Tech Trash

It happens just a few of you seem interested in my technology chatter, so I’ll dump out the latest news. While I do try to keep track of computer technology trends, there is just too much going on right now. There are new security flaws found daily, it seems, and it affects every OS. Meanwhile, Microsoft has distinguished itself fixing those flaws, only to have the updates break the whole OS (Win10) for a lot of folks. There’s just too much bad news in the industry.

So I’ll offer a bit of good news: the used laptop I bought cheaply on eBay has arrived. On the one hand, the Vista sticker and with product key is gone (as if I cared). On the other hand it came with Linux Mint installed. It was done wrong, so I had to reinstall, but that’s okay. At least I knew it worked. This is a Dell Precision M4400 on the high end of the options. It’s a mobile workstation.

  • Quad-core 2.53 Ghz (Intel QX9300)
  • 8GB RAM
  • nVidia Quadro FX1700 with 512MB VRAM
  • 320GB hard drive
  • 15.4″ display at 1920×1200 (WUXGA)
  • 9-cell battery
  • backlit keyboard and a good touchpad
  • DVD burner, wifi, bluetooth, built-in mic and camera, lotsa ports

It runs a little hot, as you might expect, but I don’t anticipate that being a major issue. I keep it on a vented lapboard and usually have a fan running across my chair. You see, the only reason I even dared ask God for something like this is because I cannot sit with my feet under a table yet. I still have to keep that right leg up. Most of the time that means sitting in my recliner so I can spend enough time writing and doing all the document conversions.

By the way, I’ve gotten all of the important blog posts by month, starting from last month back to February 2015. I think I’ll stop somewhere around August 2014. Then I’ll get back to the various Bible study books I’ve published and update those. So long as this new toy keeps working, it will be an opulent provision that I hardly deserve. In the near future I’ll convert the server back to an actual server and wait to see what God says it needs to serve.

This path has been nothing but zigzags lately and I’m struggling to keep up. For those of you who donated to my PayPal account, it’s not being wasted.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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