend to want and expect in their perverted grasp of reality.

Yet, if you understand this Fallen Realm with your heart-mind, then you realize I am not suggesting you simply rebel against the government in some way that is personally meaningful. In fact, I’m just fine with you wearing a military uniform and saluting the flag with a tear in your eye and lump in your throat. Those symbols can still hold meaning in your calling from God. No other human in this world can define for you what is morally meaningful; that’s between you and the God who speaks through your convictions.

But if you have any meaningful connection to your convictions — your moral conscience emanating from your heart-mind — then you already know that God has a mission for you and you can’t fear what men do. That’s the point here. We live by the heart-mind; while we dearly love the Creator’s handiwork and rejoice in His mercy and goodness, our hope is not here in this realm of existence. What we celebrate here is that pervasive link to the Spirit Realm.

It’s certainly not wrong to pay attention to all the crap everyone else believes while they ignore the call of Eternity in their hearts. How else can we help them? So in your calling is likely some indicator of what human interests are your mission field; read the news stories about those interests and keep track of the sewage you’ll have to counter with sweet washing truth. Don’t buy into their fears.

We are not concerned with the results of these things on the human scale of consideration. What drives us forward is the undying fire of hope that they will see our faith and want it for themselves. Let them awaken the link to their own hearts; where it goes from there is between the individual and God.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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