Bits and Pieces 19

Who you are as a unique individual is rooted in the Spirit Realm. Without connecting to that, there is no possible way you can know what you were made for, and the best path to peace in your soul.

Yesterday I made a hard ride downtown to the county courthouse. It’s almost a straight shot once I get on NE/NW 4th street. I made an equally hard ride back; about 7 miles each way. I paid the taxes on the trailer house, then got instructions on how to change the ownership so I don’t pay them again. Today I decided to vary my routine and drove into Bricktown, the little entertainment district on the SE corner of downtown filled with expensive restaurants, clubs, the ballpark and some touristy crap. It’s also where one of the bike trails ends. When I rode that trail to said end I discovered there was still free parking close to downtown.

But it was a half-mile walk to the courthouse. I was almost there and remembered I had my handy small lockblade in my pouch and can’t take it in the door of the building. So I ditched it. I think it’s a small loss ($9 US) for the freedom I gained. All the paperwork was processed and it’s not my problem any more. My son has until the end of the month to pay the fees for getting a new title issued in his name at any local state tag agent.

The latest abomination from Microsoft is this big prompt that pops up on the screen asking if you want to get Win10 now or overnight — as if you had no other options. Of course, you can click and close the window, but it will come back again and again and again. So when I saw that on my wife’s desktop system, I finally went and removed all that Win10 upgrade crap.

On at least a dozen forums I’ve visited, you’ll always find the propagandists insisting you don’t know what you’re doing and if you don’t trust Microsoft there is really something wrong with you. Here’s the answer to that argument:

1. You’re right that I don’t know as much about Windows as Microsoft does.
2. But there is only one expert on what’s in my best interest: me.
3. Microsoft has a long and established record of showing contempt for what Windows users want, so there is no reason at all to trust them on something like this. Not when plenty of folks have proved (in court, no less) that Microsoft has lied repeatedly about this stuff.
4. I guess that makes all those stout defenders a liar, too.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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