Orchestrated Chaos

Neither should you mourn nor celebrate the Brexit vote.

Let’s return to the overview. The Cult has plans to enslave humanity. Not so much for the sake of power, but to prevent a genuine heart-led connection to God and His Creation. The current Decision Theology gospel message is no threat to the demons behind The Cult; all the better to keep it in the realm of the intellect. Without the heart reigning over the mind, it won’t matter a whit what you believe, because you’ll never walk in the blessings God offers. Closing off communications with the convictions of your heart merely perpetuates the essence of the Fall.

Yes, let’s also remind ourselves that this is not about whether your spirit is raised from the dead, but about claiming the heritage of divine justice while we are here. Satan can do nothing to prevent spiritual birth, only prevent folks from claiming the promises that go with it. Satan is forced to operate here on this plane of existence, so the main focus is a heart-led existence in the moral character of God. The battlefield is your life here on this earth.

You can most certainly win that battle against the worst odds. Your victory is not finding ways to control the circumstances, but ruling your reactions within any given context. Defeating Satan is a matter of ignoring all the deceptions of this Shadowlands and walking in the truth. And that truth is not found while you remain immersed in any worldly culture. Again, we are not seeking to be Ancient Near Eastern (the culture of the Bible), but to use that ancient culture as our guideline. And there is no single right answer; the “right answer” is you seeking God’s peace with the ANE as part of your set of clues. But we’ll be damned in our battle if we remain pickled in Western culture.

So The Cult openly revealed its basic political theory for gaining sufficient control to prevent folks living a heart-led life. The Cult warned that it would manipulate things to create horrific bad government all over the world. The Cult gave birth to the bureaucratic hive-mind system and invested it with the means to seize all political power. Further, the bureaucracy has fully embraced a huge freaking package of lies about human nature and what can be done to assert power long term. The hive-mind cannot think in terms of steps and mile markers on the path; it has one endless drive to seize more and more power along an insane path that will eventually drop off into oblivion. It will fail, but until then, this will create such pain and misery that, at some point, people will gladly surrender to an oppressive rule that claims it isn’t bureaucratic.

And this is just my personal opinion, but I tend to think a lot of what we all will see in the rest of the world starts in the UK. Not everything, but a certain thread of this evil plot to eviscerate the human capability of walking by faith is tested and implemented first in the UK. The ancient Anglo-Saxon culture is particularly amenable to plans laid by The Cult, though we can see that the wider mythology of the Germanic Tribes as a whole are quite useful. Thus, European government as a whole offers its own unique opportunities to sow chaos and misery.

In other words, whether the UK stayed or left wouldn’t make much difference. For example, you should know that, while Brexit in itself is generally a good idea, it’s guaranteed the implementation will be the worst possible. It will be done wrong intentionally and with the maximum punitive measures possible.

The people running the government are not The Cult, but mostly useful idiots serving cult purposes. Some of them earnestly believe, though plenty are cynically playing their role for their personal profit. The bureaucracy will permit a lot of corruption and plunder that doesn’t hinder the hive-mind objectives. The bureaucrats are only too glad to work with visible leaders who don’t interfere. So the noise here in the US about gun control? Most of what you see is theater. While some of the noise comes from true believers in the dire necessity of disarming the population, most of them know it won’t happen, at least not as they describe it. Gun confiscation is a bureaucratic goal of “national security.” The bureaucracy will make a genuine effort over the long haul to implement controls step-by-step through the vast governing hive.

And most gun owners will eventually surrender to this creeping, oozing stasis. They don’t see it coming; most cannot grasp how it will happen. It won’t be a dramatic mass seizure, nothing like the imaginary scenarios conjured by most noisy patriot types. The gun owners could easily win if government tried that route. The threat is not the cops and troops you can see, but the overwhelming force of daily existence under creeping regulations that make life impossible. And so it will be on every other hot-button issue, not just private gun ownership. Whatever the hive-mind wants will never come all at once, but creeping and oozing into life.

God said in His Word repeatedly that He controls human government at large, much the same way that men herd cattle. In the aggregate, when it involves politics, no one walks by the heart. It’s all blind human ambition. Never mind whether they think they do God’s work God’s way; it isn’t so. Just compare them against the Law of Noah. They refuse to consider what Noah demands of them. So it’s all in His hands and follows inscrutable plans He seldom discusses with anyone on earth. You are blessed if you can rule yourself.

The only true freedom possible is to walk heart-led and remain in close communion with God through His Creation.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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