Cycling: A Short Katy Loop

3101NE50thNot really much of an adventure today, just out on NE 4th to the Katy Trail, then up to NE 50th. I realized that I hadn’t seen that stretch of road in some thirty or forty years. So when I got through the golf course and up near the Firefighter Museum, I turned right. It wasn’t that far past the Softball Hall of Fame and under Interstate 35. Just past a relatively new charter bus line (Village Tours) depot and up a steep hill was this fine old local stone house (above left).

Barn5001NE50thForestParkWhile there were also some newer McMansion looking places, there was a bit of this older stone architecture scattered for a couple of miles along NE 50th like that. Out behind a neat little house this old stone barn was hidden in the trees. I had to get down in the foliage just to get a good look at it.

HenbitCarpetNE50thPast a few more McMansions and one beautiful place mostly obscured behind more trees, I encountered this lovely carpet of henbit next to a high-priced horse pen with high-priced horses roaming around inside. I’ll start seeing a lot of this carpeting in rural fields this time of year.

5300NAirDepotI stayed on NE 50th back down toward the river along a short section of Air Depot Boulevard. As I followed the road where it turned north, I was surprised by this aging house that fronts Air Depot at the driveway for Bridlewood Equestrian. More horse boarding, of course. It was a fairly quiet ride back home from there.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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