Progress in Pieces

Not in the sense of broken apart, I’m just tossing in a bunch of little things here.

I kept the post-op cushioned leg immobilizer because that hinged brace is good only for walking around, and absolutely painful for resting. So I can spend plenty of time comfortably sitting at my desktop system with the immobilizer and sleep rather well in it, and I wear that hinged brace very little — only when my body says we need to work on recovery.

This morning’s notable reading is: ‘I thought my daughter clicked on ransomware – it was the damn Windows 10 installer’. It’s posted at The Register, an old UK tech site. I’m looking at the abusive treatment of Windows users, where only the sharpest techies watching MS like a hawk can stave off this forced Win10 upgrade business. If it works for you, fine, but for a truly substantial number of people this meets all the definitions of hacking and malware. MS is hijacking their customers’ systems. Every day, I come to love Mint Linux even more.

(Addenda: Does this Win10 upgrade fiasco remind anyone of this?)

I’ve hit a wall trying to negotiate the path to adding my ambulance ride to my claim against the City. From what I’ve learned so far, the two operate conflicting policies and EMSA is especially abusive. I’ve had a conversation with their billing department, and it boils down to this: either they bill an insurance company directly, or it goes immediately to collections. When I see an invoice in the mail, it’s too late; the invoice is actually a notice of collections action with no grace period. I can’t tell them it’s part of a tort claim after that. You would think that EMSA, with a long history of City government involvement in keeping their operation viable, has never actually billed the city directly. I don’t need a lawyer to deal with the City, but to deal with EMSA (sarcasm there). Pray that I get this worked out.

Have you ever noticed how close these two English words are? tort > torture

Back when I was stationed in the Netherlands, in support of what was then AFCENT HQ (under NATO and SHAPE), my wife and I were active in the NATO Protestant Chapel. The ladies had their rather substantial auxiliary, mostly as a community morale and spiritual support activity, striving to keep themselves sane and helping others. One little project involved a game where someone came around to the various husbands of these ladies to ask them for a comment about their wife. These comments were collected and mixed randomly. The ladies in group meeting would then pull these anonymous comments out and try to guess who said what about his wife. When faced with the question, I noted that my wife was the single most reliable supporter of my calling and that I could always count on her to make serious sacrifices when it was necessary. The gal said, “As if this one won’t be painfully obvious to everyone in Chapel…” She meant that my answer ruined the fun, because everyone already knew that my wife fit that description better than any woman in the whole community.

It’s true, and I sit here this morning with tears of joy in my eyes at how Veloyce has jumped in and returned the pampering on me when I need it most.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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