It’s Coming Home

Could you have predicted it?

We are watching the West implode. The cultural milieu has run its course and we are watching something new forming from the ashes. Even Western self-awareness of cultural birth and development is biased, but if what we can eke from past records means anything at all, we learn that catastrophe is rare. Disaster movies are just fiction. That is, people seem to keep on living in the midst of dramatic cultural shift. You would rightly get the impression that everything makes perfectly good sense to folks within the context of events. In a world where the heart-mind is considered dangerous mythology, it’s not hard for those with a vivid heart-led awareness to see what comes next.

But you do need some distance between yourself and the thing you evaluate. If you live by the heart, you would at first despise, then feel deep sadness and cynicism about the obvious flawed assumptions that steer social behavior at large. On the one hand, the average human does buy into the basic notion of conspiracies because it’s just too obvious that there is so much money and power possible via mass manipulation. And the masses are so easily manipulated, despite the broad individual awareness of it among the masses. That’s because Western culture induces a kind of schizophrenia, that we can’t break certain rules and customs or we lose everything in our resistance to those who pretend to herd us. We don’t want to destroy all the good things of our way of life, just get rid of those who take more than their fair share. That sort of self-deception is part of the mythology. It’s meant to make us feel isolated and vulnerable.

Without chasing the particulars too far, the folks who seem to take more than their share of power and wealth do suffer some confusion arising from the false assumption that their advantages are inherent in themselves and permanent. Exceedingly rare is the plutocrat who doesn’t take himself/herself too seriously. For them, it’s obvious they got there by some natural superiority. So it goes to their heads, but the real issue is not superior talent; it’s merely their ambition for something that offers such a small advantage. And it requires you back away from the materialism of the whole mess to realize that a huge number of those dominated could easily replace the plutocrats so that the entire scene could be reenacted with different faces doing exactly the same things. It is neither wholly random nor by inherent superiority, but who rules in a materialistic Western society is decided above the human level.

Things are decided in the Spirit Realm. But so very much of the factoring is generously revealed from Heaven. All it takes is turning from your intellect to your heart as the root of conscious awareness. Once you grasp the moral fabric of reality, it’s too easy to predict results based on what’s given. I’m not smarter than you. I might be farther down the path on a few issues, but don’t swallow my narrative. Write your own. Take advantage of your own divine gift of perception from the heart and filter out what won’t fit your divine call. Be aware that some of what you sensed years ago was probably your heart trying to break through your heedless intellect and prepare you for God’s coming actions. We are called to see with moral clarity and act on it.

Some years ago, despite the obvious drift of society toward the “progressive” social and political deception, some part of me knew there would be a reactionary shift at some point. Try to step back from the false debate of left versus right here, even as you realize that some individual ideas from each might appear to reflect moral truth. What you see is fake; it is built on ignoring fundamental moral imperatives. It dissects moral law and reassembles the bits into a monster. The whole thing stands on a collection of false assumptions about reality itself, so even when they get some particular issue right, they are still fundamentally wrong on both sides. The pendulum swing of common political perception is natural in our society as people get a taste of the fruit from each of the partisan teams. Society bounces off two false walls that serve only to keep them inside the shooting gallery. Right now we see the herd colliding into the useful limits of Western liberalism. They recover at varying rates, and as latecomers still collide behind them, the mass momentum is starting to turn back to the right.

As you might expect, some few plutocrats are fully aware of how this stuff works. Again, they aren’t superior, just not blind to obvious even as they seek to blind others. They are in a position to see all of this and strive to hide it from the herds because they are counting on taking profit from the action. My part is not to take profit, but exploit it for the glory of Our Creator. If I can see it, so can you.

The half-truth of Keynesian economics drove the West to the peak of prosperity some years ago, and now it’s unraveling. Not because the Austrian School was right all along — that’s another bag of half-truth. Rather, it’s because materialism itself is cyclical, with cycles inside of even grander cycles between whole civilizations. These cycles are not wholly obvious to social sciences (tied as they are to Western Civilization in the first place) but we use some of the limited grasp of Western social sciences to inform and provide a language for our moral perception. We know that social stability (the summum bonum in God’s Laws) rests on a balance between moral integrity (such as it is) and material prosperity. A shift in one affects the other. We’ve seen how oppressive moral strictures bind economic advancement. We also know that too much material stuff means moral decay. This is a shadow of the higher moral truth that when folks get fat, they get sassy with God. Through ancient moral wisdom, we can see that some things never change.

And as the false prosperity unravels, people are looking for a moral scapegoat. Who shall we blame for taking what is rightfully ours? It really doesn’t matter what or whom they choose for that role, there simply must be a scapegoat. Worldly wise plutocrats are both hastening the collapse and providing the scapegoats in the form of refugees. First, the plutocrats provoke conflicts in relatively stable and prosperous countries because those countries don’t kiss the imperial ring of Western superiority. Worse, those stable countries aren’t vulnerable to Western financial rape. So with a thin veneer of “democratic values” the West provokes the ever-present malcontents and claims to support the “justified” complaints in order to destroy the system. Chaotic and corrupt government over a territory makes it ripe for Western exploitation. When simple internal strife isn’t big enough, the West creates a false exteranal threat through some proxy. When things get tough at home, some portion of the population is always ready to leave. And the West uses the same paid provocateurs to drive the folks into Western countries.

Given that the Western plutocrats have already plundered their own people to the limits of the existing system, it’s time to bring that instability and discord home to open up more opportunities for plunder. Whether the herds see and understand what’s going on doesn’t matter; there is always a resident segment of the population that will play to the script and this is what gets reported. The herds feel individually isolated, feeling powerless to take what limited action they think might solve the problem. They do eventually find each other, but the plutocrats are already seeding the response with hired henchmen who will play the extremist cards.

Do you really think the mass drunken groping in Cologne was a surprise to the plutocrats? They already knew that the young single men driven from places like Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq would seem to Westerners as raping goons with no conscience:

What happened in Cologne happens regularly in my homeland, Pakistan. The men are never ashamed, never feel guilty, never show remorse about the way they treat women in that part of the world. The men who sexually harassed girls in Cologne were not demented; they knew what they were doing. And I am sure they did it with absolute contempt for the European culture, its norms and its people.

And will anyone be surprised when a moralist reaction rises among the Germans? Do you not already understand that the plutocrats have been funding fascist thug organizations all along? Here in the US, you cannot find any local Klan chapter that isn’t infiltrated and even led by federal agents. In some cases, the entire organization is federal plants, though sometimes from different agencies, in a kind of comical Keystone Kops show of watching each other with deep suspicion. Of course, spies from various federally approved “civil rights” organizations are there, too. It’s no different from various animal rights and other “eco” organizations, riddled with federal spies. You shouldn’t imagine that the various European governments are any different, keeping their agents inside both left and right “terrorist” organizations. Dare I mention the spies working in religious groups, too?

With the plutocrats, it’s a simple matter that there must be a moral weakness in every flavor of human. It’s never a question of whether humans can be bought, only a matter of the price. Provide enough variety in distractions and there won’t be much genuine resistance left.

But they aren’t the only ones seeing this and seeking to exploit it. The difference is that you and I as heart-led believers aren’t interested in worldly outcomes. Quite the opposite; we are interested in otherworldly outcomes, but we want them visible here insofar as it’s possible. That’s the whole point. So if you can see all this noise and fury for what it is, you are ready to follow your divine call into whatever part of the big picture is God’s mission for you in His glory. Glory to His name is the plunder God seeks.

There will be a right-wing backlash, and more left-wing backlash to the backlash, but a significant portion of the herds will now drift right with substantial momentum. Don’t be surprised when that momentum destroys the thin chalk-powder imagery so carefully laid in the streets by left-wing propagandists. If chaos and violence were not already bad enough, it’s about to get much worse, much more widespread. And please: Don’t forget that this all mixes in with the virtual world, as well. The wars are coming home; don’t be caught off guard. We can infiltrate better than any earthly agency because we stand on the moral fabric of Creation itself, and are supported by Heaven.

Most of all, be ready to exploit the folly of the plutocrats, too.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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