Ignore This Political Blather

Truly, if you have no particular interest in politics you should ignore this post. It’s just a hobby and God gives me some interesting insights that make sense, perhaps only to me, and I can’t just shut up about it. Humor me.

First, a few reminders of how I look at this. We have the government everyone sees, the leaders who have to use their charisma and charm to remain in power. They really aren’t that much in power, but they do have a little leverage and some hope of getting rich and protecting their interests. The real power is the bureaucracy with it’s paranoid national security mind set. But among those who pretend to be leaders is a bunch of competing teams that agree to certain basic rules, but don’t actually get along that well. They are partisan in ways our mainstream press never discusses. Republicans and Democrats, along with minor parties that come and go, mean nothing in reality.

Second, there is no such thing as good politics. We can probably point out certain elements that we like. Sometimes we like them because they do make room for heart-led holiness, or simply reflect a somewhat better moral choice. However, the same politician can represent three kinds of good and ten kinds of bad, all on different levels or angles of consideration. The same political choice can be multiples of moral good and bad simply because such choices are never simple. Everything has repercussions in multiple threads. We are nobody’s cheering squad because nobody wants to know what God says about human politics.

Now, something has changed in the presidential campaign. I previously felt that Trump would have a tough time with the bureaucratic shadow government. No longer. Partly it’s because he has courted the bureaucrats behind the scenes, but partly because the alternative — supporting Clinton — has become entirely untenable. The recent investigation into her email server opened a lot of other avenues of investigation that turned into broad highways. The Clinton Foundation is like a massive nuke floating over our heads.

If you have read my blather about The Cult, you recall that a primary aim is to make government so bad that the masses would be willing to accept any global leader offering a plausible hope for relief. Some of the folks who serve The Cult are willing to rip at the fabric of national identity even before it gets that far. So we have folks like George Soros ideologically committed to a borderless world. And he’s not just a wishful thinker; he has wormed his way into Western government structures. He’s the one who funded the massive Muslim migration into Europe. Truly, this invasion would not have happened without his efforts to promote it.

Hillary is his gal. She is all for this Open Society stuff simply because Soros pays her. Whatever the Clinton Foundation does is mostly the work of Soros. And it touches virtually every part of the US government. To open this up to prosecution would end the US government, one way or another. The leaders are scared; the bureaucracy is in panic — neither exists without the other. They have to block Clinton, never mind whether she is prosecuted. But they really need to be careful and not blow open the whole story, because it means the system comes apart. So they have to find some way to let this stuff leak into the open in little tiny bits that don’t hurt much of anyone but her and Obama and company.

And Obama and company know it. So this is why the current administration is trying to provoke martial law. Soros wants it. He has become a threat to the system. You see, the bureaucrats and some of the leaders know something important. Having studied this in detail for some years, the shadow government knows that provoking a revolt, as martial law would do, would end the system forever. There is a long list of whys, but what it amounts to is that the system is terribly unstable and wholly exposed in ways they don’t tell us. For example, the hive-mind is convinced that most of the US military would refuse to obey any orders to fight a revolt. And the bulk of the FBI is already turning against Obama and company. Oh, and you know there are predators outside the US just waiting to support a revolt against the US government, and they have the resources to make it happen. A revolt or civil war in the US would be long and bloody.

The hive-mind would rather face whatever Trump might do to them than to risk letting Clinton destroy everything. So they have to fight off the Soros-sponsored activities without starting a civil war. Their propagandists are already at work spreading the word to ignore the business of her stupid mail server and focus on the Clinton Foundation. They say everything we need to know is already out there on the Net, so they want the activists to just start digging. For example, check out the Tavistock Institute, owned by Soros. The hive-mind pins its hopes on the nationalism of the main population, and the leadership’s survival instincts to sever ties with Tavistock and the Clinton Foundation.

Thus, we come to that right-wing backlash I figured was coming a long time ago. At almost any price, the hive-mind is willing to crush the BLM (Black Lives Matter) to squelch the kind of general uprising that Soros would love to see. And it has nothing to do with being liberal versus conservative. Did you notice the BLM stupidly provoked the LGBT folks in Canda? They just blew off a natural ally. Look for the LGBT to become orphaned darlings of the right.

Never mind whether you believe the BLM complaints are justified; things are not going to go well for them. And all those migrants crowding into the US who lack conservative middle-class values? They are about to face that same backlash. In terms of worldly wisdom, this is a good time to keep a low profile. I’m betting against Soros and I don’t expect a civil war, but there will be some nasty politics up near the top.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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