Head and Heart

I have no doubt that some US government agency is behind the slaughter in Orlando.

I’ve worked in US government service; I’ve seen how it works. The hive-mind of the bureaucracy is dehumanizing, inhuman and inhumane. I know for a fact my government willingly slaughters its own people, not for some justice against evil, but for evil purposes that the bureaucracy would never admit. I’ve been personally pressured by the hive-mind to do some unconscionable things that left me feeling filthy. I still weep about that from time to time.

I won’t dig into all the facts behind everyone else’s doubts about the official story in Orlando. If you are curious, it’s easy to find a wide variety of dissenting views. I’ll give you just one example: A former classmate of Mateen says he was gay. Who do you trust? This is not about guns, gays or Islam, though you will likely hear little else from the mainstream press.

But I’m not here to chase conspiracies or theories about them. I’m doing my best to demonstrate the difference between living in your head and living in your heart. Even if we could strip away the lies and get down to the very concrete facts about the mass murder, I don’t need that to know my government is evil. Even if it were not directly sponsored by some clandestine agency, it was permitted to happen by the bureaucrats pursuing evil priorities in general. They do not serve our interests but an agenda that is labeled “national security” as the magic incantation to justify falling at the feet of Satan. The US government is accursed, never mind how many decent people are involved. Prophetically speaking, you ain’t seen nothing yet, so let’s get that out of the way. You could have known that moral truth without all the digging for data.

Morally, we know that all humans are fallen and under the sentence of death. That’s a heart-led truth, a conviction that arises from exposure to the revelation, followed by seeing it the world around you. There’s a veneer of civility, but that’s the vestigial effects of the Covenant of Noah. A certain amount of moral awareness, variable and unevenly distributed across the human race, is the result of God’s moral character woven into the very fabric of Creation. But the bottom line is that our fleshly existence is doomed because of something fundamental to our nature. God has said flatly that He will destroy that nature, but that He will offer an option to accept a voluntary death of that nature without fleshly expiration. The flesh will still die, but the soul is allowed to find peace with the Creator.

On that level, there are very few “innocent” people dying in the world. It’s not that the revelers in the gay club were worse than other humans; only a human intellect could see it that way. God is not constrained by the typical American Anglo-Saxon sense of justice. By conviction we know that it could have just as easily been us dying in the grocery store. That is how the heart “thinks.” We don’t consider all the facts and analyze our way to that answer; you can only arrive there by some higher level of awareness. We might be able to make the case rationally, but we could not possibly make it so convincing that someone would manage to live by that truth where it remains the focus of moral choices. Whatever it is the mind can judge and decide through persuasion and reason, it won’t change the moral nature of the soul. That moral nature resides in the heart, and most of humanity has zero useful interaction between the head and heart. Whatever the mind can do with moral questions is a very thin shadow of smoke by comparison to what the heart knows.

So you cannot decide what to do with all this noise if you don’t connect to your heart-mind and subject your intellect to that higher faculty.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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