My Soul Is Disturbed

You can ignore this if you don’t have time, but I simply must write something and lighten this massive load on my soul. Yeah, I’ve posted a bunch of stuff for any day of the week, much less a Saturday when readership is typically low, so I realize many of my regulars won’t see this until later, if at all.

For those who’ve read this much: I pray that God Almighty make a fool of me and that I’m completely mistaken. Otherwise, another wave of tribulation is on top of us. That much is in my heart, never mind what my head might know. I’m not depressed, but this is almost like a physical discomfort and tears are brimming in my eyes as my fingers fumble over this fancy keyboard.

But this time my brain imagines it has supporting evidence that makes it all sensible, too. Maybe you are aware that Deutsche Bank is facing a loss of investor confidence. The bank’s managers complain that this is unjustified and are taking steps to prove they have enough cash on hand to handle normal debt operations. What no one in the mainstream press wants to tell you is that broad investor confidence is more valuable to them than actual cash. What do you suppose would happen if folks simply stopped trusting banks with their money? It’s just a short step from admitting that the entire banking system is just rigged up nonsense resting entirely on common consent of folks like you and me. Lose that and all that money we are told we owe them for things like mortgages and credit cards suddenly becomes a groundless claim that we might refuse to honor. The one thing that makes bankers tremble and lose sleep at night is that folks might one day decide they don’t owe the banks anything.

It’s the same thing that terrifies government officials. What happens when this vast mass of humanity they govern simply stops paying attention to their grave pronouncements? What happens when those governed withdraw their consent to be governed? There aren’t enough cops and troops together to overwhelm the rest of us. They know that, but to make sure we don’t think about it, they shoot up some crazy folks in Oregon and arrest Cliven Bundy in Nevada.

Just a reminder here: I’m not cheering for any side in this mess. It’s all wrong and God is taking it apart in His own way, pouring out His wrath pretty much as depicted in the Book of Revelation. So I’m not thrilled with where this is all going, but I’m hardly thrilled with any part of how we got here, either. I advocate you hunker down and try to stay off the radar of any side. We have some serious work on our hands seeking to exploit this mess for God’s glory. I want you to have a clear mind and brave commitment to carry you through. We can’t afford to exclude anyone when it comes to showing God’s mercy, so don’t get caught up in popular enthusiasm and equally popular hatreds.

But this business of people slowly noticing that it all stands on mass hypnosis of confidence in the system makes the folks who benefit from the system worried. So they need to distract us. Now I am hardly the only idiot to realize most of the noise in the news is aimed at distracting everyone. You may also recall that Turkey has been desperately trying to provoke Russia. Erdogan appears completely wacko. Having already seen that shooting down that Russian bomber didn’t work, he’s now firing artillery, missiles and mortars into Syrian territory. Mostly he’s hitting Kurdish forces who are allied with Syrian government forces. His excuse is that all Kurds are his enemy, but I find it quite odd that he’s bombing a particular batch of Kurdish forces supported by the US. Still, nobody is blind to his ambition to prevent Syria from regaining control of Aleppo. Everyone, including ISIS and the rebel forces being threatened in Aleppo, has been saying all along that if Assad recovers his control over Aleppo, the war is pretty much over in Syria. And Erdogan and friends have already lost a lot of money from Russian assistance to Assad, so they are desperate to keep control over Aleppo through their rebel proxies. At this point, Erdogan is almost ready to officially invade to save his proxy army. And the Saudis have sent warplanes to support this Turkish invasion.

That’s just a bare outline sketch; the deeper you go into the details, the crazier it gets. Again, I’m not cheering anyone on this. I’m not in favor of the Ruskies, NATO, Syrians, ISIS, Turks or anyone else. I will suggest the sanest course is to leave folks alone and stop provoking wars, but you and I both know that ain’t gonna happen. No one in this mess is holy; God is steering events to suit His divine whims. We shall see where He takes things in due course. But God has no team on the field in the sense that any of them are paying attention to what He wants. They all claim He is on their side, but are worshiping gods that don’t exist.

What causes me so much sorrow is knowing what this means for us back here at home. The plutocrats who imagine that they are steering these things have some truly nasty plans that will mean unspeakable sorrow. And they don’t want you making plans to face that sorrow. This shit could come down on us by Monday morning, with bank holidays and who-knows-what kind of idiocy. I’m not predicting that, but asking you to see it as possible. You and I will see other folks go through such horror and sorrow that it runs the risk of shocking us into inaction. Weep and pray for the millions who will face tribulation without a clue. But at the same time, be ready when it comes, whether Monday or March or next year. This system is breaking down and some parts of it will collapse suddenly. There’s no doubt we will get hurt by some of this stuff, but we should already know that God is taking care us. Whatever we lose we don’t really need, and whatever we keep is just tools for His glory. As long as we identify our interests with His, we will be okay. But how many folks do you know with that kind of faith?

Oh, God has all kinds of tricks up His sleeve and we will see some awesome surprises. Can you imagine? Just this afternoon Supreme Court Justice Scalia died; take a moment to imagine the political mess this makes for the US. He’s one of the stickiest of the five Conservatives against the four Liberals on the Supreme Court. Both sides are misguided and obnoxious as far as I am concerned, but just think of the political instability this creates. It’s just one more major battlefield opened up in our political wars, and it will almost certainly wait for the new President to appoint Scalia’s successor. It now becomes a campaign issue — yeah, we need more of that.

So there’s a part of me that worries about you, my dear flock. I worry that some of you aren’t ready for this. I’ll run myself ragged helping you if you need it, but your suffering and sorrow is the big thing on my shoulders right now. God help us.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to My Soul Is Disturbed

  1. omega says:

    Are we not to lay our burdens on his shoulders? It is already done. We are already perfect and through it. No fear. I personally don’t know the future, but I know I can only take care of my self and take right actions now. I can’t worry about things I have no control of. It matters that each of us not give into the fear. They want us to fear. What is to fear? Death? Ha! So if we count all things as lost other than our spirit, let us each raise that to its highest and let the chips fall where they may. I know what I AM. Each person must make their own choices. We don’t need to know the future if we are listening in the moment. Peace.


  2. forrealone says:

    I can only speak from my point of view and from within my own circumstance. Those who do not live in western “civilizations” have been suffering horribly for centuries. Having grown up and lived in many western and third world countries, I have seen and felt it first hand. When my family settled back in the US, though I was only 12, I recognized how insanely spoiled Americans were. Commissary stores only carry a certain number of items; certainly not a gazillion kinds of cereal, soap and TP. And, young people didn’t use the language that spewed out of my fellow students as they did here in the states.

    My heart has ached my whole life for those less fortunate and I have always shared anything that I had. I still do. I really could go off on a tangent about how I have felt about this and write a book, but this is a comment box, not a column or blog post.

    Yes, compared to what Americans are used to, dependent on and completely snowed by; there will be suffering. But those who have done without, stayed out of the fray and/or didn’t buy into the lies will surely survive as I know I will. And, I will continue to share whatever I have.

    So, don’t worry about me; I truly do not need nor depend on anything of this world and have done without many times in my life as have many.

    But as you and I both know, the ones who have ALWAYS done without will suffer even greater and those who never have will probably suffer greater still. Because, they have been sheltered from the truly painful, the truly ugly and the truly evil powers that have remained hidden for now. It will be a rude, nay, maybe even a terrible awakening for them.

    Yes, my heart will hurt and feel all pain, all sorrows and all their fears, but I am in the shelter of His Wings. Ain’t nothing better than that.


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