Turn on the Light

It’s time for the grand opening. Spread the word.

I’m all in, not hedging my bets or anything else. This virtual parish is all I do or want to do; no other claim to fame.

There were a couple of times in the past that I got noticed by a large number of people when I was doing other things. It was brief, but ended up being more than I wanted or needed. It’s okay for folks to know there is somebody doing something that helps people, but actual fame is not for me.

So I want you to steal my ideas. Heck, steal my words if you really can’t come up with your own, but I want this message to spread. I hereby absolve you of all plagiarizing charges beforehand. On the other hand, I suppose some of you will have to provide a link if you don’t write your own version, so do what makes the most sense to you. But try to keep in mind that we aren’t promoting Brother Ed, but something he believes. Promote only what is real to you.

I am encouraging you to do what you can to share your faith and heart-led existence. Nobody else is doing this, so far as I can tell. You can be as coy as you think fits the context, or as brash and loud as your faith will allow. I’m not in charge, but I am convinced God is ready to move ahead of us into our world and His Spirit is already shaking folks loose from their old ways of living. I’m hoping you’ll sense this same move of the Spirit and want to latch onto your share of His glory.

If you want me to produce pamphlets from past articles, send me a link to the post and I’ll rewrite it and format as PDF, HTML or whatever suits your need. I can also excerpt portions of my books. It’s not as if I can’t improve and polish stuff I’ve already published. We have some PDFs here if you want a reminder. Click on the tab up at the top for the Radix Fidem page and you can find a link to a tri-fold PDF outlining the peculiar religion I teach here. Whatever it is, if you can tell me what it needs, I’ll do what I can. Sign your own name to it if you believe it and can explain it to someone else; I honestly don’t care. I’ll play ghostwriter for you. I believe in the power of His moral character to steer you right.

At the same time, don’t violate your own sense of moral character. I’m not prodding you to obey my personal vision and do something unnatural for you. Don’t cop to any false guilt; some of you are already active. Some of you are waiting on something; I’m asking you to pray and sense it for yourself. Be ready to let God use you, too. The harvest time is ready to begin and this thing is mature enough to stand on its own. We are going with full throttle. Don’t spam any mailing lists, forums or anything like that. Don’t be pushy and annoying, but be ready to share when someone opens to door for it.

Live it, then talk about it.

(Addenda for legal eagles: The faith and religion I espouse cannot be copyrighted. I suppose we could wrangle over terminology and names or labels, but the reality behind it is God’s idea, not mine. Anything that promotes or formulates my religion is fair game for anyone else to use because it belongs to everybody and nobody on this earth.)

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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