It’s been quiet in my soul all day. Not silent; that’s entirely different — just quiet.

There are things to do. I got the FTP server running but I can’t yet tell if it’s accessible to anyone but me. If there’s a problem, it will be the router. But there are other problems with networking in general. That hasn’t been the right kind of quiet today. It’s more like there’s some kind of danger lurking out there on the Net and it’s trying to hide. Except that isn’t really how it feels; it’s the closest I can come with words. This isn’t your regular network trouble, and I’m not the specific target.

Keep in mind that the globalist elite are in a desperate fight against a sharply rising resistance, and a large element of that resistance is due to the Internet with its open information exchange. If you want to confirm your biases, that’s easy enough. But if you want to research with a genuine question, you’ll find answers. It really depends on your own savvy, but it seems we hit a critical mass of savvy users awhile back.

The neocons have made a deal with the globalists, so you can see them working together now, and openly. Both of them never expected to face so much resistance from the nationalists. Nobody expected the bureaucrats who actually run things to side with the nationalists. It’s not obvious unless you are looking for it; you just about have to be outside the political wrangling to see it.

But the key to winning this political battle is the Internet, and the Net is politically agnostic. The public perception can be manipulated and driven in different ways, but that kind of fine tuning falls apart in the face of cracking and document dumps. The globalists and neocons have more to hide right now, and they simply aren’t that good at it. There are powerful agents not really aligned to any of the three main groups (globalists, necons and nationalists), and the globalist-neocon alliance is a target rich environment. While nationalism is no less corrupt than the other two, it’s agenda is pretty open. Moreover, it comes closer to something deeply burned into our human nature. Globalism is entirely artificial, while the neocons embrace their evil nature — but both of them depend on secrecy and manipulation. They cannot avoid using the Internet, but they don’t take it seriously.

They do seem to be in panic mode about trying to control it. That’s what makes things crazy for someone like me who tries to keep track of the technology. So we can see that Microsoft is globalist, as is Apple and some other system providers, like telecoms. And then we have Oracle, IBM and their ilk who depend on neocons to stay alive. Again, this has more to do with influences than individuals. Everyone one of them is resting on the knife-edge of collapse if the plunder slows down. If enough of the right people see the secrets, the plunder may not stop, but it won’t go where it’s been going up to now.

We do not belong to this world nor it’s political herd instincts. We are aliens — a threat to the various political influences because we are alien. We don’t belong to any part of their matrix of control. I can handle a little networking hassle because I’m still on the mission. Is this some kind of calm before the storm, in a wider sense? Probably, but it won’t matter that much. What I can’t see coming yet means more prayer to be ready when the moment comes to shine His glory.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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