Cycling: Hard Ride to Edmond

3400S-I35SvcRdEdomondIt wasn’t my intent, but turning this into a hard training ride was about all that was left. We had a south wind and rising temperatures today. I took advantage of it and rode north to Lake Arcadia on Midwest Boulevard. I got to Memorial Road in really good time, turned left and hit it almost head-on because it was actually more like a SSW wind. So I crossed the bridge-dam and turned right along I-35 Service Road. Low and behold was this little gem sitting near the road (image upper left). It’s an ancient water tower in front of an equally ancient cabin and barn.

BoysRanchTownEdmondUp and around the corner to the right is the Boys Ranch Town. That’s a Southern Baptist thing; it’s been moved once or twice over the decades. When I was in college it was still north of Downtown OKC around NW63rd and Pennsylvania Avenue. That location is now a billion-dollar business park called “Waterford.” The current facility is huge, with at least a half-dozen very large homes. They fit right in out here with the mansions; I assure you the palatial samples of conspicuous consumption got downright tiresome.

ParkClosed1And while the terrain was hilly and a good workout, the experience itself kind of went downhill, so to speak.ParkClosed2 The first park was new and still under construction. I straightened up the banner on the gate so it was readable. The second one said I had to pay cash just to come in the gate and look around. I’ve never thought highly of Edmond’s City government, so this offers no real surprise.

ColtraneNnrNE122ndOKCSo I simply reversed course westward on Edmond’s SE 15th (same as OKC’s NE 164th) and rode to Coltrane. That’s the same as Sunnylane Road farther south, but it changes around the point where it crosses the North Canadian. Anyway, the perspective on this little camera disguises what a monster hill that was looking back down toward the turnpike. Most of this was familiar terrain from previous rides and I just kept my head down and my legs cranking. By now the headwind from the south was stiff and I had to shed some clothing, but I made it back in decent time. It was about 35 miles.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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