Golem of Oppression

I’m not the only one proclaiming that God’s wrath is falling upon America. I’m not in a position to say it falls on other nations, and have no particular burden to wonder about them. Given the American affinity for global hegemony, I’m sure the pain will be shared far and wide.

Then again, some parts of the picture don’t require a prophetic gift to see. Some of this is obvious to others who make no pretense of religion or faith. The best I can do is bounce this stuff off my convictions and pray that God help me push aside the mental barriers and let the heart pour forth the truth of God’s moral character against what I see with my senses and reason. As always, no one is required to swallow what follows, but I offer it for your prayerful consideration.

The Cult can be thought of as an avatar for demonic guidance among humans. The reason I wrote that article was to help you understand what it looks like and how it tends to operate. I wanted to characterize that demonic influence as a whole, teaching you how to recognize it as something separate from the random evil of human blindness. The Cult is consistent, and where it manifests you can predict in some measure what it will do, and this is the storyline in human history that matters most. Know your enemy; The Cult is the head.

The head has a body. Like a golem’s body, it’s fungible. The Cult uses people but values none of them. The slaves of The Cult are most useful when they operate like animated deadwood. They need to be as near dead as possible because it’s easier for the animating demonic power to work its will. So a few months ago I was able to grasp how various bureaucracies are the ultimate tool of The Cult. The hive-mind is where Satan gets the most done in this world. You notice that this is precisely opposite of the intensely personal and individual nature of God working in His servants. The nature of a bureaucracy removes the individuality from the process.

We still have the occasional psychopaths and megalomaniacs, but they seldom rule without working through the bureaucracy, particularly those hives devoted in various ways to “national security.” On rare occasions one of them actually belongs to the hive, like Allen Dulles, the patron saint of national security bureaucracy, the shadow government of the US. But while there are a few people sincerely driven by power, most of the actual ruling takes place in the hive.

Thus, what’s left is a far greater emphasis on wealth. In other words, the power-wealth symbiosis no longer looks the same; the mechanism is the national security bureaucracy wielding power on behalf of those seeking control over the world’s wealth. Quoting the article linked above:

The CIA, after all, is a creation of Wall Street and their interests have always been joined. The Agency was not formed to provide intelligence to US Presidents; that was a convenient myth used to cover its real purpose which was to serve the interests of investment bankers and the power elite.

Gone are the great and mighty rulers who also held the wealth; now the mighty are just front-men. They are permitted to execute some of the evil plans, but only if it doesn’t get in the way of the bureaucracy’s mindless conflation of wealth with national security. It already has all the power; it’s seeking the control over resources and the means to scrape the hide off the whole human race. This is the part that’s wholly irrational, in that the bureaucracy will not stop until it has everything. So all the baleful changes in laws and regulations are increasingly aimed at turning us all into economic units, too. This is the shape of oppression in America now.

Part of the game is keeping us divided and in turmoil. There is no cadre of intelligent conspirators at work here; even the collected moguls of giant corporations together form a bureaucracy of sorts. They don’t have to sit around and discuss how they are going to oppress us because they all belong to the same hive-mind. By instinct they’ll cooperate with very little coordination needed, even as they tend to compete for the limited pool of wealth. It’s not quite the same as the massive federal bureaucracy, but it operates in similar fashion on that higher level. Those financiers are still driven by a common fear and entropic resistance to change on certain core issues.

So the invasion of Western countries by masses of poor folks from radically different cultures is sponsored by the corporate elite as the most obvious way of reducing those already here to relative poverty. Crashing the economy for the rest of us is precisely the point. There are plenty of excess humans, so they provoke wars in places where the brown people live near all those exploitable resources. Then when people are fleeing the warfare, they drive them — even ferry them — into the places where Western folks with stable cultures are, so that everyone shares the misery. Political and social conflict already possible in Western countries was not enough. The next level is downright open warfare in the Western countries, too.

The recent massacre in Orlando is just the first obvious demonstration of their intent. The ingredients don’t matter, so long as it looks like some easily understood prejudice that gets folks riled up and distracted from the real purpose. The figureheads of the US government have been blowing through billions of tax dollars importing anyone they can kidnap and bring here to start a civil war, lots of civil wars. Our Department of Homeland Security contracted with G4S to organize and transport “illegal aliens” into the interior of the US from every border. Oh, and the named shooter in Orlando worked for that same DHS contractor. And while eye witnesses are infamously inconsistent, we sure do have a lot of spiked stories from survivors that he wasn’t working alone in ravaging the club.

Most of the headlined shootings of the past few years are plagued with cover-ups, and the hive is convinced they have this routine down pat. Even the disputes over what happened play into their hands, keeping folks in an uproar and distracted from the bigger picture.

Get this: There is nothing we can do to stop this train wreck. It’s not that their plans are so well crafted or that their power is so great, but this is the wrath of God at work. There will be more of this, in varying shapes and sizes. All those violent protesters at Trump’s rallies? Hired and given transportation, room and board and encouraged to be violent, sometimes with ads on Craigslist. We are seeing on the beginning. God has stored up an awful lot of wrath.

Fear not, says Our Savior, for all authority in Heaven and Earth is in His hands. If you know it’s coming, you are in a position to seek His face for guidance. Wrath is a two-edged sword of God’s revelation. The same sword of God’s wrath against evil also surgically removes our sins.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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