Just a Few Trends

Nothing prophetic here, merely some observations that may amuse you.

We can already see the right-wing backlash in Europe. I’m not in a position to comment much beyond noting that it was provoked intentionally. Anyone could see it coming years ago, and recent migration trends have really turned up the tension. Again, I am convinced this is intentional.

The backlash we shall have here in the US will be most certainly fake. Granted, every activist is either a fool or a fake, and there will be plenty of fools, but the leadership will be controlled opposition, as it were. No doubt there will be bloodshed with it, but if that’s what you see, you’ll miss the point. There will most certainly be bloodshed one way or another, but a rise of armed right-wingers will simply change who dies. There will always be violence one way or another.

Don’t lose sight of the bureaucracy. Precious few bureaucrats have the depth of talent and vision of someone like the Dulles Brothers. Most of what we see parading before our eyes today are just somewhat talented. So it does no good at all to imagine that there must be key figures steering things behind the scenes. The bureaucracy is a hive-mind that steers itself; there is in effect no key leadership. Keep in mind that the foundation of bureaucracy is fear of accountability, and thus the secrecy on “national security” grounds. Anyone who rejects the bureaucrats’ decisions is, by definition, a “terrorist.” Bureaucrats won’t allow themselves to question the morality of what the hive-mind decides; it’s the “will of God.” And they aren’t going anywhere no matter who gets to wear the pretty hats of government leadership.

But what should give us pause is to watch as the bureaucracy infiltrates churches. Perhaps you’ve heard of this FBI program called Shared Responsibility Communities (SRC). While this has been blown out of proportion by some so-called liberty advocates, the program itself is not new. This is just a new name for something the Feds have done for years, particularly with their fake stings trying to hunt down Muslim extremists. To reduce the political pressure on their nefarious abuses, wherein weak-minded souls were suckered into pretending they could play jihad, the FBI decided this was the perfect time to expand the program to all religions. This matches the rhetoric of wariness about home-grown terrorists.

It’s not the program itself, but what it represents. We’ve known for some time that charismatic leaders in evangelical religion are often compromised by that tax-exemption thing with the IRS. Virtually every big-named preacher is some flavor of pro-government patriot. The churches are a great place to recruit bureaucrats and armed government thugs. And every church has long been loaded with government agents conducting some kind of surveillance within church activities. I’ve met a couple of those snoops while hanging out in big churches. It was typically considered benign and mostly ignored by church staff (but they knew). However, the SRC intends to bring this out into the open, where church staff officially cooperate directly with the various federal agencies by snitching helping nominate church members for a closer look. They would be “referred” for help in keeping them on the good and right moral path approved by the bureaucracy. Orwellian visions of mental torture are not out of line here.

As you probably know, this hunt for terrorists reflects a seriously deranged institutional paranoia. As such, it won’t work. It’s going to blow up in their faces. I’m not sure they’ll even notice, though. I suppose if there is anything that will cause at least a minor exodus from churches, this SRC would do it. People who begin to sense their own convictions won’t tolerate this kind of thing. They’ll go looking for something else. The twists and turns of various paranoid emphases will determine who is driven out, so keep an eye on that. I honestly believe we’ll see this thing implemented in one way or another.

Keep your hearts in charge, folks. The Lord will always give you a path to His peace.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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