Cycling: Early Greening

CndValleySodFarmWhile this image shows a sod farm with specially bred grass that greens up early and stays that way long into the cold of winter, it’s still nice to see. Shade grasses are also green, but the dominant Bermuda grass is still yellow. In the foreground the lilac colored stuff is henbit. It’s edible, but not entirely digestible in the sense that if you eat more than a couple of bites, it will change the color of your stool. Ruminant animals are better equipped to handle it. And who can spot the clump of ribwort in the near center-right?

9998EHefnerRdToday was a less energetic and more thoughtful ride. I took the time to hear the singing of the grasses and shrubs, not to mention birds and other critters coming out to celebrate spring. So I rode out on Midwest Boulevard to Hefner Road, then east to Post Road. I couldn’t miss catching this shot of steep hilly draw across the field with cows chewing the cud. A little farther south I spotted two horses watching me from across a pond.10701NPostRd

A rowdy dog came out in the road to bark, but the owner was also coming out in her Jeep and assured me at length that “Buddy” was all noise. He certainly was frightened and cowed when I dismounted my bike to talk to him. At Britton Road I turned back west toward Midwest Boulevard again. At the river I was able to get a decent shot of The Sawmill.TheSawmillOKC Behind the ancient red tractor was a moderate sized pile of fresh-cut lumber with a sweet oaken smell drifting on the wind.

This was a serious prayer-ride so I had to stop a couple of times as the spiritual Presence became too strong for riding. Our Father has much in store for us, but my brain simply wasn’t up to the task of sorting it out. Maybe another day…

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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