Bits and Pieces 20

While I’ve left Debian Jessie on the server, I found too many things implemented wrong for my laptop. So I moved back to Mint 18 (Sarah) and I’ll just grit my teeth on the suspend issue. Part of what drove me to this is that I couldn’t get anything off the iPhone without major hassles and nothing at all from the camera. With Mint it’s all pretty much automatic.

For quite some time I’ve not had any calls for my computer tech support ministry. Out of the blue yesterday someone asked for a little help. As usual, most of it was a matter of explaining things to someone who isn’t tech savvy, and that’s my specialty. All the other stuff I do is just routine maintenance, but the real blessing his helping people get used to the way things actually work.

Oh, and the earthquake that hit us this morning did no damage here. Our apartment complex sits on deep sandy soil, so shaking tends to be harmless. The sand absorbs a lot of the violence. Sites with more clay or rock get a much bigger shock because it’s less forgiving and transmits more of the motion to objects on the surface. But it did wake us up from an attempt to sleep a little late.

ManIhaveBecomeYesterday’s ride really wore me down and my right knee was quite sore. However, a good night’s sleep did help. So after a rather lightweight morning activity, I decided to take a few laps with the bike around Heritage Park Mall. After a couple of passes on the two ring roads, I stopped and took this selfie reflected in the glass on the offices of Life Church, and it was a breeze to pull it off and show you. After only three laps my knee felt pretty good, actually, so I went home.

Regulars may be aware that I am still getting lots of hits on my old caustic review of Life Church way back when they ran me off (early 2012). By the way, it’s no longer; they took advantage of the new TLDs and now you can find them online at — and they haven’t changed. They are still a religious entertainment franchise with no moral depth at all. Decent folks go there, but the organization itself will soon experience the wrath of God.

That’s not just wishful thinking from a grouchy reject. I said there are some decent people there and they will suffer greatly when God starts shaking things in earnest. Millions of Western Christians will be in shock as the true moral nature of church leadership is stripped bare as the thin veneer crumbles away. Far too much of what churches do rests entirely on an economic and social system that is going away. I’m not looking forward to seeing that trauma, not looking forward to how it will dirty the reputation of religion. What Western churches have made of religion is an awful, blasphemous thing, and we cannot avoid having mud splashed on our virtual parish here.

Lots of folks are still predicting some kind of apocalypse. If you rest your evidence on what you see the elite doing, you might find an awful future reasonable. For example, our US Department of Homeland Security is ordering stuff like mad — radiation detectors, massive quantities of bottled water (demanding immediate delivery), and all kinds of stuff. Just the list itself would make you think they knew something was coming, but let’s be honest here: Have you seen the unspeakable incompetence these people exhibit every time there’s a real catastrophe (via FEMA)? Even if the massive purchases reflected evil things DHS actually plans to do to us, should we imagine they actually know how to carry out their evil plot? These people can’t even tie their shoes without a detailed instruction manual.

What’s coming will be rough, but it won’t be what most people expect. God is more creative than that.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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One Response to Bits and Pieces 20

  1. forrealone says:

    I find it far easier to just take care of my animals, family and friends and worry not about what some idiot (s) might decide to do. Father, in His mercy, will always look out for those who simply live according to His Will and whatever unfolds, with Him in control, what’s to worry about? But I am not naive.


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