The Server, Part 2 (Updated)

The monitor and tower are here together. Unfortunately, the latter did not come with keyboard and mouse, so I am unable to confirm much else about it. Looking inside tells me only that it is designed to last with fancy convenience features for accessing various parts of it. For example, the slide-out hard drive bays lie in the bottom of the case and face out toward the side panel opening, there is a huge cooling block and fan setup, and so forth. I can use the Dell product key to tell you what it had when sold, but the vendor on eBay insists it now has a lots more.

Now, Office Depot apologized and it appears I’ll get the battery backup later this afternoon. I also ordered a keyboard and mouse kit from Walmart because it was easy to arrange in-store pickup today. I’ll post image(s) and stuff later, so check back this evening for updates on this post.

On a related note, I am thinking I’ll just leave this blog here as it currently exists, and keep a copy of it at home. I read up on how to download the database that includes the entire content. However, once I get a separate facility running closer to my geographical location, I will probably start from where this one leaves off, and link back the posts from the new blog here. I’m pretty sure I want to run something simpler than WordPress, so I’m looking at things like Blosxom and other fast-loading stuff. I ran WordPress on an account I had several years ago, and then tested something a friend of mine developed. WordPress is big, complicated and a lot of work to maintain.

Check back later.


Update: It’s nothing glorious, just a fast quad-core from the Vista Era of hardware. I use headphones instead of speakers. It’s hard to get a wired mouse and keyboard so I’ve got a wireless set that will do for now. Since I type so much, I decided to put the mouse on the table next to me. I’ll spend a week or two just getting stuff set up for normal use while I’m reading up on network protocols and Linux systems administration in general. This will take awhile, but we are on the road and I am determined to make this thing talk to you folks who want to hear from it.

By the way, this big monitor was cheaper than a lot of smaller ones.

Oh, and we got the battery backup this afternoon. The system is complete almost complete, church; you now own a nice “facility” for our meetings. Next I’ll save up for a second Gigabyte ethernet card and a second hard drive for backup. Those can wait awhile and I’m not going to do any more fund requests. I’d rather you gave some donations to my dear Sister and ministry associate, Wildcucumber. She lives in Canada where food prices are soaring right now, so you can guess what the cost of living in general is like.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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