Steal It

When does this thing take off? When you start running with it and spread your wings.

It’s the nature of a blog that most of those who read it are only seeking some measure of entertainment. Maybe it stirs some warm sentiment, some fresh thinking, or perhaps just a way to distract from something unpleasant. For such I am still grateful to serve. The last thing I want is for this blog to become famous. That runs the risk that some folks would try to paint some of that fame on me. It’s not my color.

There seems small risk of that, though. What does worry me is the number of people who treat my blog seriously enough to think it represents their commitment to God, but that commitment is little more than reading the posts and comments. Granted, there is a dozen or so that seem genuinely active and use the faith teaching to change their lives. It means all the world to me that I was able to plant a sign you could read to discover the true home for your soul. But some of you seem to think you can’t do what I do, that somehow I’m too far out there ahead on the path.

I’m not begging for you to post and make me feel good; I don’t need that kind of validation. What does bless me is when you tell me how something I wrote helped you see through the lies of this world. I don’t need you to throw flowers at me; throw stories. Don’t make up something. It doesn’t have to relate directly to my writing. Tell me about how your faith carries you through temptations and trials. Do you remember what I wrote about how I was spiritually ready before the bicycle wreck and my injuries? That was faith in action. And this thing isn’t done yet because I’m still recovering and the City hasn’t yet responded to my claim. You are going to hear more about how God works miracles with those who trust Him, always leveraging things exponentially more than we can imagine. And maybe your story ain’t that cool, but it’s not about having a rock-em-sock-em testimony. It’s about using what God puts in your heart.

And maybe I’m not the most charming on the phone, and I struggle to chat very long, but you can still call me or text me if that’s your style. Request my number by email; just look at the “About” page for the address. I’m the pastor/elder for anyone who tolerates me. But I’m not any kind of bigshot and I’m not your proxy in faith. This religion thing we do here aims to build your faith.

I’m still waiting to see if anyone wants to participate in writing the booklet on Radix Fidem. That’s covered in previous posts, so I’m not pushing that here. Scroll down the main page of the blog or use the search function for “booklet”. Just reminding you, see?

Go ahead and steal my ideas and make them your own.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Steal It

  1. Ed, I’ll be sending you something for Radix Fidem tonight at some time.

    Thanks for all your writing so far.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Thanks, Jay. It’s great having you as a partner in faith.


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