Rattling My Own Cage

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a cage.

My last visit to the cardiology clinic was a little unpleasant. The doctor was not my kind of guy at all, fussing about my preference for natural supplements and my resistance to taking allopathic medications. So it felt almost like punishment when he ordered a 30-day heart monitor after giving me very sketchy information about what he already knew. And it turns out the VA had switched to a new supplier for the Holter monitors, so I’m wearing a rig with a black box about the size of a smartphone but twice as thick, with four leads to sensors scattered across my torso, and then a Verizon wifi hotspot unit to go with it (with no more than a 5-hour battery at best).

It came in a big kit with batteries for the monitor and extra sensor pads. The way it works out is that the monitor batteries die in about 2-3 days. I get a shower and replace the pads which are not exactly waterproof. That way I get to move them around to different spots on my skin. Meanwhile, there’s nothing I can do with the wires hanging out from under my shirt. It records the data with sufficient memory, but also transmits live when possible through the hotspot. I think the real reason is that the monitor has a hot-button in case I experience some of kind symptomatic event. The vendor calls me if I push the button, as I found out when it happened by accident.

And while my knee is slowly improving, I still can’t drive safely because of the limited range of motion. It hurts less and I can walk farther, but a good walk approaching a kilometer means resting most of the next day. Still, recovery is moving along in tiny daily increments. I’m hesitant to commit to a rowing machine right now because I might need the money to replace a seatbelt in my car that won’t retract properly. The other thing is that I’m really very much torn between a rowing machine and strong wish I could get involved in kayaking, since biking is way off in the distance. Then again, I’d have to tie up someone else to help me get to the boat to the water and back home.

That’s the real issue. Not only am I tied to these EMF-producing devices, but I can’t drive and can’t walk far enough to get out in the open spaces. Given our current high heat warnings, it would have to be something where I’m moving in the wind, not sitting somewhere in the open. It’s really hard to find mind-space for the heart to speak loudly sitting around this apartment. Maybe it doesn’t seem to hinder some of my writing, but it’s hindering my own sense of peace.

For example, I’m struggling to digest the prophetic element of current events. It really does take some of that quiet, wordless freedom of the wild to still my flesh enough to really process this stuff. Nor is this the kind of thing where I have a burning need to tell all of you some of what I believe I see already. I don’t get enough feedback to know if anyone is paying much attention to my comments on what’s happening right now, but it’s something that looms large in my own sense of prophetic connection in the Spirit. I need it for me.

Here’s an example — you need to read the whole thing down to the bottom to get the picture (author comments and updates). It’s not that I endorse everything in that linked article, but none of it surprises me in the least. It’s all fully consistent with my own direct experience with the Feds hushing up stuff. I’ve been hammered for telling the truth, and what I disclosed was most certainly not national security because I knew all the details; it was just covering some big-shot’s butt. More to the point, it was covering up how the bureaucratic hive-mind works. It’s perfectly fine with me if you’d rather not give attention to these things; I’m just pursuing my own calling as you should be doing.

Still, I can’t shake the sense that something has been uncorked and won’t go back into the bottle. Our economy is has long been dead, but all the banking and financier plutocrats are trying to hide it until the last moment of plunder. What’s new is the level of violence. I’m convinced it’s going to get bigger and more frequent. I keep wondering when we’ll start seeing car bombs or worse. And I’m utterly certain the bulk of it is false flag stuff, events staged by some government agency/agencies. Somebody very much wants to see chaos. Meanwhile, God is at work in His wrath and natural disasters will increase.

The saints of God will tribulate, and I’m going to keep rattling my cage.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to Rattling My Own Cage

  1. forrealone says:

    Just so you know, I DO read all the way through all of your posts and the attending links. The one referenced here, all the comments have been closed/removed. Many of us know/believe most of what we hear about such events are lies and coverups. So, you just keep on expressing yourself. My take on all of this is: Yes, we are being lied to and preyed upon with fear tactics to cause fear and perhaps even mayhem. Yes, fear is the greatest tool for controlling the sheeple.

    But, we know to expect these things and that is why I, for one, refuse to be herded or become afraid. I just prefer to enjoy what life I have and do what I can to live with God who shields me and will protect me and hold my hand through whatever the evil ones choose to throw at me. I don’t care whatever that might be. They cant touch me. They can kill me but they cant hurt me. For He who holds this puny world in His Hands is my Protector.


  2. Christine says:

    I fail to see the medical benefits of strapping wifi onto someone’s body. It’s a sure fire way to mess with the electrical field of the heart and ensure the need for meds from now on (not that any meds can help that field!). So I suppose, in a world where everyone past a certain age is **expected** to be on meds, that may be the point of it. If there are false flag events to steer the masses politically, then why not in the medical system?

    My heart bids me to speak out against this contraption; I smell a trap.

    It’s okay if you don’t publish this. I chose this medium over email after careful consideration because I may be saying what others are thinking. Or not, and if that’s the case we can have a good ol’ debate about our Pastor’s best next steps (which may or may not be our business) and whether or not the medical system really has anyone’s best interests at heart or is an integral part of the Cult (which is definitely our business).

    I love you dearly Brother. You taught me how to find my Faith and my voice, too, so you understand that I have to speak when Spirit moves me to. I may be mistaken about this, of course, and if you choose to stay on this Roman road, I’ll always pray for your safety. But consider my warning, please.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    A few more details: The wifi hotspot is a separate device that I leave in one place unless I leave the house for very long. That happens seldom, so my exposure is limited in that sense. Next, the unpleasant doctor is leaving the VA at the end of this month and I’m praying that someone more sensible picks up my case. Finally, the VA permits me to deny any treatment that I won’t do. I’m tolerating the monitor for the sake of complete diagnostics; I have no intention of letting them dope me up. I’d rather risk death. It’s possible that high ethic may be perverted in the future and they’ll refuse to treat me at all if I don’t yield, but there is a long-standing powerful political lever that protects this freedom of choice for now.

    So I’m trusting the Father to heal me and protect me in the lion’s den or the fiery furnace. I don’t believe I’m flinging a challenge in His face, but the principles you state, Sister Christine, remain true and everyone needs to be aware and to consider them when they face the same thing.


  4. Christine says:

    Well, you know how I feel about wifi in general and that as far as I’m concerned everyone should turn it OFF when not in use .. I say that with a chuckle, as I know I’m notorious for being overly cautious.

    I’ll make you a deal – if you (and anyone reading this who might be concerned about its effects) – make a point of going outside for a few moments at sunrise and sunset so as to synch with the natural rhythms of the planet, I’ll stop harping on about the evils of wifi in your comment section 😉

    It’s not the wifi itself that can be fatal, but the wifi combined with that separation from Creation’s sustaining song makes it even harder to hear our own hearts.


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    And would it surprise you that I go out at those times instinctively? I still make it a morning worship routine to pick up trash every morning, too. I’m getting handy at sensing where to look for hidden debris that doesn’t belong.


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