Heart of Sanity

Privacy is dead.

That is, to the degree your sense of identity and personal integrity depends on keeping some part of your flesh and psyche away from the view of others, it’s gone. This is the ultimate failure of Western Civilization in terms of the dehumanizing factor.

Let’s back up just far enough to get a little perspective. One of my candy-sticks is that this world cannot be saved, and that attempts to make it better are generally stupid — okay, it’s “folly” in the sense of moral idiocy. That does not excuse making things worse. Does that not seem obvious? It’s a sin to make life more difficult than it has to be, and one of the worst sins of all is dehumanizing people. Rulers dehumanize us for their convenience in ruling. Dehumanizing people is an unmitigated and inexcusable sin, a flagrant poke in God’s eye.

The nature of the Fall itself is the decision to enthrone human reason and cut off the supremacy of the heart-mind. Whatever complex of failures that may manifest as any individual human travels the path of surrendering their will — the moral decision-making and sense of commitment — to the heart is not the point. There is no single factor in human life that will do them more good — humanize them — than helping them find their heart-mind. We can surely afford to trust God for how He works through something He designed for His own purposes. Since there is nothing we can and should do to steer things beyond some declaration and demonstration of how the heart-mind works, the rest is in God’s capable hands. This is about as un-fallen as you and can make other folks be.

Western Civilization presumes there is no heart-mind. Indeed, the whole of our social mythology vehemently denies it’s even possible. In the worst sense, Western mythos embraces the Fall as the basic truth of reality, as good and right. The presumption that human reason is capable of judging from the facts what is morally proper and just is the Fall; it’s the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Even when Western science discovers that the heart has it’s own sensory apparatus and a full-blown nervous system of its own, with a separate “brain” to boot, the rational mythology so deeply stains everything that those scientists have no clue what to do with the facts. They don’t know what the heart-mind is for because they fundamentally reject what it does best — sense and process the moral truth already woven into the fabric of reality. It’s the one part of us accessible to conscious awareness that can touch God and make it possible to fully surrender to His authority.

This is the real ESP, folks. This is the ultimate optimal operation in our fallen universe. Engage the heart-mind as best you can discern and run with it. Make the most of it, because whatever good you will receive from what God placed in His Creation can come no other way.

And this heart-mind stuff will always be outside the reach of anyone grounded in Western Civilization. They can’t touch it, in part because they can’t believe it exists. Nothing in the full range of Western science can deal with it, so if you operate this way, that part of you is forever beyond their grasp. It’s the one part of you completely wrapped inside the wings of God’s covering on your soul while you live on this earth.

Satan himself can’t touch that.

There’s an old mythology attached to some branches of mainstream Western Christianity, and it’s one of the few things that approaches the truth: If you are “born-again,” Satan can’t read your mind. This is not precisely accurate, but is looking in the right direction. Satan can estimate a Hell of a lot from observing you, and can make observations on a level above humans, but he cannot see what transpires between you and God if you are committed to God. A practical application is that you praying inside your head is silent to the Devil. He can’t tap that communication. If he can’t, then neither can any human force or technology ever tap into it, either.

But if you are a Western human, then you have no access to anything beyond flesh and reason. Thus, your sanity rests on a sense of self that is hopelessly fragile. With rising technology, your physical privacy is long gone. Maybe you didn’t know just how far gone, but it was presumed in government policy long ago. And not just US government policy, but the global shadow government had this written out quite some time back (longer than a century). At this point, it is feasible to read your mind in terms of brain-waves without implants. Implanted technology devices would simply make it easier to track and collate the same as, say, the NSA’s vast recordings of all cellphone and Internet transmissions. Whether they can record as much as they can read is doubtful, and we already know they can’t process even a tiny fraction of what they have, but that’s not the point. If they target you, your goose is cooked.

Unless your sense of identity rests in your heart-mind, that is. At that point, whatever sanity is possible in this fallen world is within reach. You might not succeed, but you could in theory hang on through a complete collapse of the universe itself. That’s because your heart-mind is in some indescribable way a piece of your eternal self. When this is all over with and we stand before God in Heaven, it’s the heart-mind that remains from our life here.

So the thing to study is how to make our best use of that faculty because it’s the only thing Satan himself can’t mess with.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Heart of Sanity

  1. Christine says:

    “.. That’s because your heart-mind is in some indescribable way a piece of your eternal self. When this is all over with and we stand before God in Heaven, it’s the heart-mind that remains from our life here.”

    Yes! Or at least this is how I understand it. This why I see it is as such a vital .. obligation to live this way. I have to grasp for words for this but to me at least, it is as though allowing the heart to atrophy starves us; without it there is no sustenance for that eternal self .. that’s not quite what I wanted to say, words being so inadequate and all, grrr.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    One of the primary symbols used in the Bible refers to having crowns to throw at His feet. The heart is essential to participating in His glory.


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