Relational Heart

It’s not that the heart does not comprehend data, but that the heart operates on a far higher level. The realm of moral imperative is not objective or impersonal, but intensely personal. The structure of heart “thinking” is relational. The heart deals in persons. Not character traits, but the living character itself.

So when you subject your intellect to the heart-mind, your primary expectation is not data, though it may include that, but your primary expectation is relational. It’s not a question of, “What is this and what does it do?” It’s a question of, “Who are you?”

This is why we emphasize that Creation is alive. It is alive broadly in itself, but alive in every detailed aspect. You encounter a world of persons, not facts. Time and space take on entirely different meanings, as reality now means you are among friends and allies in Creation who don’t suffer your fallen nature, along with a relative few humans who are also fallen like you.

However, in the heart-mind is the potential for truly understanding each other, humans in particular. You encounter them as people, too. If your ambient world of living creatures rises up above the status of background and scenery, then surely every human is something more than background and scenery, and more than mere machinery. They become real people.

And this is why we live. Not to gather facts and mastery, but to reach out and touch living beings. We seek to restore justice to our world because that is where the glory of God shines. The treasure is not mastery over externalities, but over self, over the resistance of our broken self also in need of justice. Your heart brings justice to your self.

And justice is alive, breathing and growing in your soul.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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