Just One

That’s all it takes. So long as just one person benefits from what I do, and I get enough feedback to know about it, I’ll keep doing this. Of course, as long as it’s this easy, I’d do it for my own sense of peace. That’s how this blog started 7+ years ago. But should stuff start happening to make it more expensive and more work, I might not be so eager to write and publish just for my own sanity. But for the sake of one person who tells me they are blessed, I’d be willing to put up a fight for this ministry.

As it is, out of 700+ subscribers, a dozen or so offer enough feedback to register on my awareness as “active associates” on this blog. That’s a lot more than I ever dreamed, so it’s all good. I’m not alone and that means I’m in a position to handle a lot of pressure before shutting things down.

This ministry is far more than just yours truly. I might be making the most noise online, but this is not about me. Bigger numbers (and fame and money) is not the issue; bigger impact is a my prayer request. More people finding their hearts and learning to listen to God through their convictions is what I’m after. This is what we share, not merely a bunch of opinionated chatter from me. I’m your cheerleader. It just so happens that this thing we share puts us way outside the mainstream. Not that paying attention to my drivel will force you to leave your church or any other religious organization, but you can probably see that you aren’t always right on the same sheet of music as the rest of the folks in your meat-space groups. But that’s between you and God and I’m not interested in driving any wedges. I just want you to know God like I know God so He can lead you where He wants you.

So whether this ministry ever got bigger in terms of numbers, our prayers should aim for more influence. What do you suppose would come with that? What happens if this teaching about heart-led living takes on a higher profile? Yes, I’m convinced it means folks will depart from Western cerebral Christian religion and Dispensational teaching, but those are symptoms that tend to get notice.

At least some of those folks will touch base here simply because search engines lead them here. Depending on what they look for, they’ll find us. That shows up every day in my stats here. People are already starting to look for certain key phrases and God is leading them here. But for every dozen or so of them, there is typically one that ain’t so glad to see this blog and what it teaches. That’s not just trolls, but actual enemies. Would you believe I’ve run across some really ugly reviews of some of my books and other writings? (Oh! My wounded ego!) That’s low-level conflict in virtual terms. What happens when more folks, and more important folks, start echoing with approval the stuff they find here?

I’ve told you I’m convinced the biggest threat to us is conservative mainstream Christianity. Not so much because they would go out of their way to attack us, but their attention brings political Zionist attention. That means folks with money and power.

It’s my guess they won’t notice us anytime soon because they’ll have other problems to deal with first. Whatever it is they’ve been doing has purchased an awful big store of God’s wrath, and He typically hits this kind of thing very publicly when His patience runs out. So their numbers will be rather like a big chunk of sandstone that suddenly starts to crumble in their hands and runs through their fingers. They’ll panic and squeeze tight, which only makes things worse. If you think whistle blowers are having it rough, wait until you see how Zionists treat deserters.

So when a large thing like that comes apart, what would you expect all those refugees to do? A bunch of them would start blogging; that’s common with our current society. And a bunch of them would end up here at WordPress and start blogging about their bad experiences in the various kinds of Zionist organizations (including mainstream churches). Church leaders might be careful; you’ll notice that, aside from the outcry on my original negative review here, Life Church has never done a thing to me. But what if I were to start spilling insider information about, say, CUFI (Hagee’s Christians United for Israel)? What if literally hundreds of new blogs opened up talking bad about CUFI? Or AIPAC, or ADL, or any number of other such advocacy groups? I happen to know already that the farther you get from heart-led truth, the more likely corruption and abuses will creep into an organization.

I can see some wealthy Zionist or Neocon supporter buying out WordPress with lots of nasty legal leverage to make it hurt. Failing that, he might buy some legislation or maybe even whomever owns WordPress. Might change the rules for what you can post, no? I doubt they could simply shut down the Internet, but they would probably try lots of crazy stuff short of that. Still, I suppose this blog would go down with a lot of others. We have the other blog, Kiln of the Soul (edit: now closed), and I imagine some of you would simply change your favorites or bookmarks accordingly and we would continue as before (I’d have to change to a different blog platform, of course). People who consider me a friend worth their time, or simply in need of what we do here, would be a smaller number of subscribers, but that’s just the way it goes. Meanwhile, folks who came here after fleeing that kind of oppression would be more likely to fight and hang with us.

Maybe that’s when the partisans would notice us and take other forms of action. That’s too far out to estimate, but the previous scenario strikes me as very plausible. And by then I’d probably find a need for other kinds of services to accommodate healing for a larger group, but that would depend on what kind of help they ask for. I don’t need it right now, but for a whole lot less money than someone spends to shut us up, I can keep this thing running and pretty loud. My heart tells me that if it gets rough, the support will be there to keep blessing folks in need.

But if it were just one, I’d still be online somewhere blathering about whatever splashes out from the overflow of my soul.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Just One

  1. David Engel says:

    Thanks for the continued outpouring.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. forrealone says:

    Well, as long as I have some electronic device that can access your words, I will still be listening!

    Liked by 1 person

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