System Destruct

Don’t believe in the system in the first place.

You could follow the advice of some folks and fight within the system. If that’s your calling, armor up and prepare for a fight, because it’s virtually certain one will come soon. Do all you can to develop the attitude of social alphas or sigmas (as the author refers to them) and dominate your domain. Make sure that your presence in the system is critical enough that they have to keep you.

Meanwhile, there is a case to make for avoiding the system in the first place. Not in the sense of complete social isolation, but some of us are called by God to blaze new trails. I find that those who are most active in this virtual parish are more of the independent mindset because that’s what I promote. It’s not the only way to follow God; it’s the emphasis here. I’m seeking to help folks who have already found themselves marginalized because that’s where I was when this blog started.

It took a few years to make the transition. There were several crushing experiences to help me break from the false expectations and rebuild an entire new human psyche, a different model that prospers in social isolation. Nor should you think I’m wallowing in the isolation itself, but embracing it as the entrance to a new world with a wholly different social structure.

Now, there is a lot of good tactical advice in that article, but I don’t buy into the ultimate goal of beating the system. I intend to see the whole damned thing collapse, so the scorched earth tactics he suggests actually don’t go far enough. Further, they aim at personal victory, and that’s too small for us. Like the promise of Our Lord’s Return, everything will burn up with intense heat and a new creation take its place. That’s the proper metaphor for what we seek even before He comes back; it’s the way He works in our individual lives.

There are other proper metaphors, such as seeing flora take over an abandoned structure. We are on the side of Creation itself in what we do here; we already find ourselves driven to break through the cracks by the nature of heart-led living. We do offer social interaction for the few who feel drawn to our ways. But we also have a mission of shining the light of glory on those who aren’t drawn internally, but by mere circumstance and need.

I’m glad to work with anyone who can use what I have. In the process, I seek to know in my heart what the context is and when it changes. It’s not a question of learning tactics and locking in certain reasoned conclusions before any friction starts. It’s not a question of survival and victory in human terms at all, because I’m quite willing to leave this world as soon as God is ready for me to stand in His Presence. It’s a question of His glory and His calling on me while I’m here.

And in pursuit of His glory I’m driven by a vision of destroying the system by any means possible. It’s a vision of extending the power of this truth as far as it will reach, of taking dominion over whatever touches my life. Western Civilization is already crumbling and I’m going to help it fall, mostly by helping people escape from the delusion of thinking they can and should keep it standing. God has clearly condemned it in His revelation, so we are simply trying to help folks see the divine truth.

We are standing in the power of God Almighty when we attack the system, so use His heart-led tactics.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to System Destruct

  1. wildcucumber says:

    Woot! And Amen! What a stirring post.

    And this: “extending the power of this truth as far as it will reach, of taking dominion over whatever touches my life.”

    I needed to hear that, and will remember it whenever I falter and question the mission I’ve been given. By some standards I may appear to be a very independent spirit, but even I quail in the face of authority sometimes. But human authority is nothing compared to the Lord’s and when it comes down to it, He is the only one I have to answer to.

    I could keep picking out lines from this post and responding to them all day but I’ll stop there. Great stuff. Very inspiring.



  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Thanks, Sister. Glad to hear it helped.


  3. forrealone says:

    I so agree, Sis!
    “……use His heart-led tactics.” Therein is the key. Following our mind’s perception/deception will not lead us anywhere.


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