Answering 09: An Application

“Truth makes its own path.”

I have no idea where I heard that; I know I didn’t read it because there’s a voice attached to the memory. It’s not how I would say it, but it’ll do. I want to offer an example of how we use moral sanity to discern human activity. We can watch it and be right in the middle of it without offering any loyalties except to our God.

There is absolutely no need to silence a lie from the human level where lies are spouted. Feel free to spew your deception all day long. The only people taken in by it will be those who would never listen to God in the first place. When someone develops a sensitivity to their convictions, even if they are intellectually inclined to agree with a narrative that’s false, something inside stirs up a dissent. Neurosis, and even forms of psychosis, result from fighting your own convictions. Don’t wonder why organized religion is filled with wackos.

It’s the same with politics, in that organized religion is largely politics. The problem is not that humans are political; it’s that we refuse to do it well. Our political efforts bear no relation to moral truth and the hard-wired reality of what actually works in this world.

Here’s a minor example: Gamergate is not dead. The SJW (Social Justice Warrior) crowd insists on silencing the opposition by every means possible in order to assert their perverted morals. Not that gamer morals are any better, just different, and both sides are hideously wrong. However, the SJWs are frankly stupid. To attack the gamers on Twitter by disabling gamers’ use kills Twitter. The one virtue of gamers is that they don’t attempt to silence dissent.

So in this case, the contextual truth of things is that gamers are a major element in prosperity in the virtual world. If you want big profits from your online ventures, you had damn sure better not alienate gamers if you claim to be open to the public. Gamers are virtually indiscernible from the people who created the Internet and keep it working. Computers are ignorant of the content of traffic, but the geeks who make it work are real people with a real bias that is not hard to understand. In that sense, the Internet as a whole is hardly neutral. They aren’t inclined to block anything they don’t like, but will certainly retaliate if someone blocks them, and you won’t be able to ignore them.

So go ahead and market your SJW games and tell me how that crap sells. Nobody is more intolerant than an SJW, not to mention being intolerable themselves. They are actually a tiny group with increasingly rabid fantasies that represent the extreme fringe trying to seize the center by realigning the entire universe. Reality is whatever they imagine it to be; just ask them. Though many of those in power have been seduced to join this insanity, reality will eventually vomit them out into the void.

The only reason gamers bother responding is that the take-down is entertaining to them. The process of crushing the SJWs is like any other strategy game, and gamers win. But the gamers are not virtuous except within the boundaries of the virtual world they created. They are the “gods” of the Internet. The SJWs are gods only in their own minds, having built or created nothing at all. They are the Devil and his demons on the Internet, creating nothing, only perverting everything they touch.

And while our God trumps the Internet demigods entirely, even on their own turf, the SJWs don’t represent His interests in any way. Whatever their deity, it exists only in their blighted imaginations. You and I have nothing to fear from gamers. We are no threat to the network demigods and there is no entertainment value in attacking us.

Mysticism trusts in the power of God to promote His message. We are along for the ride, but if it doesn’t fill us with joy, then we are dead weight. God delights in our delight over His truth. That’s the whole reason for including us in the first place. The payoff is entirely personal. We hold the potential for bringing Him joy; that’s how we bless Him. It’s not a question of us carrying His truth wherever we go, it’s a question of sniffing out His truth and going there. It’s not precisely the same for each of us, and it kills the joy when we insist someone else has to be our clone. How could you imagine joy trying to control someone else? It’s a jarring disharmony to think in that direction; you can’t call it “joy” any more.

You can’t kill someone else’s joy, only your own, and only after you embrace death as your god.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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