Not Just the Dispies

While I’ve made a lot of noise about the need to be ready for some level of exodus from the Zionist-Dispensationalist claptrap in churches, that’s not the whole story here. I’ve also predicted for quite some years that churches in general are at high risk of alienating a large portion of their membership on a whole range of issues. A lot of what I write and offer on my FTP server is aimed at this broader set of problems.

It’s bad enough that way too many folks attend church only as a social ritual. They don’t go to get closer to Christ but to fulfill some cultural obligation. As far as they are concerned, it’s all one thing, which is as much proof as we need to show this isn’t a spiritual activity at all. It’s just called that.

But particularly here in the US, there is a serious underlying compromise, a time-bomb waiting to go off. That tax-free designation comes with a cost. We’ve already seen where FEMA went all out to enlist as many pastors as possible into their system to help herd folks into compliance with the kind of murderous takeover we saw during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Just use any search engine with the keywords “pastor” and “FEMA” and you’ll see plenty of references. FEMA was being nice when they made that first appeal; they could have simply ordered the pastors to comply. That tax-free stuff comes with strings attached and saner folks have been talking about that quietly.

Let’s put this in perspective. I’ve noted several times that among the global ruling elite there are at least a few who would relish the thought of a civil war here in the US. They would profit from it regardless who fought whom, and would profit regardless who won. So we are watching the Republican primaries and already the GOP leadership has said things like, “The voters don’t decide who runs for office; we do.” And they’ve already said Trump will not be allowed to take the Republican nomination. And Trump has said quite plausibly that when the GOP leadership shut him out, there will be rioting and revolt that destroys the Republican Party as we know it. Meanwhile, Soros is funding rioting leading up to that moment on the left side. But if there is rioting either way, as many commentators have warned, this plays into the hands of Washington DC, “forcing” them to shut down the election and maybe even declaring martial law. That’s all plausible, and maybe even the plan of some.

So if there is any kind of social unrest on a scale that approaches what we saw in the Vietnam War protests, I’m quite certain there would be martial law on some level, at least in some locations. We can speculate why, but I sense that TPTB have lost touch with reality and are quite willing to destroy everything in their impatience with humanity. But in the midst of all this crap, we should be totally surprised if they don’t pull out that tax-exemption card and demand churches do their part to bring the herds under control. You can check for yourself, but legal analysis of the actual tax code and associated federal policies tell us that government officials can restrict what pastors say in the pulpit, and demand some kind of assistance in emergency situations.

As always, I have no plans whatsoever to get involved in advocacy for any side in this mess. What I do plan is to keep this ministry going and prepare as many of you as feel the call to have some idea how you can help folks disillusioned by how the churches will be forced to act. This is a major element in how we can exploit the situation for the glory of God. As much as possible, I’m trying to establish a collection of backups, ways I can keep this virtual parish intact. If I lose this account, if I lose the server hosting the other blog, then I can still quickly run the whole thing from my ghost server at home and pray that a dynamic DNS service is available so I can at least maintain some kind of online presence. Or maybe we can come up with some other kind of service somewhere that will help fill in the blanks.

No, I don’t have all the equipment I would like to have, but I can get by. I’ll do what I can and trust God for the rest. Would some of you like to keep a copy of my stuff? Just ask; we’ll work something out. Need guidance in writing up your own? Again, ask and I’m sure we can work something out.

This is not me waving my hands in panic over some imaginary nightmare scenario. I’m plotting ways to keep the message out there where we can help folks who need it. Keep your eyes open. Read the news sites, as much to see what they are lying about or hiding as to see what’s new. Read alternative news sites, whatever appeals to you. I find it hard to imagine this will all blow over and things will keep stumbling along as they are now. But I’m not in any kind of panic. I’m praying and watching and trying to be ready to move at His command. I’m preaching that you should do the same in your own way.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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