The Wrong Right

The backlash from the Right is upon us.

Keep in mind that I do not support any part of the system, so don’t get any silly ideas that I might actually favor any of the figures involved in the current political scene. I might admire certain traits and their political skills from a distance, but I want no part of their world.

So perhaps you are aware that Donald Trump as presidential candidate is leading in the Republican polls. He is very much the Alpha Male in this race in terms of voter popularity. You may recall I jokingly suggested that he needs to hire some thugs to kill or put the screws to a large number of Republican party apparatchiks. I was only half-joking in the sense that I don’t actually advocate such violence, but I honestly believe he can’t win any other way. Apparently the apparatchiks have begun planning their own game. Were you aware that there was some violence against Ron Paul’s delegates back when he ran for president? And he didn’t have a chance, so there was really no need beyond sheer intimidation. With Trump’s very real lead in the polls, you can be sure the party leadership will use violence against his organization. We might not hear much about it, but I’m willing to bet it happens. The Neocons will never permit the least measure of fairness. Their bitterness is bottomless.

Meanwhile, the one candidate most likely now to actually win this threatened floor fight is Marco Rubio. Take note of the promises he makes, because you can be sure he will honestly try to keep them. The few decent things Obama has done will be rolled back, and all the worst he has done will be pushed to extremes. But I’m willing to bet the Republican Party will nominate Rubio regardless of whom the voters support. Gone are the days of keeping up appearances of democracy; naked power plays are the new normal.

Of course, I’m not ruling out any surprises. Violence against the candidates themselves would not be entirely new. That may return. And there’s always room for some other kinds of big surprises. It’s not just some slender differences in policy outcomes between Trump and Rubio; they aren’t that different. It’s that Trump is his own man, and we haven’t had anything but empty suits for the longest time in the Oval Office. The system will not permit real leadership from the office itself.

And a part of me wonders just how violent things may be. This is the part where I hope I’m mistaken, but the violence has just begun. So far our government has lied about every single episode of senseless brutality that made the news, and routinely lies in court about the stuff that doesn’t make the news. You don’t have to believe it’s all false flags, but all the way back to at least JFK’s assassination, the reflexive deception has been a major factor in every incident beyond routine petty crime. So all the supposed changes meant to protect us are no such thing; they are to protect elite privilege and nothing more.

The boiling cauldron of right-wing violence is about to spill over. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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