Random Photos 01

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AaronsPoolPumpOutRemember that flooded docking pit I shot after a big rain sometime back? Here’s a second look at it on the left. I kept wondering how they got the water out and today I got the answer. In this second image on the right, I captured their sump pump in action. If you follow the white PVC pipe out the wall facing onto the dock, you can see it drop down into the water. The pump is down in the bottom below a grating. It pumps back out into the back drive way behind the building and runs off toward the southern end of the strip mall (flows left in the image) where it drops into a municipal storm drain.

CrutchCrkTribA few days ago, during the worst of the recent heat, I got ambitious and tried to hike more than a mile. It was a bit much, but I headed west on Reno Avenue to the unnamed tributary to Crutch Creek that runs out of some neighborhood a couple of miles south of here. For an unnamed creek, this thing is huge. I’ve never seen it with much water in it. I guess I need to catch it after a hard rain. You can see the haze provoked by the intense heat, with temperatures running over 100°F (38C).

At any rate, the city constructed a sidewalk all the way along this thing, and the image is viewing toward the out of service rail line that provides a covered entrance into the Quinlan Park. It’s a pitiful little play ground buried behind a bunch of houses along this unnamed flow. The city crew was mowing and trimming and it ruined my chance to get any pictures of the park. I was testing my iPhone again as a camera.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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