Facebook Is Byzantine

Byzantine — 3. highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious

It’s one of several different uses of the word, but this is the one to which I refer in regards to Facebook. It’s run by a petty lefty tyrant who hopes to make all of humanity dependent on his private social hell. Are you a sucker for that crap?

Maybe you heard about that algorithm that blocks certain viewpoints from showing up in their sponsored news listing? It goes way beyond that.

Media Ignoring a MAJOR Part of the Facebook Scandal — I recall tussling over this when I had an account on FB. I suppose their algorithm includes noticing how much traffic your stuff draws, but I was locked out briefly after a couple of things I posted that apparently offended the slimeballs running FB.

Immigration Hawks: Facebook Engaging in Deliberate Suppression of Our Content — FB management flat-out lies about censoring some content.

It’s all too easy to find tons of anecdotal evidence of FB censorship and their opaque system of deciding who gets to say what. Granted, a lot of this seems aimed at right-wingers, but I was harassed for rejecting Western Civilization as a whole. And don’t you dare say anything critical of FB itself on FB. Again, I think it depends on the level of traffic your stuff generates, so some folks will get away with it, which appears to indicate FB is simply struggling with technical issues. However, people who have been hit with this consistently show us the pattern.

My bigger heartache was that FB inculcates mindless engagement and you wind up with a jillion friends who really don’t care what you say. It’s just a substitute for gathering with your friends and relatives at a backyard party and consuming too much alcohol and ranting about the game on TV. It is by no means a serious communications tool. Less than 10% of my FB traffic was genuine outreach between kindred souls. Indeed, too much of it was preening by empty souls hoping to get some kind of attention to their petty feelings.

There’s nothing anyone can do to change this, because it’s precisely what the FB management want. They hope to capture the entire population of the planet under their control. In the end, it’s just another expression of the bureaucratic hive-mind, another attempt to subvert us into that hellish world.

My point is to help you decide to pull away from it and treat it like a trap.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Facebook Is Byzantine

  1. Christine says:

    Facebook scared the hell out of me. My husband opened an account not long ago, thinking it might be a good idea to help him promote his artwork & photography. All these people started crawling out of the woodwork that we shook off as real life friends long ago .. then their friends .. then all the mindless happy-happy rainbow/Zen/kitten stuff everyone put up every few hours … the funny thing was it was all seemingly so upbeat and positive, but it left us both feeling negative and uneasy every time we looked at his page, as though there was some dark, subliminal mindset behind it all that we just didn’t understand. Or want to.

    Ick. He shut it down within a couple of weeks.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    It’s a disturbing experience for even the most cynical minds.


  3. Glad I bailed out. I don’t miss it.


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